Day 607: Hong Kong’s Politics

There’s nothing else I want to add at this time. I have my past to walk, processes of developing skills to walk, earning a paltry salary for my living expenses, everything else is stable. Anything more I write to expound the potential usefulness of self forgiveness and self honesty would be overlapping material.

Things are calm on my end. It helps a lot when you have a friend that’s worked in the clothing industry in the biggest manufacturer of clothing, China, sharing good deals on clothing and shoes every now and then. Hong Kong will never be able to refuse the support of China in how water is from China, most vegetables and fruits from China, tourism from China, Tao Bao from China, people that’s smart often come to Hong Kong from China. Impossible that Hong Kong will ever be “independent”. Government is run under the auspices of Chinese leadership, I don’t think the young people revolting in Hong Kong understand the depth of the relationship between Hong Kong and China, and the current system allowing superiors to rule inferiors, or how about allowing superiors to define a lot of conditions that Hong Kong either follows to the benefit of its economy, order in the government, the luxury of having Chinese aid if/when in times of trouble, or it doesn’t and Hong Kong will tarnish its reputation as a competitive economy, it won’t be competitive anymore, and Hong Kong will lose its seeming charm. The highest house prices in the world won’t be convincing there will be no more legitimate reason to stay high without Chinese support government wise, tourist wise, immigrant wise, economy wise.

There is a boss-worker dynamic between Hong Kong and China. Sure the people in Hong Kong are more polite and learnt manners under British rule, but I think the biggest reason to come to Hong Kong is still its economy. If that ever fails, no one will come to Hong Kong for work or play. Chinese from China may not have the same upbringing as Hong Kong people, but in a way they have all the money, all the technology, all the innovations, all the manufacturing capacity and technology, natural resources.

Have you ever wondered why at some stage every adult turns to understanding the economy, his/her own country’s politics, and knowing other people? It gives an illusion of control and power, it’s the security of knowing the character of a country, the economy, other people, and seemingly being able to approximate the future and protect oneself from other things and people. But I’m not kidding myself, all my individual peculiarities and behaviours and habits is attracting and building a very specific future and circumstance and environment in which I’m stuck in if it’s negative, and in which I will live in and enjoy if it’s positive. Your own health is an unpredictable thing, let alone an economy with so many vested interests or a country with so many laws and procedures. Don’t even talk about other people, we’re really inferior to the person themselves in terms of knowing what’s happening in their secret mind and what they really want. But it’s absolutely interesting that people sometimes in my own mind too, it’s more easily accepted to assume others are self interested, pursuing their own vision of divinity and right and love and positive, in a way there’s a trust that eventually, everyone will allow self interest to override their critical decisions. It’s unheard of to accept and assume others are and will eventually give to their neighbours what they themselves would like to receive, do unto others what they themselves want to be done unto. We’ve figured out every way to reasonably justify the validity of our personal individual desires for ourselves alone, but the detail and specificity required to no longer justify doing the right thing and instead realize the benefits for everyone including yourself for doing the right thing to actually be convinced of doing the right thing, that’s been a question mark unanswered by humanity since the beginning. Virtually nothing has been written or suggested as practical advice to attaining self honesty, a few catchy phrases here and there, but a method you can follow verbatim to the last step nothing has been written. The closest thing to a method has been self forgiveness with self honesty, applied as specific as your mind calculates every behaviour to the tee, and it’s interesting that you cannot walk a method like this without a little self honesty to begin with. A little will to want to be honest with yourself about what is really going on inside your mind, all to stop the unnecessary sentences and weaknesses to temptation.


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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