Day 554: Hurry Up And Decide Your Money View

Is it important to decide on your political and economic views as soon as possible? It’s unimportant until you realize what everyone realizes, that every single move we make we can say is quantified by money. The world is simply proving that being a mere user of money doesn’t make the world better. Is it possible to be an administrator of money? Meaning if money is the root of all evil, we understand the origin of money, why it’s become such a powerful agreement between everyone, and work towards solutions in the world.

The painful thing about responsibility thought about existentially is you are responsible for every move your money makes at every stage of your life. So even in the ‘innocent years’ of my upbringing, I was in fact responsible for creating and driving entire industries. Because aside from adults spending money, one of the points that adults are most willing to spend on is their children. The teenage, young adult industry. But no one talks about this responsibility. But it’s there, it’s always been there I was too open to suggestion to ignore it. What’s instead promoted amongst adults is the unhindered journey to find your self interest. Could I say that because us adults are doing it, we allow our children to do the same? It doesn’t make sense when counting the facts of life. We live in a system of few haves and many have nots, we drive societies and environments to ruin, we each find our personal reasons for not doing anything about it, and our actions is revealing we believe we can get away unharmed. We as a group of adults seem to never think that the child dying of poverty can ever be our own children. Such is the immense faith we put in money.

And every move we make, because we are in a relationship with money, quantifies as us either moving closer to money, or farther away from it. Because that’s the nature of relationships, what we do definitively either brings us closer to money or away from it. It’s too damn easy to accept money as this elaborate bribe to continue supporting what money currently represents in the world. There’s this fine line I’m trying to put into words where while we need money to exist, it doesn’t have to define our existence. We need money, but we don’t ever need to worship it as the moral standard of sorts. But this again is a point completely ignored by education today. And the world is getting worse because of not distinguishing this crucial difference.

And the point about money is not new, it’s been a theme in human existence. But always like everything we allow our younger people to make the same mistakes, walk the same process of detours.


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Day 553: What Will It Take To Get Humans to HEAR?

The amount of views on my previous blog got me thinking, do people really don’t care about what they’re promoting? Is the human only able to think of its own interest, and nothing more? I happen to think I did a good job explaining what a word like luxury should be, and how it is in the interest of everyone to redefine luxury. What is really the extent of preprogramming and preprogrammed self interest in the human being? What will it take to get people to snap out of the hypnotizing effect of self interest?

I can only say this because I’ve been there before, when the only direction that seemed to give me a short breath of fresh air was when I essentially did what I liked. Not questioning the origin of this like, accepting it as a user of a thing called Consciousness. It works until it doesn’t work, and you’d be amazed by how many people’s self interest works against them. Placing people like you and me in predicaments, moral dilemmas that are in essence a staged event. Staged because if you only see the belief for what it is in the context of everyone’s reality, it wouldn’t exist, and the moral dilemma and predicament transform into a mere matter of procedure. But I understand, the emotional fix of fulfiling self interest even causes one to deny how self interest is working against you, all you can fathom is that moment in the future when you get your fix. It’s the society accepted addiction to personal self interest. In my experience it’s nature though is way nastier than a chemical drug addiction. Think of the times when someone challenged you, and the extent of the thoughts that come up automatically to defend yourself. Humanity has been preoccupied with this self interest since the beginning.

What stops humanity from nipping self interest in the bud, stopping its dominance in all areas of one’s life? Perhaps its the denial and siphoning of consequence to everyone else but yourself. That begs the question then, is the consequence of self interest – physical manifested consequences – enough to make each of us individually snap out of it? You want to see how far fallen humanity has fallen, just introspect your life and see how early you succumbed to temptation. But don’t worry, capitalism has your back. ALL the signs of your self interest’s effects on everyone and everything is out of sight. Capitalism is projecting an image of success, with opportunity at every turn. But it still takes a great amount of skill to ignore the people beside you, bearing witness to you. A lot of dedication and commitment actually, to consistently without fail only see the bright side of things. Inadvertently through this self interest process we learn to be violent at the right times.

