Day 688: Rules of Engagement From World To You

I wonder how corrupted the world must be to operate in the way that it does. The idea of how conditioned and what facts – “facts” – are drilled into people to allow them to live in the way that they do, allowing the group to move in the way it does.

– No money no life
– Dignified life is expensive and a luxury
– No job no money
– Jobs are handed out through the corporation/business
– Profit as love for gain as fear of loss drives businesses
– Cheaper is better
– There is such thing as to live in a dignified way in a corrupt system, in such a way that one can wash one’s hands off of the blood, sweat, and tears in money, so that one allow oneself to spend and use money without guilt
– Market forces exist
– Human nature is practically irreversible
– Education is administered basically by the investment of the businesses
– All research and discoveries are only valid if they make profit for businesses; any research challenging the status quo is eliminated from the consciousness of the public
– Truth is denied before it is accepted as truth
– There is no such thing as an ugly truth, leading to people only accepting information that aligns with their interests, crucifying any information against their interests, even if for the greater good
– Everyone is scared to defend truth
– Everyone is repeatedly given the message that to conform in every way works to their own advantage, even if the opinions deny a real majority a dignified life
– To be normal is to have a job that pays good enough, raising a family that you crucify with yourself, protecting one’s future in the latter part of one’s life when one is old, even if protecting myself comes at the cost of denying mostly everyone a dignified life
– Criminals are any person that acts on their disagreement of the way the system works, not people that protect themselves with the law and the existence of a system in the context of a system that crushes most people’s minds and lives in the name of money and country and religion
– Government works half well, so we are suggested strongly to make the best of the little that works, instead of disposing of an ineffective administration to replace it with people that act on their care for the people
– Businesses are the greatest good and ultimate cloak one can aspire to and gain the shiniest name with the greatest standing and position in society
– Charity must exist in the form of a business, God forbid charity existing according to a principle of everyone must have what everyone would like
– Donating to charity washes away the guilt of earning money in a corrupted society and system
– There is no solution to the world problem proven by how I cannot form a one sentence solution to the world. To assert there is a solution makes you insane and alone unworthy of the group’s acceptance
– One can put all your attention to work, life, family, friends, but any tendency or shred of a decision to realize the wish for a better world separates and isolates you as a vast minority
– The group with the loudest voice in media is the only valid group “that will be accepted by the majority and allowed to exist”
– There is no such thing as a single person or a group that cares about you as a human being, anyone that claims this is automatically deceiving you

As a common human, these are the things that have been drilled into me from the moment I was born. Family can never be wrong just like businesses and government cannot be wrong, just like parents can never be wrong, they always did something partly right “to be revised over time over multiple versions” “with no urgency to change everything at once”. Individuality is snuffed, to be replaced with a basic form of a human life defined by money. Anything other than mass opinion is special to the point of being crazy and “you’re the only one that thinks that”.

I’m pessimistic and you must have realized all of these truths so hard it hurts to glance at it. Because it has shaped your entire life, since you were born. And only irresponsible kids and responsible adults exist. “I can’t be totally wrong” is every parent and the look they’re selling to all the other adults. In a media purely run by the same adults thinking they’re not totally wrong, in fact they have much to be proud of, we don’t make mistakes, we learn. And everybody has time to be on their own path slowly making revisions of themselves and this is what greatness is. While we justify a single person starving in this age: “my hands are tied” “I’m insignificant enough that I have the choice to discard any solution because I think I am right”.

Where are our great thinkers? They’re busy hoarding money in any way they can justify it. Maybe because they are operating from these truths, none the wiser they can only be called clever. Wise people would work out their own solution to the world and realize it has to be a political economic solution that’s described by Equal Money.

There is a gap between what people say and do, I’m working on destroying that gap. And what attempts have you made lately? Were they recognized as an attempt on others? This is my blog, I get to say anything, I get to say what I believe will make the difference between you becoming ‘the rest of them’ or you standing in your own name. No one is making this difficult but you. And what you think is right without checking for yourself if it’s right, going the ‘leap of faith’ route instead of checking yourself.



About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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