Day 750: Why Are People So Calm About Money?

Bernard Poolman was an extraordinary individual. He would shoot past intellectual arguments to the vital importance of a subject. He would speak as if he saw through you, embraced it, and remind you that you have a better version of yourself yet to be born. It strikes me to this day how he could have written in a way that speaks as relevantly to the present times as it did years past. Creation’s Journey To Life blog was his writing project, as well as countless quotes from forum posts and audio interviews. His written work reads like Lao Tzu; always brushing on what is important beyond my present definition of importance. But as long as you do not investigate, my words will seem like lofty praise alone.

People live as if peace exists. People give to their careers until they have luxury, then rejoice in the luxury meanwhile having crises of meaning, sickness, chronic pain, and a fervent belief in the system. Regarding this, people balance their inputs of fiction and reality. Living in a dream while living in reality. The beauty industry is using paltry details of reality to refer to a dream carefully woven by the rest of the world. The psychological and blinding effect of beauty is neither considered or thought of to obstruct the painful truth. It’s reality that females dolly themselves up because they on some level know, the ugly realities that play out in reality and present an unsolvable problem, one they cannot handle. It’s the same for music, art, TV, fiction, non fiction books, stories. What is the reality when a professional commits to words to protect his/her self interests protected by the system, meaning when a professional resorts to verbal violence to protect the system that supports him: he supports poverty in this world through the same tool that allows him his riches. What is the dream but the vague feeling the world works. What’s the dream but the belief there are right and good professions and jobs when every job is suffused with unequal money?

It’s unbelievable the extent big corporations have bought all the ad space in TV, bought off all entertainment to not say anything about the truth of this world, control news, control aspects of the stories told through TV series from discussing the state of capitalism and democracy. There must be some good in the bad. It’s that same hope that there is something good that ultimately blinds one from seeing the truth. There is equal weight to good and bad acts, and some project farther than others because of the level of implementation. We’re in the worst form of control this world has ever seen, it’s unbelievable. In money, we trust to have a few winners intoxicated with themselves and the rest losers falling into hell. War has evolved into a war within a language, in spoken and written format, filtering what can or can’t be said, what appeals and what digusts. The truth digusts one for awhile before you realize the merits of truth.

It’s hardly benevolent to glamorize the resources and withhold it from the majority, using force in the name of wealth when pushed. In Hong Kong we see it very clearly: the glamor of luxury being promoted and bought by parent’s children, while not for an instant does anyone realize they are perusing this luxury at a real cost of life crippling inequality in money by upholding an unequal system called capitalism and the present incarnation of democracy. The luxury brands and restaurants lull people to sleep and be satisfied with unequal money, grateful and fearful of what money can do. Where is love, care, and respect for the physical flesh that exists on every single human transcending countries and economic laws? This love for wealth alludes to a disease stemming from a faith and trust in capitalism to do good to society ultimately.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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