This perception that self interest is you, you are self interest, tends to make one forget about the human physical body. The human physical body is the crux of one’s very existence. It’s the one real point that validates the rest of your existence. No human body, suddenly you don’t have a gender to discriminate, no economic standing, nothing of what is made to be self image, begs the question then what is life? What is really valuable that isn’t the values that society promotes? We frantically move at a pace but the most important things never move that fast. The most important things tend to be hidden in plain sight. The obvious. What’s the purpose of building oneself up when in the end, it’s going to be torn down more quickly than you took to build up. And what remains? Shouldn’t that which remains be valued as the most important thing in any human’s life? But you will observe that it’s demeaned the most in the world.



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Day 552: What is Luxury?

The illusion of luxury, or the illusion of a well rounded life. As a salesperson, we expose ourselves to products over extended periods of time, and inadvertently we have a general idea of where our brand of products line up in the greater hierarchy of products. So when a product is inferior, which is common, and I see a customer looking at the product as if it is gold, there’s a separation between the words I say to sell the product and what I really think about it. It got me thinking about the greater con game we play in capitalism, where people cannot be self honest. Well, everywhere in the system you can’t be self honest. And it got me thinking about how throughout adulthood, we are educated about how to live our lives well, but nobody puts 1 + 1 together to see for example, if we change the economic system driving the creation of inferior products, we get for ourselves a superior product. One that lasts and by all standards of usability is sound. But talking about the economic system, there are various levels of interests involved. For example, one might be satisfied with the level of income one is getting from the money system, so changing it would threaten the illusion of security. Illusion because participating in a system that gives everything to the few and robs the many, one can argue that it is an unsafe system. Another example, perhaps one is one of the middlemen that profits off this imperfect way of doing things, so looking at a system change from a purely selfish perspective, I don’t want to lose my job and my status. Money issues pervade the human existence, we should be equally understanding that money is a source of much conflict and friction in our own minds, and in the mind of society. Atrocities motivated by money. We’re constantly sold the idea of how money grows things into beautiful perfect creations, so one tend to forget the atrocities motivated by money.

In the small like being a simple salesperson, one feels how physicality is being turned into money. How each breath is invested in the manipulation of the customer to buy your product, we essentially care about the customer to the limited extent of getting them to buy. We practically apply the psychology involved in a customer’s purchase, to guard the position we hold in our company. So in a very real sense, the environment of a shop is simultaneously a place to relax, and a place to live out the quiet desperation of siphoning more money to the company. So this blog was about the illusion of luxury. How can any product be a living statement of luxury while right next to the product, are salespeople that possibly invest their whole life into the frantic movement of getting money. We literally slave away at deciphering the psychology of the customer and act as mediators between dead products and living people. So this experience of being a salesperson brought new meaning to what luxury is. Maybe I’m dreaming, but maybe luxury is luxurious when all people involved in the processes of creating and marketing the product are living real decent lives where there is a balance between work and life, and basically everyone has a dignified life. By this definition, it’s impossible in the current money system.

I just felt really curious when I physically see people walking into the shop as if everything’s fine, but I have been standing for many hours and labouring for a pittance that doesn’t cover my living expenses. So everything’s fine in the opinion of the customer, while I’m physically living out the cost for their luxury. An army of people live out the cost for a single person to have the luxury of going out on a Friday night and buying stuff. We physically live out the cost, but none of us ever utter a word about it to anyone. Obviously it’s because we’re all secretly thinking up ways to be the one managing this operation, to one day escape from the life of a salesperson to have the time and money to really enjoy ourselves in this life. No one puts 1 + 1 together to see the economic system is what is limiting and defining the lifestyle of a salesperson. The economic system is limiting and defining a lot of things, from jobs to war to economic war to competition. But I know you will still fight with me for the current money system, the entire life view of a person is specifically moulded from birth to feel like this is the only way it can work.

The only reason why I can ponder things is because I walked a process to understand the fear behind my own life view, and in that understanding change myself permanently and now there’s a little bit of common sense in me. The common sense is why fight for a system that is THE definitive source of conflict and friction not only in one’s personal life, but in everyone’s lives. Because everything in one’s life centres around money. It decides what you will be educated with, the vocabulary you will absorb, your very definition of what life is. It also happens to decide that no attention and resources will be given to thinking about what life should be. It’s obvious, you’re repeating the same message over and over and over again that this is what life is, you cannot change life, this is what you are, you cannot change yourself. Blatant suggestion by the money system through the education system to get you to accept and perhaps embrace everything exactly the way they are. And definitely use some violence to validate your view of how everything must be this way. To imbue the conviction or feeling that you have no choice but to access violence when you are challenged. Competition is founded on the very basis of violence, lie until you win. I would say be very careful of which direction you’re lying at, because it’s very easy to lie sometimes to yourself.

