Day 522: EQAFE Review, Seeing the Good when only the Bad Prevails (Highly Recommended)

Life Review – Seeing the Good when only the Bad Prevails (

We all use our circumstances, relationships, experiences in various ways. We let life guide us, disappoint us, destroy us, motivate us, change us. Where life is defined as our experience in this world. Have you noticed that it is a choice, a decision we make, who will I be in relation to what life brings us.

You can only ever imagine the good in people. Most often we cannot see it in the interactions between people, how this world exists, conversations, in anything or anyone you can see in this world.

What is limiting in music is you cannot give the entire context of the words you are singing. Music too often becomes like a voice in the head for a moment, resonates for a moment.

A reliance on music or whatever talent ALONE to make a difference to yourself, others, or the world cannot stand.

Only music, or only one moment of participation to communicate a message will not be convincing enough and will not make a difference. You’ve got to become a virus, become the beast, and within that change and transform the very nature of the beast instead of killing the beast. That’s why my relationship with Desteni happens to be a lifetime commitment, as I believe the pioneering work of Bernard Poolman is a suitable foundation to insert integrity into mainstream culture.

Not many people can change their mind and physical to live a life without money. So we have to consider our consequences of our actions, presenting a solution that only a few can really apply is not enough. We are facing a generational dependency on money, rather transform into a virus and from within the beast transform it.

There’s nothing wrong with this world as it is. It’s our nature within what exists, within the technology that exists, that is the problem, and is a generational dependency we’ve developed in relation to our nature. The Desteni tools of self honesty, self forgiveness, self corrective application, directly address these generational dependencies and in such a paradigm of tools, in presenting this as the solution, we only ever have to change ourselves.

This life review of this particular person sounds like Michael Jackson. So highly recommended to listen to this particular interview.

Within music is an EXPERIENCE of freedom, so be careful of misconstruing music to be the solution when it only gives off an EXPERIENCE of freedom, and not the practical how-to free everyone in fact. People seem not to be ready still for the Desteni message, but people like me can prepare them to hear.

The solution is to be a living example that will stand constantly and consistently throughout a lifetime, make a visual impact on the world for future generations to come.

What I would like to call the true intent of the 7 Year Journey to Life blogging project is to identify who can stand as these visual examples that stand constantly and consistently explaining and delineating solutions that are best for all. Personally I don’t care what that solution will be called, whatever solutions that are best for all I will openly support. Because frankly, I want to be one of those people that stand as a visual example for humanity to learn some integrity. That’s another reason why I keep blogging blogs of such nature. Like how you have already decided and chose who you will be with your experiences in your world, choose and decide now whether you want to be such an example.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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