Day 722: A Poker Face and a Basic Income Don’t Go Together

I figured I’d write today. Isn’t it strange that the more righteous or political you are, the more necessary it is to hide your reactions and keep your values hidden? Not really values but what you’re aiming to do and how you’re going to do it. It seems like yesterday that a book store selling anti China and HK independence books literally got caught by China and is probably sitting in a jail somewhere in China. It alludes to the power of the big brother over a tiny country son. Each other’s place is made clear with this move by China. And speaking of China, and speaking of politics, it’s interesting to note the personality of China and the US. Another showdown from big brother to little brother, I think it’s relevant because it sort of demonstrates how people interact with each other. On one hand both are espousing fairness and justice, on the other both are probably wrong in some way having done something to one another for one’s interests. It’s assuring to see China ruled with seeming oneness and unity by/through its president and the government policies that did a 180 on the lives of the majority of its own people. It’s worrying to see the US focusing on personal success and wealth doing so at the expense of their majority citizens sometimes even at their expense, meaning with their money. The US has been making a mess of its education system, and leaving most hanging onto their jobs while the jobs get shittier. I don’t know about China’s education system, but it’s pretty obvious they have many clever minds starting to work together and in spite of lack of education in some cases, they more than make up for it in work ethic, China continues to promote its own culture and the hard work necessary to reap the seeds we sow.

I visit China and I go, “Hey, malls actually have standards and healthy competition is promoted amongst restaurants to compete for prime real estate in their famous malls.” At the same time, fraud and theft is a problem in China. We say it takes time for a country’s people to change their basic personality or instincts, but I’ve yet to see any country do anything about their own country’s people through government policy from the motivation of making the people more equitable, and through that improving their country’s reputation. Switzerland was born into its wealth and position, sort of like what happens when a child is born on Earth: first world country or somewhere else.

Very indirectly though, I see China making moves in how it’s framing the problem of money to its citizens. We live in a flawed money system, but the government will do everything in its power to give all its people the choice to work and to work for a decent salary compared to the cost of living. We hear of people doing pretty obvious things but when it’s done in China, there’s much money to be had from it. And China has embraced technology down to its common people, and seeing an opportunity it’s pushing technology to be China’s flagship company so to speak. In a giant chaebol called China, think of Samsung, it’s using cutting edge technologies to promote itself as a world power and collect bargaining chips for itself as a country.

Meanwhile the US is dumbing down its own population with the education system and putting people into debt and forcing people into corners. It’s not like China doesn’t force people into corners, but you see the government supporting where it matters – in economic policy and subsidies to the correct industries – and giving the majority of its people a favourable choice when asking the question how to make my living. I’m pretty certain for someone old with little education and/or work experience, it’s easier to find a well paying job in China than it is in Canada; my dad’s an example of this. He was an advertising executive in HK, immigrated to Canada starting his own business in soybean products, then the business went bust and he settled for a really low paying job in Canada polishing tiles I think. He’s way happier living in China where there’s work that pays better with a lower cost of living.

What on earth is the US doing reserving its own money for its own elite by funnelling everyone else’s money into their own pockets at their expense, making only its expensive education systems effective while rendering all other education systems worthless? Pretty soon you’ll have an undemocratic angry mob which is partly why Donald Trump was elected president. Then you have the unwilling elderly people that do nothing and say nothing in a public manner, thinking the best option is to live quietly comfortably in a corner of the country. Leaving positions of responsibility to selfish people that don’t know better.

I observe people that say they aren’t serious but are secretly serious about doing something right and seriously do it right. I don’t put a high value on these sorts of people. They never share what they know and only plot for their own benefit. It’s been years since slacking off was cool, but there’s still this invisible stigma that if you are straightforward with your seriousness about yourself and where you’re going and what you’re doing, you’re not cool. Then people play social games putting on a happy face while leaving seriousness in a strictly alone circumstance. I ask whether this kind of people will make the world a better place to live in for the people around him/her, and I don’t see it. Just like I don’t see people playing politics and having the best poker face with the best invisible intentions and principles as making the world a better place for everyone. Someone like Andrew Yang putting himself up for president and people voting for him only on the merit of his support for a UBI (Universal Basic Income), someone that’s straightforward and reacts normally would be a nice president to hear about in the news.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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