What I’ve noticed is why lie and be afraid of being lied to, when I can be honest with myself alone, and make it a principle to always share something of value to others? One direction leads to more violence, the other no violence. Have you heard of the statement, “The violent do not come to a natural end?” It means the violent attracts omens to itself, as you can imagine.

So getting curious and asking the big questions now, how can luxury exist when everyone’s lives do not have equal access to that luxury? By accepting that a luxury is something only a few can have, you’re also accepting the forces that cause many to not have. And what is the definition of poverty? It’s when any person – spanning race, gender, status, everything – causes others to not have. So have you thought about your definition of luxury, to influence you, to live accept and embrace a lifestyle, that causes many to not have? A simple definition of what luxury is happens to have far reaching consequences for everyone, both the haves and have nots. So how important is it to protect your own definitions of words from the greed of capitalism? Because it’s obvious, capitalism like the salesperson, doesn’t care what you have to believe in to buy in. Just like music doesn’t care what message it promotes or the ideology it validates to make people buy the music. In essence, why keep a rabid dog like capitalism when you can morph capitalism to something like an Equal Money System? Do you think you’re cool for seeing the abuse and not buying in? That’s kind of the point, you’re not supposed to know when you’ve bought into capitalism in its many faces. Walking with a group and a message like Desteni, you get to know who and what is trying to sell you shit that you don’t actually need. You get smarter when you walk with Desteni, in that you more readily become able to identify deception and abuse. Which implies that you more readily become able to prevent deception and abuse happening to you.

So I’m all for an enlightened form of self interest. Because who wants to be the victim of a con? If you walk with Desteni, you are learning what is a con in its many faces. Plus it’s one of the few messages that actually delve and invites you to ponder what life should be. Beats having to fight regularly to keep life the way it is.

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Day 551: Mending a Broken Relationship

“You will not find another person on Earth saying what I say. I’m prone to mistakes, but I will demonstrate my willingness to learn from mistakes and never make the same mistake again. If you have any questions regarding my past and history, ask. Even if our friendship becomes a mutual understanding of hatred, I accept that because it is a mutual understanding. What I don’t want is friendships filled with misunderstandings. I’m saying this to uphold my responsibility in our friendship. I’m risking everything in our friendship to say this. This is one chance to create one more friend in your life. Consider wisely.”

These are words that I will say to a co-worker that demonstrated her dislike of me. I do these things because I’ve dedicated myself to living a life of no regret, and I see I will regret if I allow this particular relationship to continue. It’s currently a relationship of distaste and “I don’t want anything to do with you” kind of relationship.

I do these things because I value each friendship that I have, and I believe that by giving people space to understand me, it’s best for both in the relationship. Because I actively confirm one thing: is this person worthy of my consideration? Does there exist a type of person that refuses understanding, to uphold emotions and feelings? I am in a journey myself to find if these things exist. And I am in a journey to discover what self responsibility means, and I must apply it. I believe by saying such things, I am taking responsibility for the friendship. And if she refuses, I’m fine with that too because I have done what is my responsibility to nurture an environment of mutual understanding.

I don’t believe that I have ever done anything in my life that a person can infinitely hate me for. I’m prone to mistakes, but I will demonstrate my willingness to learn from mistakes and never make the same mistake again.

I’m curious to see if I can mend the unforgivable things I did that cause her to dislike me. Only one person in the world will do this.   No one hates another for no reason.

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Day 550: Process Update

Something not sitting right in me. I look at the direction I’m taking, my life in terms of a future in this world system of money, the extent of my awareness of the functioning of my mind, everything’s in their processes but this nagging feeling remains. It’s like something doesn’t sit right in my stomach. Is it butterflies in the stomach?

