Day 578: Re-Focus And Redirection of Kasper’s Journey To Life

“The same as being on Drugs. Existence exists for drug-addicts. Everyone is on drugs the whole time through Stimulation. Stimulation is your drug, you’re addicted to Stimulation you have no idea what Life really means, no idea what self-movement means, no idea, whatsoever.” –

“Have a look – take your Stimulation away, what happens to you? You’ll find you go into a Depression, you go into a Boredom, and you’re unable to get out unless you Stimulate yourself – which is what? You’re experiencing the System dying because it’s not Stimulated. That’s what you’re experiencing when you’re in a Depression and when you’re in a form of Boredom – you’re experiencing = No Stimulation!
And then you start searching and suddenly the next moment you ‘meet someone’. The ONE that can Stimulate you. And Immediately your whole body is on Fire = ‘I’m Stimulated. Please Stimulate me – I don’t mind! I’ll exist as long I’m being Stimulated.’ ” –

Someone told me that I was a human being with potential and opportunities – nothing more, nothing less. Bernard here is suggesting that everything I’ve walked and experienced and sought to experience is because of a need for stimulation. I’ve been blogging almost daily for awhile and I realize I need a change in direction.

The present direction I’ve been explaining for awhile, without realizing it until now, has been a poor advertising of virtue over money. When what I need to be doing is understanding what designs and market forces got me to this position on Earth with peculiarities of thought. Certain aspects of human existence that I value more than Life itself, so to speak. I understand what I am is layered information that believes that according to the stimulation I receive from reality, I’m making a free choice to decide what blog I’m going to write, what I’m going to do today. This action-reaction dynamic where I cater to my stimulation’s every designed purpose is me blindly accepting the purpose laid before me, instead of considering all things and doing what’s best. The current environment and circumstances I find myself in living it is a manifestation of the negative polarity as a consequence for the slow deliberate accumulation of positive that I accepted and allowed over years of my life.

What I must live with thus is no one and nothing is here to specifically stimulate me to feel like my purpose is right and is accepted by the majority. I keep saying to myself this time in my life is a transitionary phase. I’m given the time I would like to seriously consider what to do next. I would like to literally walk through my history of stimulation to not repeat it or mutate it into ‘better stimulation’. I suppose that’s why I disagree with the option of designing my world and the inputs to my mind to cater to my definition of happiness; I see ‘my happiness’ as something already preprogrammed with biases founded in the past. To live my definition of happiness will be to accept myself as a product of the past and my environment and upbringing, instead of what I would like to do which is challenge and destroy or make irrelevant my upbringing to give me space to consider Life.

What people found out and I must accept as myself is I am essentially deluded. I create my own experiences in my world and design the experiences that I deeply desire through the action of seeking. I would like my blog to be a discovery of what is already here as myself and a real time embracing of my rich history, to actually learn from it, instead of repeating the same message. Which is what I observed over the weeks I’ve been blogging: I’ve been exploring contexts in which the same message repeats itself.

Readers, thanks for reading. I invite you guys to read my Journey to Life, I hope to share an exciting process of the same caliber as Creation’s Journey to Life.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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