Day 616: Every Time Wonder Gets Squashed By Reality

I wonder if a child’s sense of wonderment is valued at all by people that know the world is a more dangerous place that doesn’t warrant such wonder. To me, knowing what I know now, I would think I’d be dangerous if I could justify an equal sense of wonderment within me, and frankly it’s not a position I fancy having. In other words, in spite of all the value being spoken of a child’s wonder, I think all adults don’t ever want to be younger again from the perspective of regaining that sense of wonderment and losing cautiousness and a lot of the observations that in short keep us alive that we heed and are aware of. Older people like to think that their lives would be well lived a thousand times more if they had the insight into how the world works when they were younger. It’s like me thinking I’d walk a lot less detours if I stuck to practicality and realizing there’s a deadline before I’m thrown out to the sharks to be financially independent. Maybe both of us missed the point of when we were young, and instead of belittling our younger selves, we should have embraced that our naivety was an appropriate state in which we truly got to know ourselves in the processes it initiated. That I was not beautiful words remains steadfastly my responsibility.

But that people laugh about children’s wonder and embrace that it will be a temporary phase allowed in the child until they themselves stop wondering and start desires, I see it as a cruel joke being allowed and accepted by adults that they remain sedated and satisfied with their world, embracing that inevitably, the dangerous world adults create will be the future of their children. I get that parents today are oblivious to the future they’re creating for their children, if parents aren’t oblivious they would have taken some practical actions to prevent the existence of a loser’s position. But the idea of winners and losers, and competition, existed since all of us can remember I guess makes it difficult to conceive another alternative, let alone actively take practical action to realize another alternative. It’s clear in parent’s clear discomfort, they are fabricating an environment and circumstances of comfort lending children’s presence to feel comfortable. Yes the education system does not prepare anyone to face the world, but I don’t see any notion of practicality applied in the curated material that parents allow their children to watch and listen to. The material parents allow their children to watch reveal the lack of foresight and practicality and preparation for their children to be inserted into the system. I assume it’s believed that society will light a fire under children’s asses to get in line with the system to be a winner in the system inevitably. It’s not only the education system that feeds useless knowledge and information to children. Perhaps parents feed safe information to their children in the belief that the parent’s lives will be made easier, and the child will be easier to “guide”. Not really guide, because it seems parents just want the most comfortable experience and so they’re willing to do what it takes to create and maintain their personal experience of comfort. It’s like parents ride the wave initiated by their children’s wonder until it runs out, ignorant of how parents like them designed the reality to eradicate all wonder.

Being human I’m inevitably going to observe the movement of parents, and I can see why Bernard said we are in for great disaster and great trauma. Parents face the system, argue with it, deceive it, direct it like a puppet on strings, but the pervasive danger the system represents to their children is not registered, is not bothered to be grasped, is not fathomed as to its enormity and enormity of consequence, so that’s why parents “teach” their children exactly the way they do today right here, right now. People younger than me have a big shock prepared for them by their own parents. Maybe it’s always been this way, but certainly not a sparing way to implement. Not my preference to allow such unprudent generosity to a system that takes no prisoners and is exacting. I say stop the illusions, good and bad, and from the beginning, inform the child of what will be required from them and that this requirement is also their responsibility to themselves, and guide children to be sparing. Obviously at least as sparing as their parents that make it in the system. Reality is seen and acted upon by parents as if it’s the most vile nasty thing to ever have existed on this Earth. But in embracing reality, anyone gains the power of having a response and an educated response to the ugly truth. Why swat that away from your child? That’s my question. Why prepare children to have the highest hopes for the world and the surest disappointment in not only the world, but maybe in the parents as well?

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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