Day 737: An Argument For Why Equal Money Exists

You may have noticed I haven’t posted in a while. That’s because I’ve been reading Jordan Peterson’s book 12 Rules For Life, and he described my blog in an unflattering light. That it has been a space where I espouse how virtuous I am and assert my opinions about everything. My blog has been a diary where I give myself the pleasure of writing about what’s on my mind, what’s bothering me, what have I not thought through to a satisfying conclusion. And blogging aside, my life consists of very few activities that sum up my intent moving forward in my life.

Kasper’s life:
– cello practice to improve playing and presenting music
– studies in music theory to gain a certificate and convince myself of my musical presentation
– reading old but classic books referencing Jordan Peterson’s lists of books worthwhile reading
– running to keep my engine well oiled, doing any aerobic exercise to breathe more oxygen into my system
– intermittent (once every week) fasting, and limiting carb and sugar intake in general because I’m putting on pounds and I don’t like that
– going out to play in a cello ensemble, just meet others and chat and seriously practice ensemble pieces
– meeting with my cello teacher, theory teacher for lessons

misc. responsibilities
– meeting with the doctor in the hospital and privately to stock medicine and update the dosage
– hair cut every 3-4 weeks according to my hairstyle

And the rest of the time is finding how to enjoy myself in the meantime of progressing on my goals. A big part is exercising to feel well and improve my condition, takes some time. Another is practicing and going to lessons and participating in activities to help me practice. Keeping the doctors updated takes some time.

In between I have time for reading, eating what I want, buying stuff I want. I rarely research topics that interest me on the Internet as very rarely something new interests me. What interests me and probably most people is finding stuff I want that’s cheaper than the list price on second hand marketplaces in the form of apps and websites.

Enjoying the whole routine is difficult. Enjoying practicing cello is difficult. Enjoying doing music theory is weird. There’s an idea that doing what’s fun is a reliable guide to organize your life around which I dismissed. It’s also known as doing what you’re passionate about. It sounds like doing what would satisfy in the short term for the sacrifice of longer term goals and ignoring what needs to be done for what’s fun.

But a strange observation is listening to good music, which in my experience is usually classical because there are more pleasing harmonies, I really enjoy. Doing that makes living feel worthwhile in spite of suffering and struggles with difficulty. There’s something about acoustic instruments that feel more sophisticated than electronic instruments. There’s something about people actually counting the rhythm that sounds better than editing everything to be on time.

It’s funny because I also think that as human, with the potential of curating and enhancing Life itself, finding respite in small humanly purposes like making good music or teaching good music doesn’t quite match beautifully with the curating and enhancing of Life. Because of a system that screams at you to survive, purposes seems to have lost a level of profundity to be cut short into helping other people you know and living out your days in the position you’re in. Add to that lust for relationship, and it ties in nicely with the obsession to make your living and earn enough money to seem attractive to females.

I think it’s not only are people unprepared to sacrifice money’s importance, people are also addicted to the purpose the current money system dictates through the current economic system, and having been immersed in it for so long, lack the creativity to ponder any other way of living. Take away money’s ruthless and shrewd personality, such as by giving everyone enough money to live their entire human life, and I think people are forced to face a level of their purpose that they don’t want to think about. Without money demanding survival, what will you do that genuinely bestows meaning into your life, that you can do for the rest of your life? Because doing bigger things that have palpable impact demands you committing to some profession over many years. Let’s say the minimum is 10 years. How many 10 years does a human have?

Beyond the superficial comforts that money bountifully gives, there’s also the philosophical comfort of doing what is valuable to you personally, that shapes everything else in a worthwhile light. Makes suffering and difficulty meaningful and bearable, maybe even preferred because that means you’re doing something.

When people say people will get lazy if money doesn’t torture them with the need for survival, they are distrusting people to search within themselves their most meaningful activity and profession, and distrusting people to commit to what they find meaningful. But you only have to glaze the surface of your own life to see no matter what personality money is designed to enact, doing what’s valuable to you is a primary desire and goal that supersedes everything, it’s life itself. So Bernard Poolman was rather insightful to suggest an Equal Money System, since putting money behind Life would bring their personal meaning into the fore and stare each of us down until our death. It’s what happens to the rich man or woman with more money than he or she can spend.

I think it’s common knowledge that abundance in money amplifies suffering in any man’s life, because you’re also forced to realize the limits that money can provide. Any other person may hope if they had more money their lives would be better, for the rich man that hope is annihilated plus not everyone has the philosophical wherewithal to articulate what matters other than what has been suggested.

Money is more important than life right now. It gives certain advantages to people with alot of money. But in the end, what would be the greatest advantage is if everyone you meet knows what means the most to them and does it, so that everyone is genuinely satisfied and looks you in the eye. Equal Money reverses the age old assumption. Life becomes more important than money. Money is placed as a resource deliberately not designed in scarcity, but in abundance, which poses the question that poses itself to every rich man. Life or money? Life or lust? Life or greed? A good life for everyone or power? A life with every superficial luxury or a life imbued with personal meaning that juxtaposes with the suffering and makes suffering meaningful?


About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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