Day 738: Passion?

I haven’t written in awhile again. That’s because I’ve been struggling to find what inflames me with passion and allows alot of fun for me. Perhaps that flame got smothered long enough, effectively enough by a capitalist education system and cultural standards that I would naturally enforce onto myself. Really, with enough money to survive – idle the days away taking advantage of all modern conveniences – there’s no such thing as anyone coming to you and suggesting, here’s a purpose you can live. Usually that’s reserved for an education system paired with an economic system designed to be scarce, with checkpoints along the way to verify how far you’re willing to go for the continuation and cementing of the system.

The wise king and the tyrant. I see it all around me, people that have leaped in faith to money to decide what’s important in their lives, within the boundaries of what money allows to be important. I ask myself, isn’t there something more than what capitalism is offering as a deal or contract to me? Life is shrouded, life is layered, it’s in everything even the very mechanisms that put life behind interest. I’m certain there’s alot to be appreciated in the very bureaucracy that demands to be heard and bartered with layered in the education and work systems. For the majority, money is something that can only be had through taking up working for someone, something else that has its own interests at heart, and at heart finds you replaceable and not unique. Inside the walled garden of education it’s a simple thing to forget that without money, education would not exist. So imagine this: from the day you’re born you’re already connected to education, that’s connected to money, and you’re a number heading into the world on a conveyor belt of grades until university, onwards to work. And the work fad has multiplied into innumerable purposes or interests that conflict with each other and vy for dominance. Perhaps the only freedom you’re allowed is which interest you choose to fight for, but that’s ignoring the manmade fiction that money is scarce.

In this modern warring period, where companies are automatically pitted against each other because of money, what’s the way to assert what you stand for that’s not violence while being forced to serve either company? It’s also thanks to this bureaucracy that we have this period of peace and competition. But because of this gang, you’re also limited in the paths you can take because they all occupy alot of time. Verification and certification takes time. Meanwhile in the trivial and small, you’re deciding what you’re standing for as a living statement of yourself even when treated as small fry in the business world. We’re always deciding when we’re on trains poking at our phones, what we believe is right and good. We decide when we wake up and make a vow in ourselves what we’re going out to do today. When we open or close a door, chance, opportunity, we’re deciding. I think for eons of time anime, poetry, literature has been asking what’s the most important thing that bestows meaning to our own existence and continued living and the best they could do is family, serving those that are close to us. A local geographical phenomenon is what is governing and curtly ordering us what is meaningful to our lives personally.
But it’s also because we’ve succumbed to being a local geographical force of good that we’ve abdicated the more all encompassing layers of governance to politicians and government. And meanwhile money is rigged to function against us in spite of our personality and individualness, politician or worker alike. We’re very disorganized when it comes to standing up for a practical philosophical definition of money to be applied in the laws and government. Everyone has their own flavor, their own insights and formed opinions about money and how it should be channelled. We’re so disorganized that a minority internet mob can confuse us as to the goodness of a guaranteed basic income in spite of our own experiences of lack of money and how much we fear lack.

But this post was about my undecidedness about what impassions me. I’m impulsive but I can’t see within me anything consistent about my impulsiveness. I’ve been beaten down enough times that my zest for life has extinguished, and what remains is uncategorized likes. Meanwhile I’m responsible for feeding and living in this vessel.

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Day 737: An Argument For Why Equal Money Exists

You may have noticed I haven’t posted in a while. That’s because I’ve been reading Jordan Peterson’s book 12 Rules For Life, and he described my blog in an unflattering light. That it has been a space where I espouse how virtuous I am and assert my opinions about everything. My blog has been a diary where I give myself the pleasure of writing about what’s on my mind, what’s bothering me, what have I not thought through to a satisfying conclusion. And blogging aside, my life consists of very few activities that sum up my intent moving forward in my life.

