Day 808: In A Way, The World Is Going to Shit Because of You. That’s Responsibility.

The money system is collapsing. No miracle will be handed by a god, the money system will not become greater after this collapse. Desire is more than Life; Money, numbers, papers are more than Life; Love is more than Life, Life is at the bottom of the ladder. What does it imply to give up self-interest? Every part of human society, powerful or not, is going to have to realise their responsibility in creating and allowing the world to become a mess.
What does giving up your life mean? Does it mean to value something higher than your desires? Does it mean to serve a principle more than your desire to have and control your desired objects? We all KNOW there is something deceptive about an appearance, yet how are we attracted to appearances and sex the most? Love is seen as sex, it’s not, but it is seen as that. Love is valued more than money, if money is seen as necessary to buy Love, money will be more than Love. Money buys love, but in fact money buys sex. Prostitution is a great aid to the institution of Love as consumerism as capitalism. Every single moment, someone is basically hiring prostitutes in the back roads to have and control their objects of desire, to fulfil their sexual desires.

How come people cannot hear anything they are not educated or impulsed to understand? How come we see the world going to shit because of bullshit, but like a foreign language see everything happening but not seeing the common sense within it? How come it is so difficult to use common sense to interpret what is happening in our country and in our personal lives? From personal experience, part of the problem is this ravenous monster called Love. It’s the impulsive aspect of myself that overrides all rationality I can muster when it’s time to make a decision. It’s the misinterpretation that Love is sex, and therefore my sexual desire that comes up naturally is interpreted as a desire for love. Is it really the solution to do what you love, more than do what needs to be done? Is it really the answer to only accept positive people and hide away from the negative? Or put it this way, to only do what you love and avoid what you hate? Love and hate are both abstract ideas that startle and force us to reaction. They attract and repel until we are walking the fine line that locks us down into a state where we will never change the world, and we believe we chose this fate, and that it is my free choice to choose this fate.

It was suggested by a man that both what I love and hate are both part of the same delusion. Roughly speaking, it’s the delusion that Energy is more important and powerful than the Physical, that the impulse to destroy myself with love or hate is a more powerful force than seeing and understanding the ill and sick fate I leave the world in, if I succumb to this impulse, and understanding what I am accepting and allowing by letting emotions dictate my fate and destiny.

I have had the thinking for awhile that every penny I spend on conveniences and pleasure, is locking myself and everyone else into a world without change, and if the world and we do not change fundamentally we’re obviously going to turn the world into shit because of mental bullshit of value hierarchies and self interested desires that express themselves as impulsive behaviours. Right now, money is directing the flow of love, is dictating the fate of Life. The industrial evolution has been basically studying the impulses of the human creature and catering to what pre-existed before our birth, having the delusion that we cannot change what is already manifested itself as behaviour. The technological evolution has been the law of attraction: studying human behaviour, making conclusions about what will attract the attention of the majority to the point of them embracing the point, then you become rich. Not powerful, power is greatly misunderstood, but rich. Think Apple and iPod. iPhone. Twitter. Taobao. TikTok. Twitch.

Word of mouth via the cellphone has become the most powerful force that exists.

How can I realize the solution if I am still allowing Love or the desire for Love to dictate and drive me to “my” destiny through an impulse? How can I accept more liquid in my glass if it is already full of pulses from others and the cellphone, heck not to mention the impulses I don’t understand within me? To have a “greater” understanding it’s common sense to realize you’re going to have to give up your self-perception that you’re intelligent and that your perspective is right; must empty the cup before it can be filled with better liquid. That is probably the most difficult thing in Existence: to be self-honest that everything you thought to be good and bad are BOTH illusions, BOTH delusions, BOTH designed to lock you down. It probably takes great humbleness to commit to a public blogging of personal self-forgiveness and actually writing to be relevant to yourself exactly where you are, with exactly the troubles and suffering you are experiencing. Do we know ourselves if we are still disgusted to our gut at certain specific aspects about this world and about other people and about ourselves?

