Day 428: My Limitation or Definition(s) of Flexible


physical flexible

flexible in handling different people that think differently

flexible in grounding conflict caused by my actions or lack of, resulting in peace and stability in environment

flexible in addressing the needs of others first, living the statement ‘give to everything and everyone what they need’ and ‘what and how’ I would like to receive it.

flexible in addressing my ego to result in myself treating others equally well

flexible in knowing when to stop being a word for myself and others equally

flexible in being content being the foolish and uncouth one always

flexible in flexing my life muscles to give life as I would like to receive Life, specifically meaning never give or accept and allow ego, in all ways.

flexible in being able to stand up always from mistakes and failures immediately and waste no time in reactions or emotions

flexible in being the whip that whip people into the shape of life and what living should be, being that whip for myself first.


able to flex muscles

able to show as flex muscles or flex/test my understanding of life through openly communicating

flexible in being able to know when to be hard and when to be soft

flex-i-able = enable myself to reach equilibrium with the Physical through both hard and soft methods tested on myself first

flex-i-able = imagine I am able to flex, which implies movement, control, response-ability/responsibility and live actions and deeds and words that always imply to myself, I am able/I make it possible for me to flex, which means able to take back self responsibility, to respond to other’s abilities and make of it something that is best for all

Inspired by a YouTube video by SOUL (School Of Ultimate Living) on words and sentences. Find it on YouTube search “redefining words soul”



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Day 427: FUCK!

X closed a door (figuratively), and I’m writing to specify what attitude I should hold within it. She lied to me brilliantly when I asked her why she reacted to me in the way she did. The point is she decided to side with Consciousness, with the system, and not humanity as a whole. The humanity of being truthful in front of me, an equal, we all shit the same way, but alas – no communication. I’m ashamed to admit that my family is more hazardous than my work environment (co-workers). Bernard has advised generally in his interviews on YouTube, if you meet a deceiver, to disregard them and throw off your ego within it.

So throw off my ego within this. My interest is to have a filial family relationship – basically a truthful relationship with members of my family. I want to have the ‘good name’ of having a ‘good family’ backing me. I don’t want to be that guy that’s running a good business or career on black money, in other words, on money from a source that is corrupt or deceptive or misleading. But I need to understand that everyone is equally to blame hence responsible in how everything is now in one way or another, funded by so-called black money, money from devious sources. So I need to foster a ‘whatever works’ attitude with my relationship with money. I need to transmute this money from family, into something worthy of Life, something that is best for all. The blogs you are reading are my life’s work, my love made visible. So if you can hear me, investigate the Desteni message and the message of self forgiveness and if you can hear me, apply it privately with yourself over a period of time.
I repeat myself – it allowed my relationship with me and my ego to be one of integrity and self trust.

Anyway, I can’t choose where the money comes from, and all money is from the money system that’s starving half the planet. Even if the money system starves a single child, I will judge it as myself as not benevolent in any measure. So anyway, I can’t ever choose what money comes in to support me, that is fact.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed the belief that family must be good, in spite of the evidence.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to spite the evidence which means spiting myself as the evidence as what *I* see, and in good intentions live spitefulness, instead of practically creating a world that is best for all and living here with no expectations in every moment HERE.

So to myself, my own advice to myself: put the expectations aside, see what is here, and decide who I am within all of what is here.

Shoutout to my brother (you know who you are) working with me – we can get along.

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Day 426: The Ill Habit of Interpretation

Second guessing others. I found in one example with X, I have the ill habit of assuming other’s intentions. X has the tendency to not want to voice her wants, and rather voices them through asking others what they want then asserting her want. So I had the ill habit of assuming this was always the case whenever X asked me for a decision on everything. So long story short, this played out – she asked, I answered as usual – then this time, she asked again with another choice, saying something like “There’s also Y we can eat”. I interpreted that as her asserting her want in another new malicious way and reacted negatively to her words.

But how X asserts her want is secondary to who I am within it. So if who I am is here, I wouldn’t have reacted negatively to this novel way of asserting wants. I see that I have been playing this power play, and feeling slightly positive whenever I found I handled this types of situations well. So what falls must be raised up before it can fall; I have been fueling my own ego with being ‘certain’ of my small victory only this time, I lost control. That’s the point; I lost control of the outcome and accessed irritation. Anger is also an attempt to control and manipulate one’s reality to one’s desired outcome, so this rings alarm bells in my head.

The correction I should apply for myself is that I should let go of the outcome, and instead of interpreting words, asking for real words spoken clarifying whenever X is wanting something, or she is actually asking me for my choice (rare). Rare or not, this is the way to more effective communication than guessing the other’s intentions. When it’s my boss and I cannot do so, rather give benefit of the doubt and good faith to the other instead, treating the other as the best version of themselves they can be, this way I will not be able to offend others. Since when am I offended for being mistaken for a good neighbour? My point exactly.

