Day 593: A New Chapter, A New Introduction

Concluding the chapter on happiness, a new chapter begins. What do I write while I’m busy reviewing my past? I read the chapter on happiness, and I must say it was a slightly tiring read, but I don’t think anywhere else you have words published talking about the topics that are either greatly misconstrued, or lacking representation. So there exists topics around life that are ignored essentially by western society and globalized society. Like happiness, what is the right thing to do when you see yourself lacking confidence, how to manage failure, the point of honesty within near everything you do that’s lauded as a free choice in spite of no choice ever being for free, with no consequence. The puzzling nature of a human life that enters stages and loosely separated into age groups, instead of aiming for a single goal in this life that lasts your entire life and very possibly beyond. It’s not a great leap to define a goal for yourself that is the proper thing to do, like knowing yourself inside and out to be able to direct yourself, instead of circumstances impulsing reactions which you act upon.

It’s been awhile since humanity has been perplexed about the wily ways of corruption, greed, the seemingly innate collective will to do evil. It’s the sort of thing that you don’t think of until it’s on your lap and take a split moment decision to take sides. This world is rife with taking sides, we do it when young, it’s no different when we’re older. The existence of extremes is another ugly trait of humanity, where the contrast between a life with money, and a life without is so scary we tend to ignore it. But by ignoring it we give it permission to do whatever it wants. So the extremes get more extreme, and we get more fearful for our children, and it’s a cycle.

My question is why can the human experience be mapped and approximated, and why do we allow people to make the same mistakes, fall into the same corruption, get lost in life, get angry about life? If humanity are the only gods in this world we’re pretty sadistic gods. No wonder viruses and bacteria are out to get us.

My aim in this blog is to create a guide to living a life bearing fruit that can be enjoyed by generations to come. In a sense I’m writing to my younger self that was lost and didn’t know better. What that means for my readers is if you read this blog, you won’t make the mistakes I made in my life. Make different mistakes and learn from them.

It was suggested in Tao Te Ching, I highly recommend severely limiting your desires, not through suppression, that’s easy, through getting to the bottom of the symbolism we employ to derive pleasure from material and human objects, getting to know yourself in specifics. The easiest thing to do in this world because it’s set up for it, is get lost in a few desires and compromise your and everyone else’s life for desires. Being content with what you have and don’t have is possible, you can do it, takes a lot of self understanding.

If there’s one frontier we haven’t looked, that we severely limit in our society, it’s the Self. That’s in spite of the vagrant religion of Self, in the self belief one only understand that doing something makes you happy, nothing about why or how it makes you happy is revealed or bothered to be understood in the modern society religion of Self. Spirituality and New Age stuff is fear of death manifested into conjecture about the afterlife, and the strict belief that you can do something to affect your position in the afterlife. In spite of our big talk as a society about knowing ourselves and knowing what we want, we lose when we’re asked details. The details is where your power as one human being lies hidden.

Like Bernard said, for the moment the truth hurts because it decomposes and destructs everything you have ever trusted as fact, destroys the ease with which we live out corruption and/or greed, renders our future uncertain and unable to be mapped on a timeline. But remember that Life is unpredictable, so being of Life we should have embraced unpredictability as ourselves. Only when everyone is guaranteed a life comfortable on Earth, will the truth be loved and understood as to its usefulness to break down deception and build understanding and trust.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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