Day 584: The More You Know, The More You Don’t Know

It’s not like the naked truth has never been here, it’s just that it’s been brought to my consciousness. After some time – 4-6 months – of really examining my starting point for faults or weaknesses, and floating around with the time afforded to me, it’s been brought to my attention I have limited time. That means a limited quantity of actions can be committed during my lifetime. And what have I been doing that places me in a position where I can say to my neighbour, I see myself in 20 years doing the work I said I want to do? It was brought to my attention that an ideal like mine is going to take planned effort if I would like to realize my ideal in my lifetime. And the odds are against me, human nature as they call it is against me, four, five thousand years of war and strife is indicating that a project like mine will not be likely completed in one life. That means if I am real, if my ideals are something worth it to me, I better start planning the action timeline otherwise my good intentions will be paving the road to hell. I would be bullshitting this other person as she put it.

Just reaffirms how fucking dangerous consciousness is. A thing inserted into the human physical body, that cannot conceive anything else but what it was taught, and is a product of the environment, people, society, culture. Also note that in a way, it took 24 years for one person to talk to me about something like an action timeline, that before 24 years I lived as if time did not exist. I lived out a personality, within controlled environments, within a society that has no idea of the scope of the problem. That’s why I like my participation in activities to always face the cold hard truth, I like blunt people, and I’m fucking scared what else didn’t occur to me that I either have someone actually tell me, or I eventually find out through walking reality, or I proactively walk a process in writing to identify these things. You know what’s really disheartening is when you find out everything everyone told you about is a lie, and the opposite is happening. We live in the most volatile times humanity has ever faced because of consciousness, while we smile refusing to realize the scope of the problem.

The problem is all of us together, manufacturing facts in the information age, where people are totally controlled by controlling what information gets into the consciousness of each one. You control the input, then you control the output, creator’s common sense. That’s what we do to nature and harvesting fruits and vegetables, but we cannot fathom that it’s being done unto us.

A bigger problem in this problem is that consciousness was designed to mirror our nature exactly, so we’re trapped without realizing we’re trapped. That’s also why when you think too much, you get confused. Where are our brilliant minds researching this consciousness and getting the message out? I can’t imagine what would happen if I got stuck on a point of desire for the better half of my life, only to realize when my life’s half done that I was living a lie. Horrible.



About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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