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Day 807: Embracing What is Here as Your Life

I’m having the feeling or sense that there are many jobs that people do not or prefer not to do. Exchanging time for money, without higher education, is a terrible difficult way to make lots of money. Time waits for no one. There are many fates that people all don’t want to live out at all, yet we all accept and allow this negative potential to exist. We all shit the same way. Money is the poison and the cure; people are poison and cure in one. Bernard Poolman used to say that each one, has to be comfortable with living in all positions all around the world and that’s one guide to being here. Here, as one, a representative and representative of the entire Universe, and each one and everybody aware or not is creating their representation of “their Universe”.

It’s stimulating to think about whether I would be completely accepting and still have the same drive to what is best for all, if I was in the most undesirable, “miserable”, difficult job position and lifestyle position.

Because EVERYONE needs to ‘wake up’ and change for the world to really change, implies everyone in every position needs to harbour the same thirst for equality and for doing what is best for all. So applying that rule to myself, in spite of being a minimum wage worker, there is an awareness that in the context of the Universe and Existence; every job position that is not best for everyone is only temporary, and in spite of maybe being in those positions the path is the same for everyone. I need to be honest to myself about what is here, and my relationships to Existence as a whole, in every absolute detail that exists. Because jobs and positions of “power” are but one abstract layer of human society that is also but one layer of Existence.

Everyone agrees crime is bad. Everyone accepts and allows the money system to support crimes against Life. Since we’re so good at talking useless good bullshit, and accepting and allowing really productive bad shit to impose itself on others, it’s like money accepts and allows the good and the bad. How do we justify the money system to be supporting both the good and the bad of ourselves, our society, our businesses, our economic wars? Why can’t we be disciplined and design the money system to only sustain good habits, businesses that do what is best for all, people that treat themselves well to serve each other in strictly punishing everything that doesn’t lead to an outcome that is best for all? Anything slightly less than what is best for all is implying harming one or other. We’re so good at punishing each other to throw away what is best for all for self interest. It’s simple to reverse that process, isn’t it so?

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Day 806: A Great Teacher Of The Signs of The Times. I Introduce To You, Pokimane

Does society punish individuals for being authentic? Does society reward individuals for being politely pleasant?

On my YouTube feed, Twitch streamers are showing up, and by watching their content I get an experience of their characters they are portraying, and by looking at the views get a grasp of what is liked by a very young audience. Today I went to drink coffee and beside me was a mom and her daughter watching Lovesick Girls by Blackpink. The daughter looked like early teens, haven’t had her growth spurt yet so 10? The people that actively explore the Internet are obviously young.

It reminds me of a phenomena of how old people die along with their values, without their ‘insights’ about what is the public human reality, without showing their children what is really good music, what is really beautiful, what we are really doing to ourselves and our world when we spend on anything but uncomfortable but necessary change. Together with how we are accepting and allowing fads and trends to ‘teach’ our children by delegating the ‘difficult’ conversations to their friends and teachers and the school environment, the trending gaming society = young people are absorbing all the ‘shit’ we accept and allow as parents and relatives, yet every preference comes with consequence. Preferences that prevent conflicts and inequality come with consequences without the negative severity of it.
A YouTuber called Pokimane is a real example worth investigating. She may lie about facts, yet she fully expresses her interests as a popular streamer. Her content is popular, and she is popular in spite of her lies. Watching a few of her videos, she really models a very pleasant character and chooses topics about herself and games that is very popular. How have we implied to our kids that the character Pokimane is presenting is a good, attractive character? Extremely focused on only doing what is popular, monetizing her movements, competing with other streamers through calm, collected eyes observing and acting in the way that would best serve her own interests. Obviously not authentic, but she must be applauded for identifying and presenting/behaving as the abstract ideal good female character and person in most people’s minds.

Society’s ‘rules’ or ‘traditions’ dictate a very thin line to walk if you’re going to walk the successful path financially. It requires extreme discipline, diligence, consistency.

