Day 712: These Are The Real ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

I think I’m supposed to watch with envy the richest 2000 women that wear hundred thousand dollar dresses and do couture. What surprised me is the age of them and the vocabulary they use to articulate their interest in fashion. When there is a point when you earn so much money that the price doesn’t matter, and the money system allows for one person to spend millions on a dress, to me that’s an indication of the sickness of capitalism where in the frenzy we let people make these decisions secretly. If money is precious why do we collectively allow such possibilities? There’s no such thing as being too embroiled in our personal life encompassing money, relationships, and sex, that we’re incapacitated to make big political decisions regarding economic policy. We have the audacity to let this slip, how will we assert the value of life through money? Is an Equal Money System more horrible than the current capitalism that allows unbridled luxury and ecological disasters? What is so radical about giving the most pressured parts of society enough money – enough of a voice – to create the needed adjustments to prevent ‘this world’ from happening again?

What about the accepted and allowed behaviour of splurging itself? How is it acceptable that any guy/girl is negatively pressured to seek an outlet and find it in proportionally large spending? There may be rich and poor, but the mechanisms in all minds share a culture, share a language that makes us the same. Yet psychology is uninterested in one answer to solve the invisible crises of suicides and more business for psychologists/psychiatrists catching depression and whatnot. For most people, money lies at the heart of our struggling: the concept that one has to earn one’s living and that we are not already living, the acceptance of the concept of rich and poor, the way money preordains the breadth of our relationships which is geographically based. How come we take for granted our birth in a family with money, and use it so carelessly when 50% of the time people are born with no money, with no opportunities for employment or proper education, and we just accept it? How does the news ignore this problem?

I’m curious about what the richest do to work for their money, and whether it is a profession that would endure in a radical economic change to an Equal Money System. Then there’s the age old story of men splurging on cars and women and houses and watches, suits, bags, whatever. When you’re rich enough it crosses genders and ages, and culture is not so important as the money culture which is a mental illness: how else can people allow their daughters to do couture in the economic and political climate of today?

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Day 711: What Are Your Priorities, And What Consequences Do They Bring? What is The Value Of All Intelligence?

I’ve something interesting to think about. Everything I’ve written is relevant to some degree, but I’m realizing the content of my words is perhaps too condensed and not presented in a visually pleasing format. So how would I summarize X years of blogging/life/hard knocks?

History, news, popular media in all forms, education, to teachers, role models, other people older than you, I see as a bad person presenting themselves as good while not knowing they are bad. History and news is written by the winners which is obviously the capitalists the business people of the world international citizens of the world. 98% of us work for these businesses and are prepped and tailored and nurtured to fit into this 98% from birth, from the very first words we understood from our parents. Because our parents are also bad people that don’t know they are bad, they teach lessons like always pay your bills, avoid debt like the plague, only work for what will be recognized by the systems, a minority naturally have an affinity for personal achievement which in my mind, form the foundation of the collective thought, “This world is working, look at him/her, the #1 getting all these perks throughout life from adolescence to adulthood.” Most of us are forced through a system and through no options offered backed into a mental corner until we snap and are disgusted with what we have, which is perceived as nothing and dirty and uncomfortable, and we turn our focus to what we may have IF we do what we’re told. The education system repeats itself in the work system, with your various grades of people valued according to his usefulness to the business, a curriculum of business-related skills, only now the curriculum is somewhat hidden and encrypted by everyone’s sneakiness about bullshitting the businesses how valuable they are to it, thus affecting their net worth, their money.

There is such thing as a person trying to be good and having the best intentions, but upholding and representing, standing in a position that betrays their best intentions.

Bernard Poolman of Desteni said it, I will say it. The money system cannot redeem itself, there is nothing valuable about competition and dog eats dog or respecting how there is a gap in populations all are trying to manipulate to take their money and run with it. Nothing can be done to resurrect the current money system in terms of preserving it in a way that ultimately benefits all life. Politics has always been the means of deciding money system rules like taxes, to basic income grants, to the nature of the money system within a country. It’s the means to accomplish the end of suffering in all forms. Bernard said this, at some point we will have to agree on a representative that will uphold our values and policies. The crazy of business elites cutting taxes and stuff through politics is going to add up until we are financially backed into a corner.