Kasper’s life:
– cello practice to improve playing and presenting music
– studies in music theory to gain a certificate and convince myself of my musical presentation
– reading old but classic books referencing Jordan Peterson’s lists of books worthwhile reading
– running to keep my engine well oiled, doing any aerobic exercise to breathe more oxygen into my system
– intermittent (once every week) fasting, and limiting carb and sugar intake in general because I’m putting on pounds and I don’t like that
– going out to play in a cello ensemble, just meet others and chat and seriously practice ensemble pieces
– meeting with my cello teacher, theory teacher for lessons

misc. responsibilities
– meeting with the doctor in the hospital and privately to stock medicine and update the dosage
– hair cut every 3-4 weeks according to my hairstyle

And the rest of the time is finding how to enjoy myself in the meantime of progressing on my goals. A big part is exercising to feel well and improve my condition, takes some time. Another is practicing and going to lessons and participating in activities to help me practice. Keeping the doctors updated takes some time.

In between I have time for reading, eating what I want, buying stuff I want. I rarely research topics that interest me on the Internet as very rarely something new interests me. What interests me and probably most people is finding stuff I want that’s cheaper than the list price on second hand marketplaces in the form of apps and websites.

Enjoying the whole routine is difficult. Enjoying practicing cello is difficult. Enjoying doing music theory is weird. There’s an idea that doing what’s fun is a reliable guide to organize your life around which I dismissed. It’s also known as doing what you’re passionate about. It sounds like doing what would satisfy in the short term for the sacrifice of longer term goals and ignoring what needs to be done for what’s fun.

But a strange observation is listening to good music, which in my experience is usually classical because there are more pleasing harmonies, I really enjoy. Doing that makes living feel worthwhile in spite of suffering and struggles with difficulty. There’s something about acoustic instruments that feel more sophisticated than electronic instruments. There’s something about people actually counting the rhythm that sounds better than editing everything to be on time.

It’s funny because I also think that as human, with the potential of curating and enhancing Life itself, finding respite in small humanly purposes like making good music or teaching good music doesn’t quite match beautifully with the curating and enhancing of Life. Because of a system that screams at you to survive, purposes seems to have lost a level of profundity to be cut short into helping other people you know and living out your days in the position you’re in. Add to that lust for relationship, and it ties in nicely with the obsession to make your living and earn enough money to seem attractive to females.

I think it’s not only are people unprepared to sacrifice money’s importance, people are also addicted to the purpose the current money system dictates through the current economic system, and having been immersed in it for so long, lack the creativity to ponder any other way of living. Take away money’s ruthless and shrewd personality, such as by giving everyone enough money to live their entire human life, and I think people are forced to face a level of their purpose that they don’t want to think about. Without money demanding survival, what will you do that genuinely bestows meaning into your life, that you can do for the rest of your life? Because doing bigger things that have palpable impact demands you committing to some profession over many years. Let’s say the minimum is 10 years. How many 10 years does a human have?

Beyond the superficial comforts that money bountifully gives, there’s also the philosophical comfort of doing what is valuable to you personally, that shapes everything else in a worthwhile light. Makes suffering and difficulty meaningful and bearable, maybe even preferred because that means you’re doing something.

When people say people will get lazy if money doesn’t torture them with the need for survival, they are distrusting people to search within themselves their most meaningful activity and profession, and distrusting people to commit to what they find meaningful. But you only have to glaze the surface of your own life to see no matter what personality money is designed to enact, doing what’s valuable to you is a primary desire and goal that supersedes everything, it’s life itself. So Bernard Poolman was rather insightful to suggest an Equal Money System, since putting money behind Life would bring their personal meaning into the fore and stare each of us down until our death. It’s what happens to the rich man or woman with more money than he or she can spend.

I think it’s common knowledge that abundance in money amplifies suffering in any man’s life, because you’re also forced to realize the limits that money can provide. Any other person may hope if they had more money their lives would be better, for the rich man that hope is annihilated plus not everyone has the philosophical wherewithal to articulate what matters other than what has been suggested.

Money is more important than life right now. It gives certain advantages to people with alot of money. But in the end, what would be the greatest advantage is if everyone you meet knows what means the most to them and does it, so that everyone is genuinely satisfied and looks you in the eye. Equal Money reverses the age old assumption. Life becomes more important than money. Money is placed as a resource deliberately not designed in scarcity, but in abundance, which poses the question that poses itself to every rich man. Life or money? Life or lust? Life or greed? A good life for everyone or power? A life with every superficial luxury or a life imbued with personal meaning that juxtaposes with the suffering and makes suffering meaningful?