How come we reward generic agreed good deeds and behaviours, yet we also know good deeds can place a person above others, maybe oppressing and denying others that disagree with or without disdain? How come we deliberately ignore the real journey that must be walked and completed before we can arrive at living and applying “ideals” for what is best for all? Authentic communication, and frequently is agreed to be a solution, yet why do we punish as a society, people that forthrightly walk the journey? Why do we greatly reward people that deny that there is a path or process to be walked at all, and skip to presenting the most ‘good’, ‘pleasant’ character, while not living and applying that character in all facets of his/her life? Why do we love fakers that demonstrate extreme diligence and discipline that their emotions never rule over them? Interesting question.

Everything comes from nothing, to become something, and return to nothing. What has a beginning is also, if we truly investigate, programmed within it an end. A consequence. Like each of our preferences skew our direction to a particular fate: to meet and connect with specific people, to open specific doors, to specific conflicts, to an end, a conclusion. There is a point when it is too late. We argue over money, while torturing our planet and each other psychologically, but it’s obvious there is a point when Nature will demonstrate rejection of our actions, be it deliberate or not it doesn’t matter at all, and wipe out human progress, wipe out our comfort, our convenience, hey maybe our human species as well.

That’s why it’s important to investigate what we are doing with the money that we own, what we bring to life through our spending, and what we are doing to change this world to what is best for all. What are we not doing, what journey are we postponing, in order to nurture the extreme discipline, the extreme diligence and consistency that a few people had to make this current society and politics a reality? Any character that doesn’t only serve what is best for all is ultimately a damaged character.

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Day 805: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust. We Always Decay Into Nothing

People who are the master of something are like tyrants. People that are the master of nothing are the ruler of all the masters. From nothing, we become something, and come back to nothing.

When we realize what we have or know is something, we fear to lose it when it fades into nothing. That fear of losing tints everything we do, and it’s as if we’ve put on sunglasses or blinders misleading us to only consider our own interests.

If from nothing we create something and become something, that is like analogous to Life rearing Life into manifestation. From nothing we are born into Existence. It’s marvellous how we somehow make something of our lives when we all start from nothing. To be a valid part of Existence we have to be able to do what Existence does; bringing something from nothing. I am only equal to Life if I am Life and can do what Life is doing, bringing something from nothing. Or think of it this way: in this wasteland and battlefield within and without as the world at large, which from one perspective is like being given nothing to nurture our inner goodness, we must be self motivated to become good without any external influence to be a good person in fact. We must move ourselves to live and make something out of this vast expanse of nothing worthwhile as the living proof to ourselves that we are a representative of Life, a representative of Existence as we all equally rightfully are.

When we are the master of nothing and embrace the chance/possibility of having nothing, our glasses are taken off. There is no greater fear than having nothing within and without to rely on. When there is no fear to skew our seeing, we accept and allow ourselves to be more rational in the best sense: being rational to serve what is best for all, rather than the usual logic/rationality serving greed/self-interest. I found it’s not about detaching or distancing myself away from everything which is something. It’s becoming so attached that I wish to investigate everything which is something, and investigate my relationship to the concept of having nothing. It’s the process of digging deeper into all the somethings until you reach each of their beginnings, as everything had to start from nothing, digging to the absolute depth and detail of my relationships to everything. It’s this same path only when the understanding of nothing is genuine; I had to remove my attachments and reactions to everything before I could have space inside myself to understand the implications of being nothing for example.

It is because we all hate understanding our outside environment and rather entertain reactions to what is outside, that the greatest whiteness seems sullied. The five notes harmonize with each other, good and bad are attracted to each other, good and bad complement each other, the greatest good seems misplaced. Part of real power and real greatness is to be truthful and seek truth. But the way to seek truth is to deeply understand our own self deceptions.

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Day 804: Capitalism is the Cure, Poison Cures Poison

Another while since I’ve written. But I’m so glad I bought a new mouse for my computer.

