Day 606: Reptilians and Atlanteans

Last night I had the privilege of listening to the first interviews done by EQAFE by the Reptilians and Atlanteans. It was said that I don’t have time, but there is time. Hearing the Atlantean’s overview as a story was quite motivational because you get to hear the core beliefs and values of a race that was responsible for maintaining the equality and equilibrium amongst the oneness within Existence. I learnt to appreciate and be grateful for everyone else being here walking their journeys all coming from the same life source, but differing in influences, upbringing. The journey being alone, yet can learn from other’s thoughts, words, and deeds, listening to the interviews reminded me that I have aspects that only I can walk for myself for me to be genuine and actually understand, but we are living together so provided the information shared is agreed to benefit everyone, there is potential to learn from each other.

It doesn’t matter if they existed or not, what’s important is what information can be applied to the benefit of yourself in this life. Doing what’s best for yourself does include everyone else, provided this you is referring to your human physical body more than your ego or preferences. Compromising the body for momentary emotions and feelings is the reverse of living in Earth time. The sly thing about emotions and feelings is the greater skill that emotions and feelings justify themselves proving something in you knows you better than yourself, it’s possibly the trap everyone has visited in varying degrees under the banner of greed, lust, desires, ambition, love, light, positivity, to some degree also righteousness, goodness. Desteni invited me to investigate and find the answer by myself what is good and right, not defined by the past or upbringing or education or knowledge, defined by what is able to be measured and tested in time. It’s one of the few materials in the world that instead of suggesting theories using terminology that uphold a standard of sophistication and skin-deep intelligence, addresses the innate bias that is us and delivers solutions to fundamentally remove and realize our own bias to never think the same way again, and as a side effect actually feel more space in me to process and equate solutions according to the cross reference of common sense which exists in all languages. It’s easy to say I always need to measure and test living routines in real time, but I don’t test until I actually test the things. Plus when dealing with personal habits and addictions to thought patterns and selfish behaviours, you’re directly confronting your bias that became your comfort zone. This sort of category of myself is also the sort that can occupy a whole human life without changing an iota, so it’s actually easier to postpone and wait. But the consequence I really don’t know ten years from now the consequence of keeping any habit, so discarding immediate satisfaction for a possible lifetime of satisfaction, the consequence of not investigating is predictably more severe and painful than the discomfort of investigating and actually investigating sentence by sentence in writing.

One thing I’ve realized about the operating system of my mind is it works through a primary language English for me, and was accepted and allowed to grow through critical moments of living interspersed throughout my lifetime. Generally I was reacting to changes in my environment linguistically forcing my hand to compromise, meaning at 10 years old, I never considered anything that wasn’t suggested to me in one way or another; I couldn’t fathom anything beyond what was taught. Extremely limited, I bet all knowledge in the world right now still doesn’t address the intricacy and detail I need to be master of my human nature. Incomplete and incoherent points are suggested here and there, but the end result is the curiosity about my mind is quelled and I don’t develop the points to actual living routines and habits. Desteni we’re working with ourselves to identify the detail necessary to eventually steer our own human nature instead of human nature being the god that from which flows all of my creations, personalities, behaviours. There’s no principle higher than captaining our lives our human natures according to what is measurable and tested in reality over time best for all.

The nature of this project is personal so virtually no one wants to do this for themselves. From an observer view, people make money with their human nature so they think they’re right and good. The possible effects of completing this project – the mind is finite and limited to everything we have heard, read, or listened to, seen, and only the parts that stick – is beyond my imagination and what I can fathom is possible. I do this because if I want a life with no regrets, I must prepare and actually measure out a life with no regrets and live it.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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