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Day 736: God As The Highest Good Has No Mercy

I’m in a rut. A dead end as to where I should look for the next jump in progress towards my goal, towards playing the bloody songs better and more fluently. And part of that goal is to make practicing fun again.

I’ve thought about classical music as a microcosm way of dealing with real problems. The small, but nonetheless real problem that you don’t know how to play a song, or play in tune, or play at all. Compared to technology which is designed to be used by us, music instruments aren’t designed to the degree which technology can convenience us. Any teacher worth his salt would realize most of the time the student is left alone, and to equip him to find and solve his problems himself is the first step towards progress and maturity. Music is an avenue where people young and old are treated equally, with the same demands placed on everyone according to song.

Composing music and music theory is also a queer subject. It demands a completely clear head about what you want to do with the music, and an alertness to the fundamental rules of composing classical music.

It’s always been important that we know what is good and what is evil, and what are the hydras and what are the ways to defeat hydras. Hydras placed in the future, your future self as a judgmental father requiring sacrifice or heroic encounters of hydras. I look back at my life and I notice that while innumerable facts happened around me, what kept my head straight was knowledge of the normal and good. When my definition of good was not updated to the latest age I am, everything became arbitrary and meaningless. Not that it was meaningless, but life was suffering the moment I did not know how to assimilate my new knowledge of what is here into my abstract ideas of good and evil.

We are people that contend and wrestle with life. What’s most fearful is when we encounter life that we don’t know how to contend and wrestle with. Envision the highest good and look to role models for inspiration of what that is, then relate that ideal to the real living you’re doing and what gets you there and what doesn’t. Take the heaviest load and responsibility you can bear, and voluntarily take on suffering to minimize it, because being cynical and bitter and turning against life makes life for me and us far worse. At some point I must return to the mortality and limitations that I was too arrogant and intellectual about to contend with that.

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Day 735: Future Authoring

Future authoring. What do you hope to achieve in your life and what kind of person do you want to be in 3-5 years?

I hope to be a reliable source for young people to do what I see wasn’t done in time in my own life: sorting out my past, weighing my strengths and weaknesses and translating that to what vital actions are necessary for my achievement, instead of standing in awe that 10 years is a long time when I was 11, create a timeline with a deadline with clear set of conditions for failure to be most clear about where I would like to go and do. I see classical music as a novel gateway to that process of self discovery. I wish to earn my living by the compassion I enact for my fellow young people and the kind of person I was was hesitant and reluctant. I hope to be the kind of person that presses forward, with forward ideas and forward methods of enabling myself to do my responsibilities and encourage in others an idea of commitment and sacrifice.

What would your life be like if you could set it up in the manner that would be best for you? You will be asked to consider the people you admire, things you could do better, your educational and career goals, what habits you would like to improve, your family life, your social network, and your leisure activities.

Setting my life up that would be best for me would involve:
– frequent realigning my moods and reasoning to press forward with my goals
– daily identifying the most important thing I need to do to move forward towards success and away from failure
– putting fear behind me to motivate my lazy side to keep moving and changing
– daily exercise and balanced on-time meals
– a basic routine that rarely deviates more than 30% from its usual routine
– reaching out for friendships

What would my life be like?

Comfortably waking up for breakfast, without fear or anxiety about what needs to be done. A morning exercise routine on the cello to do the routine things that will make me better at cello. Lunch at 2 or 2:30 pm. Time to practice music theory. Time to listen to music. Time for teaching students. Time to write and examine my life.

What people do I admire?

I admire people that tell the truth and truths that are useful enough to bolster me and invigorate me to move forward. They are generally people that confess: John Gatto, Confessions of an Economic Hitman author, Chris Hedges, Jordan Peterson.

What can I do better?
– wake up earlier for breakfast
– wake up in an immediate way
– practice the cello better
– practice music theory better
– set up a plan for my future students outlining my goals of what I want to do for them
– Be more compassionate
– Be more frugal
– Be still more often
– stir awake slowly; settle into limpidness slowly

Educational and career goals?

