Day 525: EQAFE Reviews, Reptilians, Be Still and Know – I am God, Patience, and how to Live it

Reptilians – Be Still and Know – I am God – Part 22 (

“I’m standing up to change the world”, to “I’m preparing myself to stand up to change the world.” I’m preparing myself by doing this and this and this. First start with looking at a point that you can stand within in making a difference within the change of the world. Within making that one point contribution, you’re facilitating the process of changing the world. That’s more practical

Existential statements, like “I’m changing the world” “I’m not going to do that ever again” aren’t practical because you will show yourself you’re not at that point yet. If you have a look at your process blogging and vlogging, you’ll see that every point was a process you’re walking, that it’s not just empty statements you make. We tend to always forget the process.

Really read other people’s blogs. They are puzzle pieces in your process, and this will assist and support with aligning your relationships with those in the group and let go of the petty thoughts, conversations, and reactions.

There’s one point in everyone’s process that’s only yours to face, that only you alone have to walk, and you will only speak it when you stand in that one point.

Great great motivational speech by Anu sharing parts of his process that anyone would benefit from hearing. Highly recommended, and since revisiting my EQAFE library the Reptilians series is an interesting series to watch out for. Lots of practical pointers on how to remain level headed in the most insane world we’ve ever created throughout history.


Reptilians – Patience, and how to Live it – Part 43 (

Patience is the most stable, slow in breath, pause, and out breath. Within that is a depth and an absolute certainty to your beingness.

It takes patience to create patience. You have to give yourself that patience to manifest patience.

I can move only as fast as the pace Existence walks. If I alone try and move faster, in excitement, I’m the one that’s going to go out of sync or out of movement with everything else.

Patience is about movement, you can only move as fast as Existence as a whole. Your reference is your human physical body, breath.

Patience is not an experience or personality. It’s a movement with your breathing.

Manifesting something into reality takes a specificity. Conceiving something takes a moment.

This is probably the most specific material you’ll find on how to develop patience, books, audiobooks, and interviews combined. A lot more than the notes I jotted down are shared in this interview.




About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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