Day 573: My Argument For An Equal Money System

Lately writing daily has been a moment of tiny happiness when I can delve into the topics of my choosing and play around. I’ve yet to meet someone that’s as into morality and world solutions as I am. But I happen to see that in the general direction of the world, and in the nature of spending money, everyone will eventually be forced to understand that no solutions will come forth until I put forth a solution. Until each one puts forth a solution to the morally bankrupt media system, all the systems that define the character of the world. It’s fascinating how people in general don’t want to be the first, they want social validation and like to participate in things that give them emotional benefit or monetary benefit. Always searching for some kind of personal benefit from what they’re doing or saying, unable to ponder farther into the future aspiring for a definitive benefit for everyone. Why does it escape the average person that we individually define what society is? I don’t know. But know that we’re constantly agreeing to honor a money system of profit, instead of a money system that values life.

It’s like the fear of being lonely, there’s a general idea that self interest is always accepted because it benefits individuals, but what is best for everyone might not be accepted or we’re afraid of the outspoken proponents of self interest. Intuitively it’s related to the fear of if I stick out my neck for anyone else but myself, I will see my ass and be betrayed and be taken advantage of. The people that I support openly are going to be the ones that will betray me. A very pessimistic personality rears its head when anyone talks about social change. You see it most prominently when any social change that requires money basically asks others for money. “It’s a scam.” But this opinion that it’s a scam doesn’t realize that everything every message ever written, that has been preserved, that has been passed down, had a main secret ingredient that ensured its survival which is money. Sometimes these messages people make money off of, or the message’s implicit value system promotes the growth and stability of the current money system, or if the message was in the hands of a realist, it would ask for money first before further “teachings” or “lessons” are given. The very paper and stone that messages are written down on required someone to pay for the paper or the preparation of a stone, the labor to write them down someone was getting paid, the storage of them someone was getting money to store them. Any message that comprises of words that you can hear or read, came from a human being that lives off of money. My content has its roots in money because I need money to live and write this shit down.

So personally I’m not phased if a solution for the world requires my money to exist. It’s the obvious truth that exists whether you like to deny it or not. I personally think it’s quite exciting to be part of a message that would literally benefit everyone. Fears and concerns about the validity and relevance and practicality of a message has always been solved by one’s own personal investigation and doing some math. What causes people to be triggered by fear, then leave it as fear and avoid it? If we’re no longer in the Dark Ages or the Cold War mentality, we actually have a responsibility to ourselves to get to the bottom of fear and address it by ourselves. What kind of person will you be if messages about social change required salespeople to individually address your fears in a conversation before you agree or disagree? A lazy, fear-driven person.

What’s even worse is when people hear the title of the message and based on the title, like “Equal Money System”, they react and shoot off a snarky remark and leave it at that. Must people pamper you and console you on your reactions just to allow you to be willing to consider a message? When it’s a message on the topic of social change, regardless of whether you see it or not you’re responsible for your own reactions. Regardless of whether you see it or not, you’re responsible for how society is working exactly the way it works. Whether you believe it’s a dog eat dog world, or a competition with no rules, or a huge casino that you’re forced to bet on, or whether society is working fine for you, you’ve already been conscripted into a society, and your life equals a microcosm of what society is. You sometimes act as the voice of society, that’s when you feel like you’re in authority and ‘power’, and how people treat you is society’s impact on you.

We’re married infinitely to society. We rely on society to get what we need. We take from a society. Regardless of preference, you’re already part of society and therefore responsible for how society acts across the world. The money you rely on connects you to this responsibility. The money that influences nature that influences you connects you to this responsibility. It’s like the implication of a globalized society.

I won’t dare tell you what to do. But I do suggest tracing the source of all your daily experiences on Earth, hopefully we’ll come to the same conclusion. That money connects us to the world, and so we’re individually together responsible for how humanity impacts the world, regardless of how humanity agrees on how to do it, whether it be through a money system, or an education system, or a music industry system, political system, law system, all the systems are basically people making decisions on behalf of us. So I suggest investigating an Equal Money System, the way it addresses the brutality of profit is stunning.





About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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