Day 574: What I Think About Going to Dinner With Friends

A dinner with some friends reminded me that in spite of the mainstream media’s idea of the independent businessman/woman, there’s a lot of help that goes unnoticed in the background. That and how people preoccupy their conscience with the mundane.

Topics shared in the midst included soaring rent, renter woes, rentee woes, beauty, animals, health, how some people got so much money going for them, the selfishness of politicians, that’s about it. Money is a sort of topic where nobody questions the system of money itself, it’s worshipped as a god that laid its judgment kindly, but all the practical outflows of the money system are debated and fought with absolute force and vitality. Not a single word or thought about the money system systematically forcing countries to starve, nor a word on our inherent responsibility. Yet in spite of these observations I see a lot of potential in the family unit, just proves how important living words like support and consideration is, that that is a relationship that span entire lives and should not be broken or severed. The extent to which parents accept their children in spite of everything is an admirable effort. It’s a shame though that it isn’t extended beyond the family.

And it’s a shame that families do not consider their influence in the greater society that exist. Everything is responded according to what influences the family, so it’s a reaction to everything and everyone. No one thinks of their actions and influence philosophically, what’s obvious is the constant struggle to fight for one’s right to money and more money. The nature of fighting is not questioned, and is not satisfactorily introspected as to the real physical manifested consequences of fighting, money and profit justifies everything. People rarely view their own words and deeds from an absolute perspective, what is the nature of what one is accepting and allowing when we commit to a course of action. This reaction dynamic will inevitably change, because the world will force it. For now though, basically people aren’t asking the right questions when it comes to money, they really don’t bat an eyelid for what they must do to secure money, and no morality but money morality exist in the family. We complain about our media not being humane, whereas we ourselves rarely give ourselves that change to redefine our fundamental relationships with society.

This dinner confirms to me the so called problem of the world starts at home, where we are most vulnerable and let our guard down most. It’s not a new finding that human nature is the problem that is driving nature to extinction. But in spite of this knowing, as everyone knows what human nature implies, I don’t see people taking the action that I see to be obvious and pressing. It doesn’t even occur to any that the physical manifested consequences of our actions is being measured by our physical world, only the attention afforded by money, for the aim of money, is cherished and honoured. It’s like money itself is cloaking the absolute manifested physical consequences that it exerts, in none other than our own minds personally, and we accept our status as user of the money system. No one thinks once about becoming an administrator of money taking responsibility for how our money moves. We take responsibility, but only to the extent of fulfilling each other’s self interest, and the “universal” creed that profit is a force of good in this world. We don’t actually say that but all the conversations around money tacitly inserting how we value money, money is the greatest good to come to Earth since sliced bread. You sad? Get some money. You pissed off that someone took advantage of you? Get the money you deserve from them. We talk about money as if it’s the universal panacea ever to exist in human society and in humanity.

What amounts to anything when we feel bad for the starving on Earth? Where are our most intelligent and wise people going in the face of the existence of the most technologically advanced justifications for capitalism ever invented? In a world that is mired in these justifications to keep everything the same and looks and sounds the most legitimate and true fact to ever slap the face of humanity? Today, we’re living in a world that has evolved the justifications for a money system that serves only a few to the cutting edge, it almost goes unnoticed.

And why do I see these things when most see these things and plainly accept it? The social conditioning, the mind’s conditioning into a consciousness, the religion of Self, is here in every single one of you slamming itself on your doorstep since your birth. Where the hell do these biases and social conditioning come from but from the ones we trust the most, that play games to win at all cost, instead of everyone examining the very working of our own mind. That is a cutting edge topic that no one wants to hear, but that’s in the ignorance that you were specifically designed to resist anything that resembles anything beyond that limitation. The comfort zone. Our mind decides how we will walk our very futures, but it’s given free reign to roam Earth because it exactly resembles our own accepted and allowed limitation.

As it is, the world and everyone else and everything is not the problem. I am the problem, because I am representative of a human nature that is driving nature to extinction with perfect justifications for it. The systemic problems can be solved in an afternoon, and we will consistently create the same problems that our current economic system is promoting.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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