It was said that process is like being the captain of a sail ship over unknown water. According to unknown weather (your emotions/feelings) you adjust the ship accordingly to your destination to what is best for all. I thought of another one. The world is like a plethora of chemicals, and you get to decide what kind of chemical reagent you are (who you are within the world), and your job is to be the kind of chemical reagent that doesn’t react to anything and everything. Your job is to be a substance that is trustworthy and stable, the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Your process is the process of exploring this world of chemicals, and to mix yourself with the world of chemicals to ascertain your status as a substance. Can you be trusted with Life? Are you the same best for all substance yesterday, today, and tomorrow?

What is a process? What does it imply, what does a process mean? Why do Desteni keep saying everyone is in a process? What does that mean? A process is something you proactively engage and participate in. The outcome can be said to be entirely dependent on who you are within every situation you encounter, whatever circumstances you find yourself in. A process implies a certain standard of responsibility, and a working up to a certain level of responsibility. A process is like a chemical reaction, you must keep giving/participating/working on it proactively specifically without anyone’s motivation pushing you to do it. You must understand your responsibility to yourself that compels you to keep working for everyone that includes you. Stopping or pausing means allowing the initially tidy surroundings to become chaotic and messy to clean up, the longer you stop. It means accepting and allowing people and things to decay into a state of chaos, reflecting how you are not facing yourself proactively only to accept and allow chaos within yourself. Emotions and feelings are a kind of chaos. Feels chaotic and excites chaos in people and things.

Appearance is like worshipped. It should be secondary to how much self responsiblity you observe that person taking through your living with them. People ignore that appearances are partly deception, as a bluff to show how strong and sturdy you are when perhaps you are not quite there yet, and partly ‘what leaks out from within’ as a person’s acceptances and allowances. There are examples of pretty people going ugly because they lived a naughty life, and perhaps the opposite is true. As within so without, as below so above. Everyone worships the beautiful as the beautiful, but this is only the ugly; Everyone worships the good as the good, but this is only the bad. Try reversing the lyrics and quotes from famous people, a new consideration is suggested through replacing hope with despair, etc. Whatever it is, looks should be secondary to how much they care about you and the world in general.

It’s like if you cared about yourself, you would’ve taken responsibility for yourself and gave yourself to you. It is said that you will get nothing until you give yourself to you.

Power is greatly misunderstood. You only have real power in whatever is at hand right now. Things like saving the world requires the world’s agreement to save itself. Because of an unequal vocabulary, you see dumb fucks everywhere. I call them weird people for asking and doing strange things. That is why some kind of real education is required aside from the traditional education. Be that software or whatever, people will need big and clearly understood vocabulary to respond to the ever changing and fast changing world.

Why is an unequal money system the cure. Because people like you disagree. There is no agreement yet on the merits and no demerits for everyone cared for as a whole together if an equal money system was established. Free choice has no escape from its respective consequences. Free will does not dominate and rule over consequences that represent the Physical. Capitalism values its capital more than a person’s life. Capitalism accepts and allows rationality and logic to be married to greed over what is best for all. Capitalism accept and allow doing what is best for all as a choice and acting in the name of greed or survival as having no choice. When you make a business you realize you’re forced to be greedy and make profit margins. We wait for the billionaires or the top 1% to be generous and do what is best for all, capitalism forces us to wait for them few fuckers for a universal positive change. Meanwhile the capitalism we protect is rearing its face as circumstances that force us to be greedy and to say fuck and survive. We will learn; what bullshit has begun will come to its inevitable end.

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Day 803: No Choice But To Enter Education?

So recently I’ve been faced with the question of what would I want to do for an entire lifetime.

I thought I would be satisfied with frolicking around the coffee industry, but writing that out I see how that would make no difference to the world and the status quo, and is what most people are doing = frolicking in their area of expertise never challenging the bottom line of capitalism. That’s a problem because capitalism values the capital over Life itself, when without your Life all this capital bullshit and profit dialect would be irrelevant, useless. It’s a problem that it’s advertised that passive wealth is the greatest form of wealth, only seeing wealth in the eyes of an individual, deliberately misrepresenting the entire population one interact with, and even forcing them to make mistakes and fall, rather than support everyone including yourself to “win”. If not everyone can win in the current system, throw away the system, not your regard for certain specific others.