All charitable activities if they do not present the ultimate goal of ending and replacing the current money system, they’re supporting the current capitalism and all of what that entails, i.e. massive suffering and annihilation of Earth, crazy business elite’s plans to make more money with less effort. Charity is a bandaid justifying the existence of capitalism. If charity didn’t exist we would have been fed up with capitalism and changed it already. Or maybe not. So aside from physical needs, food, water, housing, a job that provides enough money, skills to justify one being in one’s job, the maintenance of physical health and mental health, transport, electricity gas water, the other optional services and goods ideally we would be more careful in spending our money. Because if charities support capitalism, businesses support capitalism. Every business if they do not present their ultimate goal as ending and replacing the current money system, are greedy individuals saving their own ass with money in their ignorance that Earth provides EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING can be provided to EVERYONE as long as everyone agrees.

Therefore be more caring and careful when spending loose money on optional goods and services.

Or do what everyone does which is alleviate the personal clutches of desire not thinking about tomorrow. Or whatever everyone does without thinking about tomorrow. And be what everyone is, an individual power source powering up capitalism and oiling the cogs of greed and abuse under the guise of profit and return. Don’t you want to be the reason why the world is not changing drastically? I fancy myself growing up to be one of those billions of reasons why the world doesn’t change, it’s a meaningful cause isn’t it?

Just watch the TV from decades ago and one taste a glimpse of how drastically our objects of attention have radically changed and been altered by us, and by people “in power”/”that are powerful (so powerful they must remain hidden)”.

So if you think human nature cannot change. It’s been changing at a faster pace since 100 years ago.

I don’t want to be caught with my pants on fire being one of those fuckers that drove the economy and spent all his cash on short term wants and all of his time on personal masturbation of gratification/happiness. When the shit hits the fan, I want to be one of those people that said “I tried my best. Look at my spending record. Look at what I’m investing my time into.” Though, if Bernard is right, one person actually changing would change the entire world, so if I “did my best” and the world did not change, I am responsible and boy will I be weighing down on myself then with the burden of responsibility.

It’s a myth that young people have young people thoughts, and old people have theirs. We are all existing on a physical plane that allows all of our bullshit. We’re agreeing to war on all fronts. There’s no God, it’s just humanity. If humanity were annihilated tomorrow so many problems would cease to exist while some minor problems remain of how to equally distribute resources to parts of Earth that need it.

So to you reading, re-examine your priorities. I got to re examine mine.

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Day 710: This is What You Should Do When Emotionally Backed Into a Corner

I have no secrets to hide that’s why everything I write is public. After reading a Facebook news of Jeff Bezos renovating his 5th mansion juxtaposed with an Amazon employee living out of her car, and events happening in my life where I myself am uncertain of my future in teaching music, watching the products of show business in my local area and watching commercials about baby powdered milk, there’s alot of things and projects that people do that one just juxtapose with the imminent pollution and death of the sea, so many things and projects perhaps even my own is so criminal. We may have needs, but to prioritize our entertainment and money so we can believe we’re sane and mutter whatever monologue will make us easy to sleep at night, witnessing the slow downfall of human civilization in the garbage we produce and justify with a money backed lifestyle with manmade responsibilities towards money leaving the responsibility to life hollow, makes me think all of us from rich to poor are criminals to vastly varying degrees but the nature is common like a thread uniting all of us like the physical reality allowing us to face our fate, oh so personally tailored for each and every one of us.

What am I doing, learning about the system of knowledge called music with the intention of passing down the exact same knowledge to others as a teacher, what am I doing becoming a teacher while I use the same money as the most corrupt individual that is the only justification to tie everyone’s hands up by debt? What have I been doing since my birth while the crimes of capitalism all young and old embrace while this big question was postponed for an answer? The question being how have fools and wisemen justified protecting the heart of this human world while this heart has only harmed all of us as a species in spite of believing in my own intelligence, and what are the steps to stopping this problem that is behind so many other problems. Corruption how has it become so pervasive and so convienient to believe in one narrative and treat it as gospel? Where have I been all this time? What value is my conflicts when they are the product of a corrupt governing body of people, hiding behind politics and money? What is the value of my life lived so far when it has been forged and been made make pretend by people with money and power?

