Day 761: Beauty Manipulates in a Way Ugliness Cannot

Sarcastically, my older sisters will contest every single remark I make in a way to demean, devalue, and “cut me down to size” type reply. In highschool, that never happened with me personally, but it probably happens amongst females. Girls don’t show how they deal with other girls being socially nasty towards everything that represents them. It’s said that a woman’s rejection has been a primary motivation for men to clean up their act. What if you’ve never known that woman except for her outer appearance, meaning you know nothing at all, as human is it important enough to change because of a stranger’s rejection and mocking?

Females gather into groups and brainstorm together to make decisions about men, how to attract them and manage their expectations. Most of the time, males cannot show affection to a female because it’s one male under the judging eyes of five, maybe more female’s scrutiny and harsh judgment. Going into relationship with that female means having lunch with her friends as family walking a very narrow line.

I’m probably not a typical male in the sense I’m socially integrated into the social fabric. I don’t adopt a trend for no reason, I refuse to attract females by modifying my outward appearance with trendy haircuts or fashion, I believe the business of trends is exacerbating the problem, but there is no choice = I’m attracted to females. No wonder female beauty is embedded in myth. It’s no question female beauty has been abused to powerfully attract us to only see a limited spectrum of opinion and vigorously talk within what is acceptable. It’s also completely unseen how much brooding and mild suffering females zealously participate in to maintain a beautiful body, a beautiful face with makeup.

It’s probably impossible to lead a successful career without extroverted willingness to debate and challenge people. It’s probably impossible to know how to be beautiful inside and out without harsh judgment of people close. Isn’t it interesting that our normal everyday behaviours have been modified to support small tyrannies, an unreported aspect of evil as things and events that everyone agrees no one wins? Honest psychology and psychiatry would admit the money system is fueling both good and evil enterprises and personality traits and that as long as that’s fact, good does not triumph over evil; it justifies evil’s invisible power. The definition of wealth and success supports abuse and is a limited vision. What is more valuable to you, millions upon millions of people’s mental health allieviated from the dead weight of profit-seeking enterprise and a world where no one is more free than another, or powerful countries with powerful armies wielding gigantic economies of just profit, a severely backward definition of profit? What is just about valuing resource and withholding it from some people?

A women’s attractiveness and rejection is significant enough for me to register something, but making the choice to reject humanity’s potential and common biological existence and subsequent consequences presents a Pandora’s Box of consequences that are several magnitudes more severe, serious, ferocious than Venus herself.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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