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Day 425: Expounding Lao Tzu

“It gives them life without claiming to possess them;
It benefits them yet exacts no gratitude for this;
It is the steward yet exercises no authority over them;
Such is called dark virtue.” – Lao Tzu

Expounding on this statement. Being director of your life and acting in a harmonious way tend to bring up such sentiments. It’s basically like a breath – no taste, nothing to fill you up, what is quickly filled up also is quickly let go. Usually when I see myself wanting credit or merit for something I did or didn’t do, it’s because of ego. Both the fear of not having enough achievements to be worth something to others, and the fear of not having the next high. The guy is saying and advising us not to possess, exact, and exercise no authority over others because in this is a ‘dark’ virtue. Dark meaning there is nothing of the light, of stimulation, or friction/conflict. And at the same time implying to give and benefit others to attain such virtue.
Practically, this means following the preprogrammed lines of characters and acting your part before getting real. In the meantime you can be real with yourself in your blogs (lol). Give good faith in others, do good to one who has done you an injury. Doing so you will gain in goodness. Practicing self forgiveness with self honesty – this I found has allowed me to develop a clearer seeing of myself with authority and self trust.

What is quickly filled up is quickly let go – learn to give to others what you would like to receive, and have no hoard. Value the material AND the teacher (yourself). Quantify your process with a Journey to Life blog, write your own blog.

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Day 424: Greedy Motherfuckers in Existence

I met a callous person today. His attitude was directly ignoring my advices and words, and focused on one thing only – that thing was a few towels. I did not like this person. So I looked at my life and where I may be doing the same thing, and whether it is best. And I found that in terms of writing blogs to assist and support myself, and document my life process, I do exactly the same. In terms of vigorously looking for what is best for all and denying the rest any form of existence, I do exactly the same. For example, I discard all words spoken virtually all by other people, and look to their living words, their actions and deeds. Not to disrespect them, but to see the spite within saying half truths or lies to others about the situations that are going on in my immediate reality is quite disheartening, not in an emotional way, but in a physical practical sense like seeing something that can be done the best, and it not being done that way at all.

I see the difference between responsibility and self responsibility within this all, and humbleness. Responsibility as in the responsibility that all have in supporting and assisting each other’s life and living. Self responsibility as I must be the change I want to see in the world and the way people communicate. Humbleness as seeing the subtle difference between the two responsibilities, adding them up, and finding that all people in my immediate reality can do better. Degrees of neglecting responsibility, either through ignorance or in many cases deliberate denial of what is here. And also the humbleness of having to accept their decision, not as final but as what is really here. The humbleness of seeing how I myself can falter at times too, if I have not grasped the facts dictating to me what is best for all.

X called me selfish. And then I wonder if I am really selfish. I can see how I can be interpreted as selfish in that I daily write blogs for me alone. I can see how I can be conceited, in that those facts I have verified as real I stick to them, and discard the rest; open a door, close a door. I know very little of this physical reality and what I would like to call the rules of creation. I know very little of the intricacies of relationships and the ‘rules’ I must abide by to ‘win’ people’s trust. Then I wonder if that can be seen as a strength, in that I hold no preconceptions or expectations of the relationship. Strength through weakness, ignorance in a very real way, forces me to listen and investigate what is here.

Another thing is people reserve themselves when in front of me. They reserve what they value as valuable information to themselves, and I am just here. So in the past I would get pissed off but humbleness, I know better now. It should be not my place whether someone speaks reality or not. But what is my place is to investigate reality, such as the reality that people reserve themselves when in front of me. Is it best for all? Yes in that it is the state of the art. The state of what is here as human existence. Is it truly assistive and supportive no, since when is deception ever is, but as a training model it is effective for me to gain some self trust when investigating what is here. But those damn motherfuckers deceived me and led me through a detour spanning my life that I cannot take back. But in this I have self responsibility too in that I accepted and allowed deception to thrive while I feared it. I don’t want to accept this fucked up existence of creating a verbal exclusive club where only the ‘best’ gain the most information and dirt on people. Repulsive, to say the very least.

So do what you can about deception in this world, like post blogs documenting the in fact what is here in immaculate detail.

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Day 423: Asking Free Choice

To choose what is best for you, in spite of what is best for all, and to justify that through experience, experiences, what ifs, is that free choice?

To choose friends that only make you feel good, is that free choice? To only choose what will elevate your experience of yourself to the highest it can go, is that free choice?

What is free choice if it imprison another? Such as not rocking the boat, the good feeling of not rocking the boat, imprisoning not only yourself, but the other as well in our egos, is that free choice?

Is it free choice to absolutely resist control of the system when the control of your ego is playing so elegantly in your mind through knowledge and information, deny the control of ego and deny control of the system? In this controlling yourself as ego to become angry, is that free choice?

Is free choice to laugh with others in spite of a world in peril?