Could everything that I mentioned be going a bit TOO smoothly? Since investigating the Desteni message and essentially working to understand my own mind for years, a lot of drama subsided and was prevented, who knows who I would have been if it wasn’t for the kind reminder that Desteni stand as. There’s a distinct lack, of drama in my world. It has its good and bad points. Maybe I’m overthinking about myself in general, as I have the tendency to think to postpone decisions and actions. I’m noticing in my general awareness an aspect of cutting edge to it. The moments in my life where I am breathing, I feel like I’m touching a very sharp blade, where moments can go either way. To the mind, or to life and living. And the extent of self responsibility within my mind, like if I fuck up, I have no one but myself to not blame, but to hold myself accountable. I’m alone in that sense. And to this day, I’ve mostly walked alone, virtually all the time alone, meaning I never created a relationship of sufficient intimacy and depth to rely on. That has its good and bad points. We always hear about the person that has a good relationship with a friend, but never the other way around. I fall in that category. And I am of the belief that many people admit this to themselves secretly, that they have no one to really rely upon. Because to look at it objectively, we essentially roll the dice when it comes to meeting good friends in this life, we are born into a part of society, and admitted into a school with certain specific kinds of people. So it just so happens that I never met someone that I would trust my life with.

The state of my relationships – as a human is defined by relationships alone – is very neatly organized in terms of time over a day, a week. I’m busy with the processes of further understanding my mind, learning to play the cello better, playing guitar better, having a part time job that’s a distraction from the weightier things in life. Armed with a good curiosity about people’s minds about how they spend their money, how they spend their time, and what variation of the message of “giving as you would like to receive” will strike the hearts of self interest. All of the people I interact with daily, are still on the point of doing what they fancy. Not to judge them, to say things for what they are, and embracing the harsh truth. I’m expecting more disheartening truths to reveal itself while I walk this process of answering the question for myself, what is the life and living of a responsible citizen of the world. Where the responsibility is defined existentially and towards humanity, because whether we think about these things or not, our words and deeds ooze of siding with sides. We’re making the decision essentially without making the decision. I don’t abhore people like this, but I am self honest with myself about not wanting to be like them. And most people have said something along the lines of that throughout the ages, but all of them fell and eventually hid themselves into the fold of adulthood. What will it take to stay and remain fundamentally different from ‘them’, not for the sake of difference in itself, but to aspire for a purpose that is greater. I suspect that most people give up somewhere in between growing up and being an adult.

I would like to never give up to anything, giving up is like a lived form of self defeatism. It’s believing sincerely that you have “not enough power” to deal with the existential problems, victimizing oneself, blaming everything and everyone else, having excuses and justifications masked in spite, but most importantly giving up on yourself. On what you can become and aspire to in this life. Even in limitation. Desteni has a worthy answer to this existential mess, I’m currently applying it. And it’s proving to be a vibrant source of self trust, self satisfaction, and a lifetime dedication and commitment to none other than yourself. Please remember, this world is the most atrocious example of greed history has ever recorded, but the salespeople of this world system would never speak of such heresy. The salespeople include all the entertainers, music, news, economics, politics, your average salespeople, products, companies, technology, a lot of people are actually working together under the banner of self interest to have you bet on this world system. In hope and trust, instead of seeing and testing it out for yourself in your own life. I’ve come to the conclusion that this system itself is the source of much distasteful measures and abuse and suffering and all the problems in this world, so this system itself common sensically needs to change fundamentally. But maybe you have more faith in the current world system than I do. All that I’ve observed is charities and NGOs don’t remove responsibility from the people to enact the people’s will. And charities and NGOs are band aids to a gaping wound of poverty and much suffering and moral dilemmas. Yeah I have a solution, but it requires the agreement of the majority to decide the future policy of the system. So I’m individually but we’re together responsible for this mess. We better get that into our heads, that this world is waiting for everyone to decide together on a direction. Massive explaining needs to be going on. But you will remain silent and think you’re smart for shutting up. But the ad nauseum promoting of greed in all its various forms, love and light, good and right and positive, I don’t buy. I’ve tested this shit out for myself. You’re the one that’s hiding and lying about your real lived interests. If you ask me, I don’t suggest the path of self interest. But if you insist, you’re placing yourself in the worldly minority, and that’s going to be a great source of fear. But you know, this world all this world needs is each person to take responsibility for themselves, because all each can guarantee is only themselves. I’m taking responsibility for myself. What about you?