What is the meaning of life? Its meaning has been only money. To this day I’m like everyone else trying to find a way to secure his/her own money. What is the meaning of capitalism system of human management psychologically and physically as we all know how physical money can create something out of nothing. What is the meaning of education when it teaches us to forget what life is and when education demonstrates money is the apparently ultimate meaning of human life. We’ve become people that care about life and really kill life at the same time. What is the meaning of caring about life when my definition of life is so restricted to what I notice and not what exists? Until the money system resets or something every word we utter about caring about life including Bernard Poolman’s words don’t contain the good intent that we intend to show. Desteni as a group of people producing material that are words spoken I don’t think the good intent exists, and I’ll tell you why. Everything and beyond your imagination is brought to life through money, Desteni’s recordings are no different. Because everything such as services and recordings and material all charge money, in the context of a destructive money system, how do you distinguish which bills or fees are good and which are evil? Or how do you categorize which people, in which all people demand a price or a fee, which people are the ones to fundamentally change the money system which is equal to solving the big problem, and which people are self protecting and choose not to change anything, so all interaction with the latter people is useless because the people themselves choose to become useless in the context of life and supporting this existence and not exclusively the human existence?

Phrasing questions has been therapeutic. I thank myself for allowing me to articulate my feelings and it will become open source material for any other human being to ponder when I die. It’s probable that the people are so lazy while being so hard working that the money system will span generations before extinguishing itself. I’ll be an example of one measly human life trying to make sense of everything thrust in front of me just like how everything is thrust in front of anyone that is born as a human.

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Day 709: A Meddler’s Explanation

I may be a meddler. I write myself out speaking to a stereotype that earns only plenty for personal interests and not enough for any social or political ventures. It’s as if I’m explaining myself to a theoretical you who has a well paid job but no owned businesses what I would do if I were in the same position. I’m not at break even yet, so it’s like when I see people in positions of economic status that have an intention for a better world but their position betrays their intentions I hit a soft spot. An insecurity of being 25 unable to pay his bills, no social standing, maybe one person he can talk to, no marketable skills. An aunt described me as having nothing, I don’t think so: I have my English, what common sense and normalcy I’ve preserved, and I did graduate from highschool. But what I have is not seen in the eyes of one who is wishing to do business with me through contract, taking advantage of me to put it bluntly, being useful to another to put it lightly. I have some aptitude with playing the cello that needs to be developed to get a diploma. I am putting myself through practicing and learning theory to be a cello teacher, but aside from what I can already do, the rest is naturally uncertain. And the potential is seen as nothing, in imagination it could be everything, but right now it’s nothing. No, the potential is there, but I can only keep practicing and nothing big can change without getting a diploma, like a job change.

I’m in a transition phase. I haven’t felt so worked out and in limbo like right now. But even if say I am earning plenty, I don’t see anything in the way of presentable skills I can offer to anyone so I’ll feel like in limbo. I would feel much worse if I studied economics and were hired for his useless knowledge of economics, useless because I’m not the dominant opinion directing the economy show. So I would like to have personal skills and not barter with knowledge accrued from primary sources of knowledge. I found out later, instead of realizing it in middle school and preparing my hands until university to specialize in something requiring my hands.



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Day 708: This Blog’s Purpose

I first started this blog to introspect an inner reality that was out of balance and quite frustrated. Now this blog is capturing my strongest interests, is a platform from which I write into stone my will, and is evidence of my life, one human life of not wanting to end up like them. Them that chase after personal achievements, affirmation from people, money, maximising personal enjoyment. I agree with the dated notion of an altruistic life without its compromises on personal affairs, and no one ever forced me to live a completely selfish life.

There are feng shui masters in the world that are hired by powerful and wealthy people to be their guard dogs, guarding against them from an unfavorable future. As a form of repentence from brushing shoulders with the mafia and the darker characters that run darker businesses, these people guard their knowledge from people likely to fall into temptation and direct money to poor areas to build schools. With the proven track record and evidence of all aid organisations and charities, all innovation and good will seems to only be expressed through the same money that takes away from others. If they were wise they would realize any solution not confronting the money system becomes a bandaid solution not helping everybody that needs help. Without a doubt, personally helping others with money is a gratifying experience. At this point it seems everybody falls into hope that because I do good deeds in the context of my world only, I will have a safe and peaceful afterlife. But existence is like a physics experiment, you have to fathom the entire existence and your effect on this entire existence just like you have to see the entire physical system and all influences that direct the objects. That being said, I have no such achievement as building dozens of real schools employing real teachers teaching real people in poor areas, but having understood what Desteni is conveying about the afterlife and the concept of a life review, weighing this achievement to what is required for the entire human existence to change, everything but a political change in the money system would efficiently cut off the motivation for all evil acts done on humans and a new world of equality born, everything but that wouldn’t balance out everyone’s crimes against each other. To make this change in one life is highly unlikely if we were to let time pass normally and be as apprehensive within ourselves about changing ourselves.