Ask yourself these questions. Do your forgiveness for yourself. Be honest about what you see when you answer these questions. You’ll feel a lot better, more than what your ego can possibly come up with.

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Day 423: Sheep Mentality and Bringing the Point Back to Self

Just now, when I asked my mom what she is unsatisfied with me, she rushed to call X back and try to argue that she is a good person, an angel, and I am the devil that cry wolf and cry that she has been talking about me behind my back. Jokes aside, and as hilarious as this turn of events ended up being, the point is to not share responsibility with others as to the Great task at hand of creating a world that is best for all, rather keep it to myself. Take self responsibility which includes understanding the nature of the knife as person, and using it correctly. So I end up not harming others during my process.

Be fearless in being timid. Of Heaven’s hates, who knows the reason? Lao Tzu.

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Day 422: Comparison Part Two Greed

“What is a solution onto infinity for this greed?”

First forgive myself as greed and as impulsiveness and as materialistic. Realize within each idea I formed during my childhood, in every case that what is best for all is best for all. And go after conflict to test my self honesty in every way, and whether my understanding of what is best for all is enough, enough to beat the temptation.

Physical appearance.

Getting to know other people’s physical appearance and that there is no universal standard of beauty in this world to stop chasing after an ideal body, an ideal face, etc. What is best for all is to learn to appreciate that everyone is equal to their application, which shows in the colour of their face, the shape of it, etc. And recognize the beauty of equality and oneness in that I am equal to my application, and one with it as creator, created, and creation. So each one is equal and one, and the same in origin, and because what must be corrected is not the physical laws but our starting point of self interest, so ugliness must exist for but a moment in existence to call out the greedy motherfuckers in existence.

Amount of money.

Redefining money as an exchange of value that is as meaningful as the participants agree upon.

Sex appeal.

Realizing sex itself is an act of creation hence an act of god and man is god of their inner existence, so responsibility must be taken in the inner and outer to purify what is already here, manifested into what is best for all, in an instant.

Cleanliness. Degree of virtue.

Redefine virtue as the response-ability of me to respond effectively to the task at hand.

Amount of hustle and bustle in my day.

Learn to appreciate the silence in moments where I am not speaking to fuel my ego.

Beautiful people surrounding me.

Know that I am equal and one with the reflection I see of myself in others.

Amount of merit attributed to me and me only.

Learn and understand the virtue of not giving merit, to both myself and others.

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Day 421: Comparison

For the past days, I’ve been writing. And building up this momentum getting in the groove of what I am supposed to do in this life. Then today hits me in the face with a sleepless night.

I am pleased that I am still applying myself in breathing. I am not pleased that there is still some kind of point that I am missing which is determining my experience of heaviness. It’s definitely not due to physical exertion. In comparison to others, I motivate myself to do more, better, faster, stronger. In fact I am always competing with others.

The funk I am experiencing subsided the moment I Realized that I am in a constant state of comparison with others, and lately have been comparing myself as inferior because I have not taken responsibility for all as one and equal. Currently a goal that is rather out of reach, but to at least take responsibility for the humankind part is good enough. Again I have beared the fruit of my own lifelong desire to be virtuous, and in doing everything I can to be so, only to see how much more I am lacking, I justify this heaviness. What is a solution onto infinity for this greed?

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Day 420: Straightforward? Take Two

More on straightforward. There is the mysterious and there is straightforward, it’s like the two are two opposites or polarities. I just realized that I ended up justifying going to one extreme as being straightforward instead of learning when to stop being straightforward and be mysterious. I’m placing faith in the statements Lao Tzu made about being all the words that good men abide by, and knowing when to stop or else things will not end up what is best.

So what’s the deal with being mysterious? Certainly when all people want to do is interact with an idea of you, you must remain mysterious and follow the preprogrammed lines of speaking. If you go full on being straightforward on a first date, it doesn’t make the best impression. It makes it seem as you are rushing, inconsiderate, brash, foolish, and uncouth. Perhaps it is of some value to demonstrate to the other that you understand what people generally want from another person, and giving what they as ego would like to receive, before feeding them fruit, the fruit of life. In that order, it’s much easier to be real with someone and have them listen to your messages I imagine. Beautiful words can make a man seem above others, a sage abides by the fruit and not the flower yes, but being sparing is also part of the deal no? Lao Tzu. Your name or your person, which is dearer, too much store will lead to great expense, being too stingy will also lead to great expense, meaning you must care for both your name, i.e. the idea people have of you, and care for your person, i.e. what people can learn from your lived and living example. So in the spirit of being sparing, to really greet someone by soothing their ego, THEN being real, is of great importance. It shows to me, that you are practical and not a charlatan.

BUT that does not mean to soothe my own ego before I get real with myself no. It’s much easier to be straightforward from the start with yourself about what you are accepting and allowing = being straightforward with yourself means being honest with yourself. Anything less is deception allowed and accepted.

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