Day 572: Rant on The Nature of Existing

I’m at a loss at how to place myself regarding the nature of existence. We really are individual gods roaming the Earth where each of our minds is a direct reflection of the nature of who each one is. Everyone being exposed to different environments and having different initial preferences, there is no equality in the human mind, only a matter of opinion. So reality, what is real, what is here, what we understand is existing here, is not an opinion yet if we truly wish to impose our opinion onto reality, the nature of who one is becomes that opinion. We have the power to create ourselves into a single thought echoing eventually to silence in existence. That kind of power to delude myself is shocking. But that’s the nature of responsibility.

Or let me use another example. If you decide and wish to only be satisfied when you surround yourself with like-minded people giving you the verbal and physical prompts to feel good about yourself, so it is. You become equal and one with your decision and wish. In that way we’re always applying a form of Equality and Oneness, but we only need to open our eyes to our daily lives to see the effect and consequences of what we decide to be equal and one with.

Mainstream cons like love and light prime the subject to accept, embrace, and allow the brutal selfish aspects of human nature. Love suggests resisting, excusing, justifying, and avoiding the ‘bad’. What if we exclude in our definition of love all forms of resisting, excusing, justifying, and avoiding? And continually seek to understand, be equal with, become what is ‘bad’ in the world, for the purpose of never individually justifying within oneself to apply what is ‘bad’ ever again?

I’m of the opinion that if evil were understood within the context of a physical reality including everyone in my consideration, it’s impossible to have the heart to enact evil. There’s real self respect in recognizing how fragile my life is, and how it is distributed evenly amongst everyone, within an existence founded on very basic but omnipresent laws of how one can exist.

What can stop the human from believing an opinion to be a reality, and from creating a world of opinions? The first day I was here on Earth I’ve been in the heart of what is dangerous. There’s really nothing you can hide, nothing you can do about it when you’ve become an opinion and are exerting it onto reality, there’s nothing safeguarding oneself from the encroach of an opinion. The only way to see the delusion is if the reality unbalances and takes you to the opinion’s extreme application. How can I prevent an opinion from becoming my reality? That’s going to require a sound self application into the language of reality, reality’s rules, reality’s lack of energetic experiences. Bernard hit the nail on the head when he said self honesty is the key to the universe.

How do I get to something like self honesty? It’s not inner voices or energetic experiences. Bernard suggested self forgiveness is the way, but there is such a thing as ineffective self forgiveness. Effective self forgiveness that impacts a visible change in one’s behaviour and deeds? That requires speaking from the lowest point of one’s existence and embracing that for a moment, to effectively reason to one’s secret mind explaining in detail why your own way will not work, how another way works, and live it to observe that it does actually work. He also said self honesty is the most difficult thing in the universe. I can imagine, because you have to question and actually challenge your own way of seeing focusing on the physical evidence, on a topic that’s purely defined by words, that requires you to be honest about what you actually really lived. The only indication that you hit the jackpot is if, after the detailed exposure, you really change.

Not many, very few will have the guts to be that specific with oneself. But the reward for doing it is priceless, you end up in a position where you can never be fooled by anyone ever again. And how many times have we wasted time and money on things that we believed were true or right? So self honesty is another source of priceless passive income like health is priceless passive income.

That self honesty has become a choice is a joke. The moment we say no, we say don’t bother me from focusing on my delusion, it’s going to end, but I don’t want it to end right now. That’s not freedom, that’s choosing delusion.

And where and when can we all agree on something if the nature of existing is as personal as it gets? Because of opinion and our apparent right to our opinion, no agreement can be made. When and how do we draw the line when we can have opinions, and when we cannot have opinions and must outline an agreement? It’s a matter of opinion, so the only reasonable decision is to eradicate all opinions and generally adhere to what is physical measurable able to be demonstrated by anyone. But what is humanity saying, we’re saying opinions make money so don’t change my opinions into anything, not even into that which will bring agreement to all of humanity. Stubborn. Obsessed.

Just proving how humanity in each of our individual minds is the problem, the problem is not so out there like corruption and general evil doing. Let that be the life of a man who is self honest and he will stop.

Opinions are the root of all evil. But so many have gambled their lives on an opinion that that’s why we need a system change. To give people the space and the security to realize their opinions are lies covered up in beautiful pictures and words and imagery. To give to each other a system that abolishes the use of opinions to make money.

There’s not enough people that are actively pursuing this self honesty. In that sense we’re so lazy and reactive and too slow to realize what reality we’re living in. It’s a physical one, but it’s so damn difficult to give any advice on how to identify what is physical. The nature of the mind is it often denies what is real because it feels right doing it. So a good first step towards self honesty would be to actually master one’s emotions and feelings. Transcend the fucking thing so it does not influence you. So you can define yourself to be something better in every way, a physical human being.

It amazes and frightens me that some people can be so fixated on emotions/feelings well into adulthood. Meaning some people do all the things that are bluntly necessary to generate emotions and feelings, and never grow out of those things. If I need a specific emotion or feeling to be satisfied, that’s not what I really am. So you can tell I’ve invested myself in stopping my addiction to emotions and feelings, but the fascinating thing is the outward appearance and life of an emotion/feeling addict and a physical human being is near the same. The discerning difference is in the unseen realm of the mind. So that’s why a message telling us to take self responsibility like Desteni is powerful. You take care of a thing that you were supposed to take care of from the beginning, your mind, that unseen realm that everyone each has and is thus responsible for.

But at this stage of my process of stopping emotions and feelings, I realize I needed a lot less than when I was still addicted. So much so that I believe my seeming inaction irks the average person. “What are you, you’re not doing anything to make yourself happy.” But I’m content because of a distinct lack of emotions and feelings. But how I will walk my life in the future is an open question. I suppose that’s one of the fears of stopping emotions and feelings, you’ll have nothing to preoccupy yourself with, and you realize when you don’t have a preoccupation, you feel deeply negative. But coming fresh off the deeply negative, it’s also just an emotion, it doesn’t define you. When you realize that, you have a lot less things that must happen for you to be happy. You become much more agreeable from the bottom of your heart.



About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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