About Me

This blog will be a timeline of my successes and failures in actually living and applying change within myself.  The purpose of this blog firstly is to document myself honestly to identify habits and patterns that are not best for all, and to utilise the tools of writing, self forgiveness, and self honesty to correct myself.

Secondly, this blog will be a space where I share with others that may have asked the same questions or had similar experiences, the steps I have taken to actually live and apply and be the change.

“It Takes Many Years of Absolute Daily Dedication, Breath by Breath, to get to a Point within yourself, Physically, where the Mind will No Longer override your Commonsense. And unless one do that in a Way that is Visible, Provable, and Here I talk about Writing, Specifically – you will have no reference. Writing is one of your References. If you do not Commit yourself to Physical Writing: your Process of Real Change has not Started, and it Never Will.”

Read Creation’s Journey to Life to investigate what it means to fundamentally change our habits, patterns, and behaviours permanently – this means being more specific with investigating our Mind.

2 Responses to About Me

  1. G says:

    so beautifully expressed and inspirational. bests.

  2. Thaizett says:

    I’m in the same journey! I will read u for inspiration!

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