– Play difficult pieces with confidence
– Apply theory to music
– Learn more basics

– Work the least amount of time to earn a salary of 10,000 HKD per month
– Teach and learn myself in balance
– Build my reputation as a teacher towards my students and their parents

Habits I would like to improve?
– improve my patience
– doing things slowly more often; nature is slow yet leaves nothing undone
– improve my wits and reaction time to teach myself better skills
– wake up more swiftly
– chew food 20 times before swallowing

Then you will be asked to write freely about your ideal future, without regard for grammar or spelling, for 15-20 minutes. It is best to use your imagination, to daydream, during this process. After that, you will be taken through a series of exercises that will help you specify, in detail, your ideal future, by summarizing, titling and prioritizing your goals, evaluating your motives, considering their personal and social impact, strategizing for their attainment, identifying potential obstacles and their solutions, monitoring your progress, and evaluating your decisions.

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Day 734: Consequences of Retracting From Commitment

What would happen if I didn’t do something difficult and noble in the next 3-5 years?

I would suffer and waste my time and my life until I am 40 and still financially dependent. Place my life in a lesser position than everyone else’s life. Embarassed to truthfully convey my status. Loss of mental ability and physical flexibility and health as age does that to you. Stalling making new friends, I stagnate in that respect and by this time my mom will die leaving me suffering, alone, with no one willing to listen to me. I will be in a position where I can only stand and watch as the world changes as it inevitably does, seemingly without my input. But my input would be no input, and I will be in a position of sitting on the fence in terms of what I’m doing which isn’t amounting to anything of value except for continuing my own life. A life filled with suffering and angst, receding love, and undoubtedly I will be angry.

I would probably amount to pausing my life until an Equal Money System is implemented. Doing things that are only familiar to me, I lose curiosity, I lose intelligence, I would have become what I loathe: stale archaic adults win.

I got over my terror around people so I’d still go outside and I would exercise and eat.

I think there is something fucked up about knowing the world is divided and atomized and the most physical suffering levels ever, and embracing the tyrannical social system and job system from the starting point of quietly living out my days how I like it. Seems strange that in acknowledgement of clear suffering, valuing my needs above everything else. The world can be nuked today and I would care about myself and my friends and my money and my relationships as priority one, the world must wait. And there is definitely a sinister element in the human experience: deception, betrayal, harassment, indifference, passive aggression. Isn’t it strange that no one thinks themselves capable of solving this aspect of the human psyche so just ignores the hell out of it and isolates themselves into a good bunch of friends? It’s like knowing war exists, but exists over there, so I can still fret about my job and my life first and not see myself as responsible for nipping war in the bud. I make sure I am not warring, but I participate and proliferate a system that wages wars of profit, virtual and real life wars, and it’s not my business to solve war? Is war a critical element of the human experience, part of human civilization since forever?

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Day 733: Present Virtues in Me

Continuous willingness to sacrifice/commit abstractly/ideas. Sacrifice what’s most valuable to you that is stopping you from going where you want to go. Call to an ideal is a call to a series of rebirths and deaths. It’s better to have bread and water in peace than a feast in deep conflict. You should be on your knees/bow down towards something you admire, that fills you with awe. If you aim properly, nature aligns to you. Developing the autonomous individual/consciousness mediating between nature (deterministic) and culture (deterministic). The trickster/fool is the precursor to the saviour because you are a fool when you start something new. If you’re not moving forward you’re moving backwards. To those who have everything more will be given, to those who have nothing everything will be taken: warning, do not stay in one place.

This is me: I put off doing the present virtues while I’m enthusiastic about doing my present faults.

I’ve been told repeatedly that I’m patient and detail-oriented. Though in myself I’ve noticed I’m not as slow and deliberate with my things as I can be, and that has been a downward trend since I was a kid.