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Day 550: Review of Desteni, Heaven’s and Creation’s Journey to Life Blogs, From The Perspective of Self Improvement/Self Development

And I’m done reading Heaven’s Journey to Life. What a journey this past two weeks have been, but speaking purely from preference I enjoyed the initial existential direction/perspective more than the “nitty gritty” practical points. What came out of this project was more background on the status of existence in general, some history of humanity’s evolution, preventative measures being placed, and reviewing the basics. I’m interested to see whether there will be a course that picks up where this left off in this Desteni 101 course.

Creation’s Journey to Life was a more exciting read, in terms of being able to palpably grasp points “in the head” and ponder them as to their usefulness in one’s journey/life. But Bernard Poolman was quite an exception of a human, he knew how to frame points in a way that it makes you take responsibility.

I’ve come to the conclusion that the Desteni message and all the related messages are a tough pill to swallow for most elite in the world. I mean who wants to be reminded of how easily one can believe one is RIGHT and GOOD when evidence to the contrary exists not even whispering but being here as a physical reality. But this is an important message, because everyone’s installed with a mind, everyone has to learn to “manage” their thoughts and emotions, you’re getting the deluxe package wrapped up in a neat bow tie when you choose to walk with Desteni. In terms of living a practical understanding of how consciousness exist in everyone especially yourself. I’m still walking this so I know when something works, the vocabulary works, or not.

I’ve yet to discover a message that presents itself so specifically and nitty gritty like Desteni. Most messages play on the societal fears and desires essentially being a band aid solution to the world. But doesn’t it make sense that the system is the “one” creating the problems in the world, so the system has to change fundamentally? It’s the “as within so without” applied. If any personal change is going to be real, it’s got to affect how you view your personal economics because that’s one of the few points that are really practical in one’s life. And if the self change is real, it’s got to show in your political standing, what’s the difference if you change and you’re still disconnected and ambivalent about the world system? I would categorize that as useless change. It’s change that reflects a deliberate ignorance of the obvious factors at play in human’s lives. So implying that you as a person still don’t care enough about the human in general to stand up and stand for something. Because fact is, we’re always standing for something through our thoughts, written and spoken words, and deeds. If that is the system and the status quo, I would tell myself I’m at the wrong place. Just speaking broadly about my experiences in the education system that swallowed me whole and spit me out, the status quo is probably one of the few defining points that really cause havoc and survival tactics in humans. Implying a shift in morality for self interest blinded and tunnel visioned, rather than a sit down with yourself and the authorities to determine what would be best for both. Not to mention our existential responsibility to this Earth and each other, that’s being affected directly by the money system for example.

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Day 549: Dear Bystander of the Current Money System

Measuring the extent to which any human would deny their connection to this Existence and the responsibility therein. Obviously, there is a party of people that say, “I’m comfortable in my life and my world, why should I care about the direction this money system is going”. If I were them, I would consider the extent of blood on my hands saying such a thing. Because every day, we’re using money, and this money is representative of our will to each human being in the world individually. Remember ignorance doesn’t absolve us from responsibility. Just like how my ignorance to my own mind doesn’t absolve me from responsibility for my own mind and the consequences that I have manifested up until now. So the same applies to you.

When I’m thinking about this predicament, I’m thinking about how this is a choice for each one that shouldn’t even be a choice, because to allow choice would be to allow you to choose abuse. This world and the problems you face in your world is the result of allowing people to choose abuse. The breath physically connects us to the physical existence that each human being is existing in. Shouldn’t that be enough to admit that we hold some responsibility to those without money? It’s not a matter of “from the goodness of my heart I will choose to give money to you”, it’s more like “if I’m not giving money to you, and I have it, I’m taking money from you robbing you blind” making me responsible for those without money. The “it’s their choice to live without money” is a shaky argument, because imagine yourself born into their position and if you are honest, you will see it was not a choice.

That people abuse their personal comfort to justify not supporting a system level change in the world means either you have vested interests to hide, or you’re afraid of the money system changing forcing you to change on a mind level. Why can’t the personal comfort be an affirmation of the greater responsibility that we hold to change this world for the better? Why must it be demoted to excuse?