In my view, we have the guts to talk about all manner of forms of personal enjoyment and everything else but what’s important. What’s important to me is that I make myself clear on what I’m here to do, which is to eventually fuel a political movement to change the money system, while not catching any diseases of desires and hidden yearnings for anything. If you had read about an Equal Money System, you would immediately see how extreme our current money system is at driving us humans to take advantage of each other and what is extreme and unsightly is everyone’s evasion of the heart of the money matter and our repulsive behaviour when we are in a large group. In my view, we have the audacity to make up numbers and call it an economy and stocks, and spin stories about its futures like it has any weight to it, but the moment we refer to a political movement everyone is groaning and seclude themselves in their personal reasons and justifications for not understanding and directing the politics in our countries. If we have the audacity to base our own futures on a made up system of numbers like stocks and economy, that fluctuate according to opinions and not facts, I have the audacity to make my political standing clear and look in spite of everyone’s unwillingness to look at how the money system is fuelling both good and bad businesses and projects. This concept of money and that you are born without it, which makes you lacking, and constantly needing to seek out money to sustain your own living, I can as well as you can tell it’s an idea not integrated into us like our personal attributes it’s a piece of policy that hasn’t been questioned. Our ability to hypnotize the younger people and ourselves into thinking its a God ordained reality is formidable.

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Day 707: Does No One Care Or Is That Taught Behaviour?

I can safely conclude it’s not just that no one gives a fuck about you or me, I and you don’t give a fuck about anyone else but ourselves. So that creates the so-called atomization of society which basically is everyone is isolated in their own version of their world. Once it’s been suggested that the only people I look at are the people I am in competition with, and since I’ve stopped. Family aside, the people I look at are the people I’m paying money to teach me something, and the people I work with in my part time job. I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed doing something for the sake of doing it. In that sense, money is like a force of fear of survival that drives you with no choice but to interpret its will emanating from yourself. What I mean by interpreting is you would roughly translate your interests with what makes money and do a 1 + 1 = 2 lifelong marriage. But money is cutthroat at heart because of what everyone allows money to do to manage everyone’s interactions and to a certain extent, manage everyone’s minds. Money is scarce is the first law of economy I learnt, but what is money? It’s the quantification of all movement in this reality, everything must move, therefore every endeavour that does not restrict any other thing or being, every life should be given what it already has, the will to move, the will to live. Do we place importance on how as in the rules and regulations and administration of this dignified life, or do we place importance on that life already exists and comes with the will to move, and if money is the quantification of all movement I believe the horse is more important than the cart; all administration or management of populations should uphold the first right that already exists, we are born into this reality and we must move and denying anybody the tools and structure and administration to let them move should be called a form of cruelty at the very least.

Obviously, the world has been designed in reverse of the common sense of life before law. The opinions have been set in stone and writ rigged the system to validate the opinion that taking life from certain other people or animal lives or plant lives is profitable, while maintaining the physical environment to nurturing young people’s minds from birth to death, heck recycling is such a hassle for the people that offer these recycling services because the opinion is written that managing trash is apparently dirtier than buying and selling stocks on the stock market. It’s dirtiest and everyone’s dirty with living with a system that sucks the life dry out of our reality and none of us can really articulate what our money system is doing to not only our physical environment, but within ourselves as well mentally. The history we know is the history written by the winners in this money system, designed to justify in every creative way possible their sure win, flying before common sense that competition churns a world of people losing time, money, health, life, enjoyment for virtually no one to have all of it. Why may I ask should I be mentally convinced that capitalism is the only feasible way when in a physical reality, all the valuable shit and knowledge and fortune telling shit has always been here, we just make it available to everyone and that solves everyone’s discontentment. Give as you would like to receive would be how Jesus would put it.