What interests me is how efficiently can we chat to orient a person towards a goal effectively that people genuinely want to pursue. Because food in a metaphorical sense is information, information is meta food, and it is not clear what set of information everyone needs to hear before they behave. I was told by an aunt that third graders these days pick up their chairs to hit people with them. Clearly there’s a gap that’s not being addressed properly in the bringing up of these children, that mainstream TV and books don’t cut it.

What also interests me is how precisely I can formulate a definition of the higher good, and evil in a way that it’s relatable to me personally how I can turn. That I leave in the hands of Jordan Peterson’s reading list for inspiration.

Today I was complimented by how often I say yes to people. Agreeableness is off the charts with me.

I’m relatively orderly and hygienic.

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Day 732: Present Faults in Me

I feel like explaining my faults to myself. Jordan Peterson made a writing program that guides you through your past, present, and future. Past traumatic events, present faults and virtues, future goals and plans.

I think it’s really easy to note my faults so I’ll do just that. I get too easily cynical and accrue stress easily while circumstances change. I basically rejected the invitation to intimate communication so I don’t have experience with intimate relationships, which is an exercise in being specific and negotiating all the time. I’m also too nice in that I’ll do everything in my power to accept all circumstances in front of me, yet there’s this constant friction where I complain to myself how imperfect everything is. Blame others and act like I’ve been victim to circumstances. I see more than I give credit to myself for, and I’ve been lazy in acting on all of what I see.

I’m making a good guess that the negative started when I interpreted my mom to be selling me out to capitalism and education system, job system. I reasoned to myself that in spite of all my qualms about schooling, I was complying nonetheless and who was getting all the benefit from my compliance? Who was it that enforced compliance in my life? My mother. And partly attributing my ignorance of looking down on humanity’s greatest minds and creations, books essentially, because of having no outlets where I could answer the questions I had for myself when I was in grade school, I turned to bitter resentment and a dullness suffused my being.

Also, I had a great fear of evil. Translating to, anything or anyone that speaks their evil to me, I reject and convulse in self defence. Since being introduced to the idea of embracing your evil to control it, I’m less reactive.

Thank the Gods school is over. And while I’ve wondered if I want to go to university, I estimate I will learn all that I’ve wanted to learn if I just do that, instead of putting faith to a university course to satisfy my expectations. Another way of setting myself up for failure, the leap of faith. I mean now I can read the bloody hell what I want to read. Jordan Peterson gave me a reading list. Hurray.

But revisiting my cynical side, I’ve used it to make myself perform suicide on a psychological level. In highschool I was wishing and praying every day to the gods that a catastrophe would wash away all my sins. And in a queer way, I got what I wished: with a limited perception of who I am and where I am, and circumstances falling into place, I allowed my physical to mental well being deteriorate into psychosis. But on the bright side I got an excuse to not go to university for all its adminstration and consensus and indifference and commoditization of knowledge, and pretty uncool social, university unspoken rules and immature people.

Did I say I was inexperienced at being and making friends? My mode has been to embrace the locality and forgo exploration for a good friend. People network because they’re lonely and know they can use as much support as they can find for imminent dangerous conceptual floods.

Poor negotiation skills.

So what have I got so far?
– Dominant cynicism
– causing me to stress out too easily
– too nice
– put people ahead of myself
– Too easily submissive
– Easily resentful
– Too simple a mind; not enough context or background to flesh out my hierarchy of personalities and steer them in a direction
– Socially inept
– Unclear as to where to draw the bottom line for myself and for all people
– Unfocused
– Unexploratory
– Inept to find something more attractive and worth it than lust
– More interested in things than people
– History shows I handle conflict and negotiable disputes poorly

In the next post I’ll write about my present virtues.

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Day 731: Jordan Peterson > Desteni

What I don’t have in Kasper’s JTL is a short intro, or a narrative that ties up all of the content. I write pretty reactively and it seems the more pressure is exerted on me, the more I turn to writing. But that’s not entirely true. Writing has been one of the great gifts I gave myself: I can organize myself, I can mark in stone my viewpoints and observations, I get to share what is otherwise invisible albeit far from negligible.

