Day 557: Thinking About A Future For Humanity

When we think about envisioning a future for humanity, we have to start at the beginning of our acceptances and allowances that make everything possible. The acceptance and allowance of money to quantify the movement of everything in human existence represents the most simple, but most effective agreement of all agreements. From accepting a system like capitalism where profit and loss is agreed to exist, we accept many things. We accept competition, survival of the fittest, a world where only a few percentage of the world population can win, and the rest lose. Bernard suggested that the root of all problems started at the family. Where each parent teach their children to no matter what, do not get kicked out of the system, and the general notion that nothing can change because human nature is a certain way. Desteni and the Destonian network of people prove that human nature can change, I proved to myself that my human nature can change, the only drawback if it can be called that is it takes some effort on the individual’s part to change permanently and definitively.

What everyone reading this should see is organizing humanity to agree on one point will take not only time, but a deliberate re-education of each other, and should see that the only re-education one can guarantee is the re-education of oneself. What everyone can agree is everyone is stuck on some kind of addictions to various things. It’s not the exception if one see oneself is addicted to many things. Since we already know our addictions are but fleeting moments of satisfaction, we should aspire to more. The message of Desteni include the message that long lasting satisfaction can only be reached if one let go of one’s convictions and sentences, and act in ways that physically practically balance how you give and receive support. In other words, satisfaction does not exist in fantasies and imagination, you will be satisfied when you see for yourself, you stop harming yourself and others and really actually give others real support. In other words, lasting satisfaction from a self honesty point of view can only exist with an integrity that is proven and measurable. Simply because if you derive satisfaction from basically harming others, you’ll be stuck on the point of fear of loss, also commonly registered as a love for gain. But if you are self honest, you’ll know it’s actually fear of losing what you have. Because the one point that needs to know, you, you know you’ve taken advantage of others, so you also know they have the potential to do what you do.

So the whole idea that the world is dangerous, is actually stemming from how one knows how one is treating people in general. The idea that the entire world is to blame for how you decide to behave and act is in essence alluding to the point where most everyone has decided to fail, give up, not see, deny, etc. If you are one of these people, Desteni and us are not interested in you. Your world is set up nicely for you to face the responsibility of what you accepted and allowed and physical manifested consequences has proven to myself to work all the time. But if you’re still reading, I hope those events won’t be too painful, as they tend to be.

What I think of the majority of people though, are lazy. Most people settle blindly trusting their upbringing. The religion of Self interest is existence’s most sly creation mankind has invented. It’s the voice in your head that knows exactly your weaknesses and how to manipulate in such a way that you sincerely feel right, good, and positive. Desteni and I are saying this right, good, and positive, is not what is eternally right, good, and positive. The right, good, and positive you subscribe to is suggested to be the sins of the fathers that the Bible warned about. In other words, it’s purely a product of the environment you were born into, what you absorbed in the first 7 years of your life, that if everyone is frank about it, was one big reaction. Instead of a reaction-understanding-solution loop.

In my life experience, this is the kind of bias that I feared about all my life. Because this bias can essentially ruin you for the rest of your life. It’s the force that cause man to not be objective. It’s the point of temptation that cause one to ignore reality and begin to lose touch with reality. Personally, I viewed this bias as the point that will cause me to compromise myself and my world for illusionary needs. I define illusionary needs to be needs like the need for happiness, the need to feel good, the need to be right, the need for love, and the need for constant gain.

What is eternally right, good, and positive should be grounded in reality that is a goodness, rightness, and positivity that can be measured in real time. It should not have any aspect of fantasy or imagination. What is eternally right, good, and positive should constantly adhere to balancing the giving and receiving of everything, so that everything is nurtured and taken care of. Then you have the party of people that claim these win-win situations cannot exist. I would simply ask them, who would you be without your imagination? How do you know that for certain when you have not severed your ties with imagination and fantasy, when you don’t see the difference between reality and your imagination? I know exactly how easy it is to fool yourself with your imagination about what your needs actually are. The short answer is there is always an equation you’re physically practically balancing, and it unbalances the moment you believe you’re lacking happiness, or whatever people think they’re lacking these days. You can actually give as you would like to receive, there is something that is holding you back from doing it. That’s the bias.

That is essentially the part that you actually have a choice in changing. That’s referring to what Desteni and I call self responsibility. If you’re not willing to face that bias and investigate it to absolute detail to its very origin, you’re essentially allowing yourself to be mentally ill. But why decide to be victim to a bias that you know you did not place in you? Why settle for a lesser version of yourself when you can have it all, be a good person and know exactly how everything functions which traditionally, knowing how everything functions is a trait of evil. That’s how evil always prevails as the world is evidence of. Because evil knows how everything works, the good are not willing to go to the lengths that evil will go to to practically realize its vision. But with a queer tool like self forgiveness with self honesty, you’re going to the lengths equal and one to the evil inside you to understand how you actually function. It is the practical application of the principle of Equality and Oneness. The world system is one, there’s a oneness already, but there is no equality, so you’re essentially introducing equality in you by forgiving yourself self honestly. How are you going to introduce equality in the world system when you aren’t applying equality in yourself? So it’s really starting in the small, but as you do it you’ll realize how big small things are.

And this is why I stand by Desteni. Desteni practically addresses the mind that everyone fails to address that is calling all the shots and is the real decision maker in yourself and in everyone else. Desteni suggests no solution can be applied on a world system level if human nature is not practically measurably addressed. I think if we change human nature, the world system changes will flow easily. When you think about it, how can equality exist in the oneness already existent if we are not living that equality? How does self interest exist in the oneness existent? By everyone living that self interest. Everyone’s living seems to not matter in the eyes of capitalism, but do you see how everyone’s living is defining the character of the world? And have you noticed how much is done to suggest what way you should live?


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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