I was brought to realize aside from food, educating people of all backgrounds and histories and ages is already an absolute immovable pillar of what is supporting capitalism, and what is needed from everyone to understand the true nature of capitalism and admit its many problems. Technology, the buzzword of today, will annihilate most of the jobs we have now. Provided everyone still believes one must work for the world to be worthy of living in the world with dignity, working for the world in the future will be probably something about managing stuff. There won’t be a job for everybody to take, most tasks will be given to machines to do. Which is not a great stretch of the imagination, after all, people are like organic robots in how they presently consider themselves and their world. Just a smooth transition from organic to actual mechanical robots.

It’s also fascinating the uselessness of amassing wealth yourself, but failing to educate your kids and family to at the very least, preserve their money to maintain their standard of living. It’s also fascinating the uselessness of only really caring about your own ass, and neglecting the responsibility of educating everyone else so that we can communicate and work out solutions, rather than neglect and neglect until problems arise and you find the people you are talking to are non-negotiable.

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Day 802: Unequal Money System Is The Cure

Writing is becoming more and more of a whimsical, casual, unmotivated-by-outside thing.

What can I ‘set in stone’ that would benefit someone, anyone? Salt water foot baths are extremely effective to release tension. 20 minutes, very salty water, 45 C water.

What is widely known as beautiful is only the ugly. What truths are revealed by this sentence, originally written by Lao Tzu? Wearing expensive or beautiful clothing is a way to symbolically armour myself against the dangerous world. Wearing makeup in the right way is objectively better than the original face in every way, so virtually every woman wears makeup. Seeing the sparse examples of healthy, beautiful humans to my eyes is like a slap to the faces of everyone else, that cannot possibly live so healthily. This world is in a way, diseased because we accept and allow an unequal money system that encourages many unsavoury practices. A society that grows more mentally unstable, less healthy, with more obsession towards health, and a profit-biased view of health driven by the health industry, is the basic general atrocity motivated by money. Specifically, by an unequal money system, a biased exclusive concept of money. Think about it: you either play by the rules of the people that give out money, or receive nothing. In contrast, in what way does money include everyone and care for everyone? It seems to me that money is artificially creating delusions of wealth in a few, creating realities of suffering for most of us, adding unnecessary sufferings like adding oil to fire to the suffering that is life already. It cares extremely thoroughly for a few, to be delusional evidence that everyone can be happy, while keeping in its embrace a literally starving suffering minority to scare the living hell out of all of us, rich and poor. The sort of wisdom that cures the world of itself is everywhere: how can a company sustain itself if it does NOT give an amount of money that accepts and allows people to live physically? How can a world exist if it does not give EVERYBODY opportunities to receive an amount of money that is enough to physically live and move, literally and figuratively? It exists: it’s this world. That’s why in a way, this world is mentally crazy, because ultimately everyone accepts and allows the ultimate atrocity to exist: separation manifesting itself as an unequal money system.

If everything about your life: opporunity, quality of life, health, material wealth, hinges on one single concept called money, an unequal money = unequal opportunity, many mistakes or crimes against humanity accepted and allowed, ignorance allowed, craziness allowed, personal whim allowed to be more important than encouraging Life itself in all its forms to thrive. Anything less than my character supporting all forms of Life is an unbalanced, damaged character. I might as well be labelled insane and crazy. Think about it: there is enough for everyone’s needs, but not for everyone’s greed. If there is already enough for everyone literally, what are we competing for?

We are competing for our very lives. Survival. Another crazy standard normalized by an unequal money system. We know we are fighting for our very lives, our standard of living, because this is how it is. How? Simply, because of an unequal money system. Because we reject the idea of making money an inclusive movement, a force in our lives that gives us space and a chance to redeem ourselves. There’s the moral aspect of redeeming ourselves to be good people, and there’s also the business aspect of having another chance at life even if our company crumbles to nothing. Having another chance at living even if we failed at managing our money. Basic Income Guaranteed is the first step to equality in practice: by undoing the curse we spite everyone else with, and how everyone else spites me through an unequal money system, BIG is how we include everyone in society to society. Right now, society is restricted to only those that have a voice, that have Internet, all that hinges on having money. Society and even touching its hair is a privilege reserved only for either people already with money, or reserved for people willing to fully accede in character to the money game. Right now, money is being played like a game when the stakes are too severe. We all know death by having no money is a reality we probably cannot tolerate mentally, and that we would become mentally unstable if our money-making method was banned one day.

