Day 788: 26 An Achievement, I Consider It A Challenge to the Human Race That I’m Gonna Lose, f(x) Sulli Not the Last

I find it inviting. The blank sheet of notepad. At temples I wished that I would love Life. Half a year later, I’m now relishing moments of living, opposite to being an outcast. Opposite to being a NEET. You can say it’s pure survival mentally. Who would I be if I agreed with the opinion that people over 18 with no jobs or education are only lazy, and should either work harder or die as the dead weight they are in society? No way I’m placing myself in position to ascend with that opinion.

It’s as if the world is set up for me as a place to falter. People that know better denting my confidence to convince me to deny what I see. Deny my own understanding of my personal history. Primarily, growing up and growing old is a process of churning you through the world to break you and shape you – falter and falter again, then “reinvent” yourself. This is a blog meant to direct, I meet too many people that are misleading. This world is a very damaging place. That’s what someone said. In my experience, hidden agendas are made as if normal. People that have repeated this life forever, taking advantage of people that lived recently. It’s more practical to sacrifice dignity and honor and be aggressive embracing that only a few winners exist amongst the sea of losers, we’ve agreed to make this mode of living more practical. It’s because the system is so ransacking and ruthless, and we’ve made money the basic reason for going into economic war, that few people eke a scant wisp of charity while the most charitable option is to change the character of the system. It’s assuring to see people charitably giving, how many consider why they are giving within their means? Because of a verbose justification for the opinion that only greed can unify us, I don’t see the voice for an opposite opinion. If there is an opposite opinion, it makes sure it’s fuck away from the influence of greed’s obsession or passion.

In spite of the aspects of the world that are disheartening, I’m living and I’m 26. The police in me admonishes me for being 26 without a job. When I look around, like Sulli’s suicide, she was 25. Sure it was ultimately herself that accepted and allowed nihilism to fester, but she is a reflection of the world. The world accepted and allowed the conditions and games that would bring her up to suicide. A thief is a reflection and byproduct of the greed of the haves; it’s almost as if people like Sulli are the entire reality balancing itself from the extreme imbalance of normal people. If one game can be interpreted either way, why do we accept and allow people to interpret the game to their mental detriment? Wouldn’t kindness be to strictly enforce everyone to view and understand the game in a way that excites people to live; we know how to enforce, we already enforce people to live greedily/survive, simply reverse the tools to really promote living. And if the game really produces consequences where there is inequality, the game should be under scrutiny rather than Sulli for example. There will always be enmity and a drive for revenge for any speck or iota of inequality. You can say the world produces both desirable and undesirable products that are reflections.

About Kasper Kwan

Currently supporting myself in the process of establishing my words in the physical principles of Oneness and Equality. Had to start this process because I have allowed and accepted my words to be established in the mental idea of self-interest/greed, and only realised this recently.
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