Day 699: No One is Allowed To Hate Family

There’s not a religion or organization that doesn’t support family. Is it because no one will support them if they didn’t support family? How come throughout the ages family has been a theme? Is it a pretty excuse to make as if sex is a beautiful thing? It’s been an idea that has been born since humanity was born, that one raises a family and cares for the members of their family. What aim did religions have to demonize sex and sexuality, meanwhile it’s the top few things in everyone’s minds? Why is it sex, expressing yourself within sex and sexuality, has such a profound effect raising one’s self esteem, confidence, self worth?

Witnessing the same story repeat itself wherein at one point, everybody at some age dive head first into sexuality, and I interpret it as a tool of conformity, expressing oneself through sexuality has life altering consequences, so I see most accept at a deep level the presence of sexuality, and then you have the one in your class or in your work or wherever, that denies sexuality any dominance in their considerations. At least it seems that way. Religion has been one of the mainstream ways of control, and from its example I believe I can learn something. If sex allows one to assert oneself, in a religion that needs followers and only one exerting itself God, I sort of understand why religion would do that: demonize sex and erotica.

I think one common aspect of everyone’s experience is the waking up of the sexual drive. People these days live and speak as if it doesn’t dominate. Bernard said flat out, sex is the most important thing in a serious relationship aside from money. So important but everyone’s driven to overcome this obstacle alone, I don’t hear about people talking about sex. It’s treated as an alone game while everyone knows you need to have a partner to do it with. Or maybe because everyone knows, everyone doesn’t care how they must think or behave if it’s to snag and trap a partner. Psychology behind TV and mainstream media knows we would do anything for sex, so they dangle it under many conditions. Inadvertently, we insert an ideal self as a partner to another with these personality traits and behaves this way and is this skinny, has muscles there, has these hobbies, is interested in these things, likes to travel, chases after the pinnacle of comfort and relaxation where it’s most sold through goods and services and not through one’s basic foundation nature, earns this much money, has a house, has this amount of status in the society, builds wealth in these specific ways, is wealthy in these ways of friends and coworkers and capital and pieces of businesses.

Family is probably one of the foundations of human creation because any future of anything is directly related to our younger people, our children. Did religions understand that family is how they will assert their dominance and power? Are businesses just another ruse to get you to teach your children to accept their hard sell? Has the foundation of every business been the psychological attack and infiltration of its values into your family’s values via the gap that everyone talks about? The gap or the space or the time which we take to make important decisions about our lives?

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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