I mean money creates like a machine churning out warehouses full of faulty merchandise designed to fail sitting on shelves when there are people that really need working tools and machines. Or creates situations like in South Africa where people in shanty towns are really starving next to a supermarket filled to the brim with food that’s mostly thrown away because it perishes and there is never enough people with money to buy all the food before it turns bad. Money is scarce creates dichotomies that most people will urge you to turn a blind eye for the sake of your personal sanity for the rest of your life always interacting and making real a system that obliterates people and environments and forces everyone to make up their personal reasons for agreeing to this. In a system that defines value, then robs people before they’re even born their life value, and hoards all the good shit for themselves, and you’re sane only if you deeply desire to be one of these legalized mafia group members, I’d say the more you and I have the more guilty we are because the justification is reinforced on a deep level that this system works and is all we have, the pinnacle of human intelligence. To be able to read these words means you have money and everything has been condensed into one idea, one thing and that is money, to have money to buy Internet along with your food makes me equally criminal as the ones that are playing the money game for their sure win. Because on a deep psychological level, the cognitive dissonance is reinforced that because money provides most of our needs, the money system works apparently. But look at your neighbourhood beggar, in the context of a physical reality where all physical needs can be quantified and is a finite number, and all the materials are given for free by the Earth already, to blame our own human administration for making one single person’s life a living hell would be childish. To make believe the money system works in spite of what we see with our physical eyes, the inequality in products, the inequality in education, the inequality in how everyone treats each other, the inequality of compassion in others, by the way compassion is something that depends on our education and environment, physical and especially economic environment, not only is money so powerful in changing physical environments and shaping people’s minds, money makes us pretty severely deluded to genuinely fight for capitalism when it has been biting us in ways we never fathomed possible since its inception. What is education right now but a psychological endeavor to make every single one of you and me believe this is what life is. News or as I fondly refer to it as adult education right now is a psychological plan set forward in motion to manage the minds of populations of people.

The real history would have set us free from having to walk past beggars and have to ponder whether to donate or not, and would have created us in our minds a version of ourselves that value life before laws, and would create administration and money systems that reflect this inherent priority to value life over the rules that manage it. The real news would have brought us to the edge of our patience to dealing with this capitalistic system for life, having to deal with shady and irresponsible people because they have money and we want their money, would have reasoned within us that we can agree to create a system that re-educates those shady and irresponsible people into responsible life loving human beings, and our psychology and psychiatric systems wouldn’t have ended up as legalized drug distribution, and we would be part of, i.e. organizing political movements, creating an economic system that would force us to instead care about each other, rather than the complete opposite in competition with everyone else.

What is any other history and news but a twisted instilling of a thinking that capitalism works. Have you ever compared yourself to the janitor where you work? The contrast in mentality and physical lifestyle that is allowed to exist between you and him? The inconsistency with which we teach our own children. What is vying for the most prestigious school but a submission to the idea that you are incapable of guiding your own child in the best possible way beyond detours and pitfalls and traps of desire, of temptation, of lust, of love of gain masquerading as the fear of loss. It’s like a religion that’s economically validated, the people in the most prestigious schools are most likely to get into the prestigious university to the most well paying and safe work, meanwhile it’s all in the context of a criminal economic system where everyone is made responsible by virtue of them breathing for maintaining the status quo. How valuable is the education of prestigious universities when it does not instill into people the value of life? Universities and businesses instill on a deep level the value of money. I.e. the value of administration over life. The most valuable thing an education can teach you is to value your own life more than the money you earn and to be kind hearted in every specific scenario, someone that gives and does not harbour dark temptations but is satisfied with upholding the normal. Also to teach how to polish your mirror until it has no blemish, where the world is your mirror.


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Day 706: Time To Renew The Lifelong Vows

The funny thing about learning a skill – rather than selling knowledge – is you have to renew your vows to yourself once in a while. Sometimes while you’re practicing it all seems for naught, or it doesn’t seem worthwhile any longer, but then your decision kicks you in the side to take that gasp of fresh air and to put everything of your life back into perspective. I realize that I have invested some time and money and effort into pursuing a direction I decided on a while ago, and I don’t want all that to go to waste. In that sense I’m a sore loser that doesn’t want to lose the little he has left. And later on I can easily imagine money tying me down to my profession, back to my decision I made that while ago. And though depressing on the surface, it’s actually gratifying to reminisce about all my past efforts and progress to have gone this far with this skill I decided to be my bread and butter.

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Day 705: When Nature Speaks

After a period of silence, collecting myself, I’m ready to write. Today’s blog is thanks to someone that gifted me an interview on EQAFE by Mother Nature. I don’t care if it is really her or not, I’m all about the details of the message. But this world is a much better place if everything is in fact aware and is able to communicate but on a different level.

Aloneness is with you as a being. Feeling alone means you’re at a point where you have to walk and confront alone, you may speak about it with others but you’ll feel alone regardless, that means you have to walk and confront it alone. If we would use self healing in any context it means you can only heal yourself because you’re the only one inside yourself, your body, you are your own breaker or your own maker. Everything that is in you is all on you and is all you. Healing from your personal history cannot be done by anyone outside.