I picture my life right now as a melting pot where I am required to curate the items I put into my melting pot. It’s that or I will burn my life like I already did, multiplied manyfold. A hesitant, reactive, blunted life seemingly without meaning. So I’m choosing the lesser of two evils, I can step back from my life and remain hesitant, or I can flail around ideologically and practically until my life starts working again, and flailing about has made my life more interesting and it starts working already.

So I’ve been studying Jordan Peterson’s lectures and I sort of see what’s best in his talks, that seem suppressed in Desteni as represented by the core members that are vocal and represent Desteni.

Lack of dialogue. On the surface and as witnessed in their forum chit chat, Desteni has accumulated vocabulary with special meanings attached that aren’t explained and delineated for the commoner to actually understand. And to everyone and anyone that question Desteni, the general attitude is labelling you “an abuser” or “abusive” and banning the fuck out of you. Where’s the dialogue?

A true example is me, I blogged some stuff questioning the ease which Desteni as a group can be accepted by the commoner, which is immmediately unfriendly material, the bottom line is there’s details about living that Desteni has articulated quite nicely but it asks for the reader to completely reject his/her own pre existent understanding about living. So I don’t see this allowed attitude that shines in the Desteni material to be flattering or best for all. What would be best for all is that the living evidence of reading the material, I’m talking to the members of Desteni, to stop this attitude immediately. Whatever it is it’s not convincing newcomers to publicly join your group. The standard which is applied to people outside Desteni is a nasty standard with banning as the final line and ignoring and labelling people abusers and abusive.

I find in Jordan Peterson this immediate relevancy to my personal life, that I see less of in Desteni Journey to Life blogs. The standard of Desteni JTL blogs is not up to scratch no matter how many other members like your post. Self-forgiveness, self-honesty, common sense, corrective action, is good but it lacks relevancy, potency.

Aside from the inheritance of Bernard Poolman, all his interviews, and aside from EQAFE, I notice a distinct lack of relatable useful material that would change anyone that reads just one post. An aim which I am aiming at. This is setting the bar too high for people just getting into Desteni, and somewhat implies a leap of faith most are unwilling to do solely on the merit – assumed merit – of member’s blogs and vlogs.

Heaven has no favourites, of Heaven’s hates who knows the reason? Jordan Peterson, in spite of paid and government trolls, is moving forward as a message and Desteni is not moving as much as I would like it to be moving. The way I see it a psychoanalyst appointment is more valuable and rewarding than most of what I’ve seen and read in Desteni. That’s not good. That should change.

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Day 730: Intelligently Living In Capitalism

I commit myself to show that Intellect in Design is the Progenitor of Greed as the Accumulation of Accomplishments to Create Value in the Illusion, while the Real Value as Life – Here, Equal, Born as a Child – is Disregarded as the Luck of the Draw, as the Lot is Casted to find the Greatest Philosophy while Life suffers in Unspeakable ways.

Intellect is the ancestor of greed as the accumulation of accomplishments to create value in the illusion. Most often think we’re not accomplished enough or we don’t have enough experience or we don’t have enough money to think we’re leaders or the top 1%, that is an outflow of the implied definition of intelligence. Intelligence is comparative and automatically makes winners and losers, intelligent or not intelligent.

The thing that makes this debate possible is Life, that thing that animates all things. So what is the value of this Life that enables all the possibilities to argue or agree? How does this Life fit into the definition of intelligence and what role does it play, first in the normal ‘most people know’ context, second in a definition of intelligence that would support all Life?

