Day 753: The Worries That Plague The Elderly: A Legacy

As resilient as I am, I’m pretty fragile too. I need a safe narrative to base my world on. I need a working city. It’s extremely engaging and ultimately beneficial to have a family. I’m a byproduct of the dominating capitalism work ethic and education. I need to trust the news is true. I need people I can trust to do things for me that I can’t do for myself alone. As much as I would like it, I don’t know everything or enough, my knowledge base will be infinitely not enough to take responsibility for the world I am in.

There’s knowledge and information, and there are facts that are blasted from mainstream sources to obfuscate other facts. Compiling a fiction using facts, implying what your world is, suggesting what kind of world you are living in using factual stories. In light of the corruption of business and all media, I don’t think the news is telling the truth that requires to be heard for the world to change. It’s telling the truth that will keep everything in place for the longest time. How long am I going to be enamoured with gadgets and stories of heroes without enacting the role myself in some analogous way in my life? How long am I going to be hypnotized by the female form until I ask myself, what do I have to do to make everyone driven to change capitalism, the fashionable work ethic, the fashionable scientific education, into an incarnation that cares for the human being even more? Because for all the love and likes social media encourages us to express, the means with which to earn a living in this world is no longer innocent and sort of requires that we turn a blind eye to part of our job. The only jobs available are the jobs perpetuating competition where killing is one of the sides of competition in capitalism. What is a job to change the world?

All this talk and stories about love and life, but we all see how brutal money lays down its rules if we don’t do what it implies that we have to read between the lines. Today’s world is a harsh world with grey zones. There is no love between strangers. There is a severely limiting definition of love between families. There’s a way we can be more caring than we admit, love for profit is violently protesting against the voice that wishes the best for every single one of us motherfuckers.

In a way, capitalism and the people that stand as the love for profit have been protesting – violently, ruthlessly, with utmost passion and love – against economic equality since its conception. An unignorable portion of problems stem from economic inequality. Social problems. Crime. Organized crime. A disfigurement of people’s attitudes towards each other because some people are richer and some are poorer. The forceful introduction of the modern master slave relationship as most jobs available are; exchange for your time and labour, doing things benefitting companies (not benefitting the world overall), for a wage disproportionately a trifle compared to its founder’s salary. The invention of a second hand body of knowledge under the label of tech designed to prevent people from seeing how intelligent you are, and to prevent others from seeing how small a company’s vision actually is. We’re all looking for that point that will place us at the top and become a master and not a slave, not realizing the overarching system is a casino with unfavorable odds.

Heck, the reason why countries are fighting over money is because of capitalism. What economic system will diffuse that pressuring conflict and shift our attentions towards benefitting humanity as a whole group? Globalization should have that as its goal. What’s this talk about economic warfare? We can’t start a war so we’re suscepting to economic warfare? What will happen to what is best for all in the process of selfishly claiming intellectual ownership?

So you can imagine I’m pretty paranoid. Every story the news tells is a lie fabricated by little truths. Every topic shared by a local lifestyle TV show I believe is published with the intent of easing the public conscience and hiding damage we’re responsible for to the world. The Facebook feed is consisting of individuals trying to convince their happiness towards others, otherwise another way to buy your attention by businesses everywhere. Instagram feed preys on the instinctual drive for beauty, taking advantage of the eternal magnetism of beautiful people magnifying a deep seated problem of lack of profound meaning in young people’s lives; young people’s obsession for beauty is founded on a profound lack of meaning in their lives, a lack of a responsibility that ultimately traces back to the betterment of the world and all other people. Philosophy is about the best tries of dead people sharing the same struggle with life that is eternal and constant.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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