You may have all beliefs about medicine, but the body only has its condition and a specific line of treatment that will be effective. Naturopathic and homeopathy is good for prevention and early treatment. Extreme illness will require a stronger treatment. Chinese medicine, homeopathy, naturopathic, plant based medicines affect on a being and physical level but not on a mind consciousness system level: plants don’t have a mind. Any judgment on traditional medicines reflect your opinions.

The person speaking in the interviews is implying that alot has been done behind the scenes to already give you all the support you need at your fingertips: aligning all the relationships, bringing the people together to create the environment you need to confront your weakness, heck I’ll add making your conscious thoughts accentuated to get you to face your weakness. To me, that’s reassuring. Basically this interview has said what was already observable by the people practicing these forms of treatments. Plant based medicines work slowly and gently, good for early early prevention, western medicines work more strongly and somewhat rougher, but it will have a greater chance of saving you in a pinch.

How I hear all this information in this interview. It sounds like even the flora and fauna of Earth is exasperated by the stubbornness of human nature, of which I obviously form one part of. I don’t believe badness is determined by a single moment or a single mistake, we still have our lives to lead and that accumulation I believe is what matters. Just because Desteni banned me doesn’t invalidate what is being heard in the interview, the message in the interview. Only I know exactly what I’m up to, but that gives me confidence in myself that I am heading in the general right direction. Obviously a large part of that is unseen even if you met me in person. But that’s the point, to value the unseen more than what catches the eye like makeup. When you don’t want to be vain, you have to put in the work to not be vain.


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Day 704: Some Perspectives on Living

Make your breaths count because there are people’s breaths counting on yours. Just living a normal life in the system with stand up morals and giving is not enough in the context of this physical existence. Thoughts and thinking has a physical effect on the human body, every hair on the head is counted; every thought I think is counted. The human body is a storage place for the thoughts, thoughts make a mark on the human body and alters the entire alignment in the human body. Thoughts physically impact how you interact in this world. There has to be a point where I have to make a decision for me, not only do things for others or do what is expected of me. I need to discover myself as a being. If my parents, friends, job, if I did not have this particular life who would I be?

The extent towards we align ourselves to others and completely lose ourselves as beings to see and live who we are and not only through and from others. It is not who is in your world, it is who you are in your world. It is to change who you are in your external environment. You support what you live, and support other people to do what you do. Align your focus in living to walking the path to Self.

How much of our world is in fact because of money, how much of ourselves have we invested in money? What chases you once you’re in the game is money itself. If you don’t have a money morality in the corporate system, you’ll get spit out. Money morality is giving and taking and balancing that. But that relationship is in no way balanced in the physical world, money just takes. Have a look at the extent to which money defines who we are, how we live, what we do. The ultimate test is to take money away and look at who I’d be, what I’d do, how I would do it. If you’re always going to live in fear of money, it’s going to permeate into your life your living. Rather stand in a relationship with money where you can be who you are what you do and how you do it, and still be able to walk it through no matter what happens, and not let fear of money control you.


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Day 703: Relistening to EQAFE Part 1

Loss of a Friend and The Death of Me life review: the extent to which our minds can influence ourselves to our beingness to not physically function. Living a relationship as ‘you fulfill me’ or ‘you define me’ or ‘I can’t live without you’ is physically and mentally unhealthy, another way to sabotage yourself. It’s important to identify all experiences of loss and make sure if it’s because I defined myself in separation to something/someone, to let it go and aim to physically function in this world. Compromising Dreams for Money life review: it’s best if every child born into this world had a planned future for them, where they have all the money to live in this world for their entire life, and allow them to express themselves in the fields they want to be in. Deliberately shaping one’s physical behaviour and internal mental workings for money was not as worthwhile as doing what one was inclined to do from the beginning. Everything about my life would change if I did what I was inclined from the beginning, and it’s never too late to do it now.

So far, good points are being made in the third relistening of my library on EQAFE. I’ve gotten older, my decision is manifesting, so what I get from each recording I believe is getting to its intended effect. What I think is amazing that someone understood what I was going through and sent me these recordings, is probably nothing special to that special someone.

This world is a business corporate money world. In this art has become suppressed and what is lost is a form of communication we had through art, to communicate what we are losing or what we have lost which is it reminds us of a form of communication between individuals and ourselves. Now communication is about money and survival. Immersed into a money world so far from the real world from actually interacting with people. Competition, war, running, defend, protect. Got to hear the obvious from EQAFE.


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