Day 764: I Can Be Interpreted To Be Pathetic, But What Is More Powerful, The Seen or Unseen?

I’m pathetic because neither I nor my relationships present usefulness to people. A person is not just their innate personality they are their relationships with people especially. Like being alone has its value, being part of a mob or gang has its advantages and comforts. It’s probably a problem if your small group is united by bad behaviour, or even united by love for personal gain of money today. The rules governing money is motivating many people to do many bad things with many consequences people are forced to live with. The rules after all are decided by the apparently mutual trust and agreement of all parties, making it possible to correct the way money is distributed to only reward behaviour that supports everyone. It’s bizarre that we abdicate responsibility to represent our interests to very few people and expect them to police themselves to be our government.

A problem is that mainstream media, parents, and people’s exposure to bureaucracy is misleading millenials and the youngest people to stand for socialism or communism. It’s not enough to pick from a set menu of -isms that people with good intentions but no understanding of the lowest economic class of people’s difficulties dream up of. Even I have no understanding of their struggles. Hidden agendas guarded by money, hostile practicalities driven by money, good deeds confusing what money I’m talking about, that money is in common with all classes and intelligences of people. Obviously, everyone’s preoccupation is money, so they gather specific relationships, and people have an innate sexual drive so female’s selective process to choose a partner sort of becomes an economic force. That beauty we use to get our interests, it’s preordained by money, and the products and services to acquire beauty is money.

Physical resources can be replaced by money, but money never can replace physical resources. Physical resources in one form substitute or regrow other physical resources. I don’t understand people so happy about travelling to countries where their currency is worth more. It’s so depressing to see the agreed rape of a country’s land, resources, oppportunities taken by global corporations away from local businesses, the culture of crude and silent desperate survival, how damaging it must be for locals to be connected to their country which is too weak to protect the locals from being taken advantage of.

Every place in the world is advertising big brands. Kind of extreme how far producers of products go to make you know them, to desiring their products. Kind of radical that everything you can do has a price tag. Having a message radically different to the message of capitalism involves paying a price. There’s that rule about money that your life carries a price that’s your responsibility to pay for, rich or poor you’re still indebted to this system. The consequence for that is mentally and physically crushing inequality.

I’m not negative. We have to start from where we are. It’s public fact that psychology and public relations has interfered with the distribution of a dignified life for everybody. Poor journalism backed by huge profit harshly scolds reporting anything dysfunctional about the main bodies of capitalism. Publishers won’t publish what is good for everyone. Clickbait and drama killed the competition of harsh but profound truthtelling. Art isn’t art until profits make the art. Currency is a dated justification to take more resources from a country for less money.

Save money and get a job proves people don’t value their real selves = where is human dignity being given equally to every person? Why are people equal and some people are more equal than others? Who decides that opinion will dominate?

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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