We think it’s impossible for our personal way of making money to be “banned”/”rejected”, or in other words it’s impossible to be fired, why is this potential accepted and allowed? It’s like if we designed the entire money game, why do we accept and allow the potential to turn evil and run evil businesses? Would we accept and allow our children to lie to us, and become our competitors and compete against us? So why do we accept and allow other people’s children to brawl and hustle in the system, which is a pleasant way of saying doing harm to some others to preserve our character that we see in such a righteous untouchable light?

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Day 801: Emotionally Mutilating Myself Because of the Inevitable

It’s been a long while since I’ve written again. Do we have to endure time to understand dying is inevitable? Is it heartless to pick yourself up immediately after a loved one’s death? Is it heartful to unbalance your life for the sake of an inevitable truth?

The moment I was born, I know I will die once. I know human life is finite. So shouldn’t we prepare ourselves for inevitable things? From nothing, we become something. And from being something, we revert back to nothing. So should we be taking our positions and job titles and responsibilities so dead serious? In one way, we are each representatives of the entire Existence and a one and equal part that exemplifies what awareness and the spark of Life’s profound meaning. We all shit the same way; there is no sweet smelling shit. Differences, but we inherit the exact same physical design that infers the same physical needs, social needs too. How great is the difference between a street smart person and a dumb ass? What responsibility to Life is implied for being smarter than others, regardless of the reason for this seemingly inherited inequality? Why are we so dead serious about earning money stored as a number on a computer, when we deliberately ignore what happens to us at death? We even ignore our actual position in the entire Existence, inheriting strengths, being designed as a seed that is compressed time, having personal disasters as part of the seed. Everyone dies one time. But what are we obsessed about? Money, sex, relationships interpreted as position, ‘power’, ‘happiness’, ‘luck’, ‘good fortune’, ‘fortune telling’.

What is fortune telling but reading what is already written into the seed that is us human beings/characters? Is what movies show really the truth and what is normal? Should you break down after an intimate relationship falls apart because the other person has his/her secrets exposed? Is it normal to invoke an emotional reality revolving around a recently passed away person, to run in circles in those memories until your life falls out of balance? What has allowed animals to embrace the deaths of their animal friends and continue living, looking forward and facing their problems forthrightly? Are animals really more stupid than humans because their brains are physically smaller? Does size matter that much, rather than their actions and responses to events/responsibility upheld?

Profit is crushing the balls of the health industry from telling us what is really healthy. As long as profit’s range can range from filthy righteous and rich to dirt poor and imminent death, because of everyone’s personal interests it seems as if everyone’s not telling the truth, but in fact we are limiting everyone especially ourselves from telling the truth without negative consequences. For example, egg yolks and cholesterol, fat was blamed for sugar’s effects. What else can the health industry, including the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare, do for the sake of profit? As living in an unequal money system, money is the curse and the cure; if the money system were equally forgiving and generous, valuing your life more than your intelligence and what you can do for money itself for money’s domination, money would be restricted and limited to exclusively cure, and by everyone’s watchful eyes, never harm ever again. The healthcare industry right now is an atrocity motivated by money, more eloquently an unequal money system as we have right now.

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Day 800: A Painful Body Stuck With A Brain in Nirvana

Thought of a few ideas for writing, but forgot them all. Writing and not writing makes the world poorer every day you do not write. I remember something: in context of Bernard Poolman’s death, he once said all he shared is just hte tip of the iceberg. And it’s true: everywhere you look there’s wisdom to be had, and it’s probably countless, like too many tips for the world to collectively write into every book ever made. Beginners and experts share the one common reality they draw insight from. It’s been said the summary of the big problem about the world is separation.

