Day 716: Desteni Through the Eyes of an Ex-Member

What happens when you dust off a time capsule and open it? That’s what happened when I got hold of an old hard drive and opened its contents. It revealed that basically, one of my greatest fears, losing touch with reality, was granted and irregardless of who or what was responsible, the outcome is I’m still breathing, I’m still alive.

I take note of the vocabulary I exercised from the period of 2010 May to around 2013 August. The spectacular thing about writing is it stays. So writing a diary and a time log gave me a view of my past otherwise inaccessible. I was a teen quite unstable about his convictions within himself, unable to describe what I was feeling and having a third party pressure me to go through procedure of highschool and university, what seems pubescent and immature is actually a way for me to express to myself only my insecurity and a way to attempt to create some stability in myself.

Ultimately failing, but the effort I’m grateful to myself for putting in. It’s because of this effort and the suggestion of writing with self forgiveness specified by Desteni, that I’m able to analyze what happened. Desteni is doing its best to create content that articulates some of the deeper needs pertaining to human nature and an unskewed morality in a grossly skewed morality of the system and of the world today portrayed in mainstream media. Each of the people – they all have names – are attempting to carry on what Bernard Poolman started, which was introduce through convenient forms of communication – of blogs, interviews, writing, articles, essays – a much needed human morality product to consume, in the form of a course.

What self forgiveness taken seriously is proven at doing is learning by doing it yourself, how to articulate vague negative feelings and moods, pressure and stress, interpersonal or otherwise.

What Desteni is guilty for doing is associating itself with religion and spirituality, and through all of its material by the Portal and Bernard Poolman, implying an ascending process to some form of enlightenment. They call it getting to the Physical. And the general attitude conveyed by Bernard Poolman and Desteni at least on the Internet in the past, is treating thoughts, emotions, and feelings as something impure, deceptive, and manipulating, while selling self forgiveness as the way to purify yourself from thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

After some dedication to Desteni and some medications later, Desteni is a group of people with names that made it their life’s work to create a product that systematically removes prejudice leaving common sense and a sense that what is best for everyone trumps what is best for me personally. They are the linguistic scientists to expose skewed morality and values to the people that need to hear it the most, themselves, in private. They are like the explorers of what things people need to hear or say to themselves before they catch themselves doing something morally wrong and justifying it, and by catching themselves doing it, they can stop. Desteni is a group of people pioneering a profession that involves designing a course to systematically teach common sense and remove ignorance and prejudice in anyone willing to participate.

That’s difficult. What Bernard Poolman did was difficult. How do you speak one line of thought that, bar a person already obsessed with their preferences, that can heal a person emotionally and give them the vocabulary to heal themselves word by written word, sentence by sentence, day by day? How do you produce material promoting the ultimate last word in human ethics and morality encompassing all that exists, anything we can name, through talking about things like religion, Christianity, God, money, about random aspects about life?

Bernard Poolman wrote and said things that promote and encourages anyone that listens a greater sense of morality and justice that isn’t the status quo version of morality, justice, and ethics. Business came to mind when imagining the status quo version. The people he left behind that hide behind a name called Desteni, are trying to continue what he did, which is instill and produce material that instills the last word on morality.

We don’t need constant modernized revisions of morality, justice, ethics. One definition considering all that exists and all that we can name, is enough. And is quite useful if you’re thinking about governing a world population.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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