Day 662: Update and Notes

Notes while reading the Desteni articles.

Law of balance implies polarity/opposites. For example, in win/lose, both people both act in self survival to be the winner, but the design allows exactly one winner and one loser and requires both people to exist as opposites. The idea that when winning, one must maintain that winning position, or when lost, one must reclaim the winning position, exists the same in both people and is a dated way of life. Where is winning and losing’s relevance when one do what’s best for all and is committed to that?

Choice as personal preference is manifested judgment motivated by self survival or self interest. Manipulation is always used when one want to win. That which you fear – you create/manifest. Fear feeds off our ignoring/suppressing. Fear diminishes when facing them/looking directly at them. Often we become what we fear. Polarity and the law of balance often happens with one way of doing in thoughts to ‘hidden moments’, and another presentation or way of doing in living. If I did not want, need, or desire anything how can anything or anyone control me? As long as we have these emotions we are slaves to those that’play’ our emotions. The minute someone or something has the ability to move or direct you according to your emotion you have to become aware of the fact that they have just trapped you.

And because this is my blog, I’ll fill you in on what’s up in my life aside from the notes. I’m committing a little time to listening to new music recommended by a friend according to what I previously listened to. It’s astounding what people preoccupy themselves in during their teenage years, though it’s equally astounding what I preoccupied myself during my teens. It was success and money, to meditation (because at one point I found myself quite noisy) to ascension (because meditation goes hand in hand with ascension) to Anu (just getting into history of apparent previous civilizations).

I went to Shenzhen for three days, two nights, so I had to catch up on practicing cello and guitar. Now it’s time to get a lesson in with cello and guitar, and I must practice. It’s quite nice to see myself needed at work to go work an extra day. It’s evidence that at the least, I’m not disliked by the people working there. I could occupy my day with so many things and not work, I don’t need work anymore to present me with a preoccupation. But I would like the cash.

And the rest of the time is doctor appointments, cello, guitar lessons, music theory lessons, exercise, eating, sleeping, shitting, practicing cello and guitar, doing the theory homework, pondering about what else I possibly would need in terms of material possessions. And that’s a life of a male of 24.




About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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