When I just began, I was pretty much one with what I was doing. As I get more experienced, I refer to both the reality and my experience. Maturity is not an age or time dependent affair; it’s who you are within anything that happens in your life, whether you investigate all things and keep what is best for all, following through with the observation that nothing is what it seems. I met an oldie recently, and as much wealth as she had, money and wisdom and money management etc, I observed she had a fixed view of the world that is probably very functional in the present dysfunctional world, a world with people making problems from their self interest. As the naive charlatan that I am, I noted that this was a problem because what is going to motivate you to change the world if your opinion of it lets you walk the easy systematic life? Not only do you need some aspect of harmony with some kind of routine that builds you up so to speak, but you also need to be at the very least aware of the many problems because of an unequal money system. If you just look you can see so many problems. It’s important not to take the problems personally, yet it’s highly likely you’re partly responsible for it and everything that happens in the world forms a part of your personal reputation. It’s like a muscle you need to exercise problem solving is, and you can’t just put it aside for your own self interest only. I kind of saw this oldie as putting her talents only for her own self interested survival.

If separation is the problem if we abstract the essence of the root of every problem, why do we allow maturity and experience to be excuses to separate ourselves literally from the worst parts of society? It’s like a human body that doesn’t register the most painful pain. You’re the brain, and instead of communicating with every part of your existence as the human body, you accept and allow the pleasures, and numb the pain. It’s a big problem if the “can’t sense pain” problem is literal: you’ll find yourself getting hurt all the time, and frequently letting small injuries snowball into fatal ones.

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Day 799: When Do We Start Cheating Ourselves

How do we deceive ourselves? Looks are deceptive, for example we judge who we like almost immediately based on a look or appearance. We pay lip service to not judging a book by its cover but do not understand the implications of that sentence. The cover is proportionately the most deceptive aspect or part of a book; it’s probably easier to judge a book by its contents.

The appearance of a person, such as their hair, body shape, face, height is probably the most frequently cited cause of our betrayed expectations; it’s probably easier to judge a person based on his/her actions over time by spending copious amounts of time with him/her. Are the relationships we hear about everywhere deceiving us about what relationships really require?

Glamour and fame is part of the test called life on Earth. We come from nothing, become something, and return to nothing, yet everything changes. Life’s process is similar to a living statement of what time is. The definition of time is the past cannot be changed, and every moment we breathe is becoming the past while we strain our noggins what is really important to prioritize in the curating that is my life on Earth. We’re definitely making more information in video and writing than we can possibly absorb in a lifetime, so as we pick and choose our poison let’s say, what is really important? What is holy? What is good?

What is the importance of putting our house/company in order when all of us ignore the problem of death until it’s too late? Are our stress real? Every adult virtually is frowning, how have we accepted and allowed unsolvable struggle to be the norm in human life? Are we absolutely clear on how our struggles are creating and maintaining themselves to haunt us? Tragedy in a peculiar way is an atrocity motivated by money. Many tragedies are prevented by having enough money. It is possibly a universally good thing that someone can go to the bank and withdraw cash from the ATM and have money in their bank account to supply their needs.

How come common sense is lost in translation from knowledge to actions on everyone’s part? Are there valid excuses and justifications for ignoring, suppressing, violently opposing, ridiculing, dismissing, jeering, sneering, at the products of our peers that represent the definition of common sense? It’s an age-restricted thing common sense is, isn’t it? How does this world operate to lead most of us astray from the knife edge that’s best for all and justify ourselves being violently pissed off? It would be a really good thing to delete all the aspects of our human society that justifies denying common sense just so we can’t blame the world for our pain inherent in walking away from what is best for all for personal greed/survival. Greed and survival are two sides of the same coin, isn’t it?

What is it about human nature that makes our most effective medicine that which we most despise, ridicule, and when we get closer to taking it feel misled and sullied, disrespected on the deepest level? Offended on the deepest level? How come social norms deny Life its own responsibilities? How come what is normal is leading us to the opposite of living fruitfully and sustainably/in a balanced way? Where does our prejudice come from?

Now that’s interesting.

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