Without your Life, nothing matters because you do not exist. What “exists” that claims without all things I won’t matter, is an emotional line of reasoning which to me, sounds like my copy of The Money System personified into an inner voice in myself that judges good and bad and places above all else, having Money is good (all that moulds me to be a person that most others will seriously consider buying my services, regardless of how violent that is, how nonsensical those rules can be, how much suffering I see around me, my personal bubble personal microscopic reality distinctly separated into two unique parts: my living and striving under the pursuit of happiness, and the rest of the world), having Money is good and having none is bad, nullifies and sort of sums up that no matter what strengths I have, I have no money so I sincerely believe I’m worthless. So above is an absolute number one importance placed on money as the ultimate indicator of how good I’m doing or am, even more important than my Life. In the context of intelligence that most people know, the pursuit of intelligence under the pursuit of happiness is mirroring the Philosopher’s Stone game. Where in consumerism, everyone is a Philosopher with a Stone/opinion based on Exclusivity, competing for superiority and for resources/money. I see this in the young people that want to be entrepreneurs, in the people that want to achieve higher in the corporate ladder, in people that want to earn more money. Because when one wants to earn more money and do it for real, it’s either the route of somehow acquiring more intelligence, the route of being more social or networking, or the popularized route of cheating by really cheating other people or make money quick schemes passive income. Cheating is not a viable long term plan because people over time will get to know who you are, and if that is a cheater, means you’ll have to keep moving. Now it was suggested by Jordan Peterson that it’s best to be competent/one of the best at what you’re doing, and be reciprocal in your relationships.

Most would argue intelligence is more important than Life, while people are embarassed if they are not one of the best at what they do or they don’t have a regular source of income because of what they do. Feelings of inferiority come up when being a NEET or a hikikomori, the feeling that you are separated from the crowd and living off someone else’s money, you feel you have not as much dignity as the office workers.

But think about it: without you living, once you die, money doesn’t and can’t matter anymore, how well toned and muscular you are doesn’t and can’t matter, we really don’t know if other people – the other people you feel alienated from – will matter anymore but we know we die alone. It’s a personal alone journey to the other side. How good you are at doing earthly tasks doesn’t and can’t matter anymore. How well you can come up with ideas or plans or visions of earthly proportions doesn’t and can’t matter. Your previous earthly intelligence is rendered completely alien to the other world you enter at death, and intelligence doesn’t and can’t matter once you die. What is emphasized at death is not how intelligent you are, what’s emphasized is the cycle of life that includes death in its considerations, that fact that you DIE, while your body decomposes and dust to dust. How intelligent do you have to be to experience your last breath before you die?

So looking above everything I’ve described, intelligence is fucking important because it’s a precursor to having lots of money and a stable source of income even more important than Life. Life is that thing that can pay attention and is your physical human body’s flesh. And how often do we think about our physical flesh? Only when we become ill and have diseases. In the meantime, Life is treated as an absolute that we can spend as we feel like it, when we like it, how we like it. It’s like Life is the slave to intelligence and to money and money is the master, implying your intelligence is the master of your destiny that festers as well because intelligence is the progenitor of greed.

Dumb people don’t think about money so to speak. Intelligent people do and care about alot more earthly things in the end to earn what we think we deserve to be thought of well and good and right by most other people. Life is secondary to the Philosopher’s Stone game and being one of the few Philosophers that’s got a stone/idea that will bring infinite wealth to him/herself. Life is thought less of. Life is abused to be one of the best Philosophers. Life is moulded in the image and likeness to be alike to the best Philosophers, the best businessmen and entrepreneurs. Life is chastised and disciplined if it’s not resulting to me being one of the best. Life is burned off like burning off time, or burning out, or burning up your youth. Life is feared to be lost, feared to deteriorate over time. Money is number one. Intelligence second, Life last, reflected in the lives of all Life and the other half of humanity living off is it $1 a day?

When I put it that way, living has the possibility of being like a sort of hell in the trenches living. Intelligence as an idea in human minds has not helped Life. Intelligence and lack of has formed the basic reason for why suffering exists and why suffering is a normal part of Life. Smartasses designing our advertising and TV shows, their aim is to make money, just like you, no matter how or what it takes. Putting it that way intelligence has fueled the suffering, given possible reasons why it should be here, why it cannot go away, why the world cannot change. Intelligence forced many a people into a corner, and our survival instinct to protect me in spite of harming others kicks in and we’re relying on our survival instinct to accrue the personal definition of intelligence that will make us win. We rely on the possibility of having no money to motivate us to evolve our intelligence to be the better Philosopher.

What about money no longer being a factor in scarcity forcing me to ask myself, what do I really want out of my life? What about the living fact of living to motivate me, instead of fear of loss and fear of survival, fear of having no more money? What if our lives were valued above our intelligence to make money for the assured future of money?

