Day 618: 10 Months Before Another Year Ends

It’s Chinese New Year, so February, and 10 months before another year ends. 10 groups of 4 weeks consisting of 7 days a week, and what will I create in this time? Who will I be? What can I be doing that’s going to revolutionize myself and walk a path different from everyone else? Is it possible to live in a way against the conclusion that everyone else made with all of the wisdom they have, or will I end up the same regardless of what I choose? Entrenched in a system for survival, only able to hoard a slice of personal happiness against the rest of the world? What am I doing that’s going to break the pattern lived over a lifetime for generations? What can I do that can challenge generations of selfish behaviours, the social fabric, go against generational preprogramming that I’ve also inherited? What activities will I participate in, what will I be reading and listening to, over a lifetime that will accumulate into a force that will measurably change me from the foundation and with real inner change, is always paired with real personal world change? Timelines cannot be approximated without actual movement in the categories or aspects you want to change. What I accumulate as one lifetime will be decided by what I participate in in one day.

Ideally planning a lifetime should be done from as early as possible when you understand words. A human life is limited, therefore the message from one human life like mine will be limited to the time I’m here, though the content you can curate and decide on what you think will be the best and live that. I’m a believer that the most important parts of any life even my own is never hidden, and from the habits in the way you think you can predict and distinguish what’s going to turn out constructively and well, and what’s going to lead to conflicts and disaster. Desire happens to trail behind and lie underneath disaster, there’s no disaster greater than being covetous, meaning having desires Lao Tzu wrote that. It’s not like a lifetime’s message is decided at one moment at death, which is implied when we grow old and then fear death. A building storeys high rises from hodfuls of earth, Lao Tzu wrote. I may be late to the game of planning my life, but then I look at how many are still preoccupied with the point of desires often revealed in a person’s spending patterns, no desire is complete without a counterpart that requires money to attain. I agree it’s contained as most grow older, however the nature is never completely let go of and it remains an addiction, however an addiction contained and restrained by time, money, space.

Unsatisfied with keeping the nature of desire a part of me. Why draw out the struggle and the lines of thinking when I can stop?

I’m taking an educated risk in giving the time to dig deep for lessons from the life I’ve walked. What’s at risk is my time here on Earth. But there’s no harmful consequences from digging “too deep” into myself, the worst case is I find out what I already knew, but in that case I made sure my knowledge is true because before was just a feeling. But the point of learning from my past is to educate myself on how to walk right now planning for the future. And the nature is I’m already walking; I’m dying a little every day. It’s not like my decision doesn’t have consequence, I have to be honest to myself to reap the most benefits. Desteni is a tool to go where you want to go that’s the best for you, and also best for everyone. Bernard Poolman wrote and talked in ways that he can be a reference for me for how pure or impure I am in intent, where the nature is actions are one and equal with the intent. No message can possibly tell you everything you need to know to walk this life constructively and not on a destructive cycle. Bernard doesn’t give all the answers, but the answers he’s given are useful and that’s a merit lacking in most people’s life message. From my view, I have a life anyway so might as well give it to doing something better for myself and for everyone in the process.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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