We’ve deified money/capitalism/entrepreneurship and personal intelligence/greed/success/wealth, instead of valuing Life above all else. In redefining intelligence to support Life, to in other words support a definition of Life where suffering is annihilated for the most part and limited to the dimensions that are necessary, Life as an idea is thought of as more important. Life is the mother to its son intelligence and its grandson greed.

The real question is how do we prove Life is more important? Right now money is made to be master over life. Implement a Basic Income Guaranteed then human lives matter more than money itself. Implement an Equal Money System then human living in dignity and trust matter more than money itself.
People like me need to critically reexamine our values and realize this money game is rigged and unfair to begin with. Under the name of intelligence atrocities motivated by money flourish like war and rape, or its acceptable kind called public inappropriate touching which is a problem in Japan. 48% of women in Japan have been touched inappropriately in the subway.

People like me need to stop deifying the idea of startups, technology, stop worshipping money itself. Because that would mean completely allowing and accepting the money game as it is, which is brutal and compromising to human life. The Philosopher’s Stone game has devastated all forms of Life, especially human life in how it has moulded and shaped the way our young entrepreneurs think and decide and behave. The game has moulded and shaped our CEOs to think and decide decisions that cut millions of their own jobs, decimated the many to preserve the few. The game is shaping our laws to cater to 1% at the expense of 99%.

We need to understand money supports human beings. And the variation which human beings think about values and what is supposed to go where is extreme. The different ways people think contradicts each other, and money supports both sides. What I mean is money can be coming your way, but what it’s supporting as the mental concepts and values and ways of thinking in you personally, that needs to be reexamined purely because it’s evident it can be wrong. It can be the very thing that is allowing greed to flourish, as we observe of the masses and news. Money is supporting the best and the worst of us, the rightest and the wrongest of us. It supports Bill Gates and the yakuza. It supports war and a definition of peace that allows war to flourish in certain parts of the world.

A comparatively practical definition of intelligence would not be the means with which we get rich, but instead the intelligence to educate and remind ourselves and each other what is more important. Money or Life. Greed or Life. Intelligence or Life. Self Interest or Life. Then intelligence is a living word that is all inclusive and encourages and supports all of us, instead of intelligence being a word that again divides and separates us, makes us supermen and women instead of what we need to be, human. Made of flesh and bone, vulnerable, dependent yet independent.

I’m interested to hear what your definition of intelligence is.

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Day 729: The Risks And Dangers Of Family

Because family is too close and intimate, commonly the worst in each other is brought out and allowed to fester within each other. While public friendships and relationships of all kinds have an air of indifference, it’s also because of this distance that nothing is said that hurts you emotionally. Really family can, has a big chance of, be some kind of hell.

Family has always been based on blood but as I see with most people, they would trade in blood relations for a family based on common values and goals. It’s too common to see parents think they’ve supported someone because they are paying for all of it, when support is largely not money. Support is the foresight to give up impulsive words to replace them with the sentences that encourage people and give them their fair share of trust. Too often I see parents as leaders thinking by giving orders to do homework or whatever’s productive people’s first instinct is to follow and obey. Parents think they already know the troubles facing their children while they don’t know yet instruct solutions that divorce themselves from the problems. Sure they’ve gone through and survived their own adolescence, but it must be repeated that everyone is different in their temperament though the props and the human body are the same. Meaning because of different temperament and a different value system that assigns values differently, how people organize their lives are often opposite to each other, conflicting, while the goal is the same to live their lives with responsibility and a sense of their own abilities and potential always in sight.

There is more than one way to skin a cat. There is more than one way to live a human life and live out a disciplined routine. Schedules emphasize the space-time part of living but must be supplemented with a good grasp of one’s own weaknesses and a very active cooperation with the weaknesses constantly thinking of solutions to one’s own problems. It’s said to be the most free, and have the most freedom in the context of a human life, one requires to first learn discipline. That’s in the form of a schedule or a routine with set times in the day to do specific things like eat and sleep and work and play. The freedom is within the framework of a disciplined schedule or routine, then people have the freedom to do more or more important things.

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