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Day 548: Morality

I’m up to the part where morality is being questioned on Heaven’s Journey to Life. The question is, why is morality only guiding human beings to money, and why is morality not guiding human beings to creating an agreement in their world for example to act together to change the system we all know is detrimental to this physical reality? So in this, good and bad are examined for what they currently are in the human, where the extent to which a human will change for money defines what is good. And what is bad, is everything that hinders our self interest, be it physical environments, people, systems.

So morality in its current revision in the human being is justifying a system of abuse. A system of abuse because our world system is adept and skilled in destroying people and environments out of the excuse of money, profit. What would be a definitive revision of the word, morality, such that human beings really act together as one to change the one thing that has become the ultimate excuse for self interest that is money, to change the money system. Because simply, I’m uninterested in any further incremental revisions when we can have one definitive revision that stand the test of time. Saves me a lot of heartache and time.

I’m unconvinced that every human being is possessed by the mind to the extent that Heaven’s Journey to Life states. I’m thinking most people mix reality with delusion and have some practical lived points, and other imaginative points. I have no choice but to agree with Heaven’s Journey to Life that we are all trapped in Consciousness because none of us have equal and one communication with our own human physical body. What this implies is we function when money is a given, but when money is threatened to be taken away or is taken away, all logic and morality and reasoning goes out the door with a single choice made according to the information we were taught and given, rather than the information we ought to know. What this implies is basically the human being is corrupt, or foundationally weak because in spite of knowing that the money system deliberately causes conflict to have its money, therefore the money we possess is of that origin a violent origin, the human bows down to money. Submits totally to the will of money, using money as the scale that determine what’s good and bad. If money and the money system were foundationally good, then using money as the scale would present no problem. But money and the money system, as we all know, is the practical manifestations of what is bad.

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Day 547: Entertainment To Quench Your Thirst

It just occurred to me that nothing of media actually cares about you who is reading or watching it. So no music, news, content creator, personality, celebrity, actors, writers, producers, care. All they want is your attention and a like. They aren’t concerned about the effects their content has on your mind personally.

But bringing the point back to Self, I’ve been fuelling this relationship with the system since the beginning, my birth. And so much money and research is done on what will attract my attention, all for profit. I’ve indirectly and directly gave money to this propaganda arm of the consumerism group. And the face of the world system seems to be to have many faces, spanning cultures and countries, recruiting the talents of many human beings across the world. But they all just want one thing: money. Entertainment has never been viewed in such a light by me before, as the changing faces of an abusive world system that seek my validation and commitment to it.

One thing the world system is impeccable at: ravaging societies and environments. But something holds us back from adding 1 + 1 to see that we cannot support the world system with the verve and enthusiasm that it garners from fans across the world. I’m not saying separate yourself from the system, but become a virus in the system and from within, change the system. And don’t be fooled by the minds of human beings that are oblivious to the obvious ravaging this world system enacts daily. On the surface this may seem like a very pessimistic message, but it’s like the insight necessary to remain grounded in a world such as this, where consumerism has reached new highs and selfishness, the ideology of selfishness has inserted itself into the minds of humanity the deepest its ever been.

It’s funny, I see the world as safe and unsafe. Safe in the physical definition of safety in my immediate environment that directly affect me, but unsafe in the various ideologies that are promoted in various ways unrestricted. One can say all the entertainers of this world have one thing to sell, and that’s happiness or love. The selfish definition of happiness and love, that focuses purely on what YOU desire personally for you alone. Causing one, or is it accepting and allowing one to get lost in selfishness in various ways, but all grounded in the past, creating the present and determining the future. Instead of remaining grounded in the interest of all human beings, realizing that the system creates the problems therefore the system needs to change. The system of profit needs to change. An Equal Money System changes the living philosophy of the system from profit to life. Before that all intentions are paving the road to hell. Justifying basically the system to remain the same in its origin of profit.

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Day 546: Curiosity About God’s Creation

Talking to get a glimpse of ‘god’s’ creation. At some stage in everyone’s life, we become aware that the world is not just me alone, so would delve into politics, religions, spiritualities, economics, philosophies. And strangely, we believe that it is a path that we must forge for ourselves alone, we cannot accept help or guidance from anyone else but myself. But time and time again, this self has proven to be swayed by emotions/feelings, intuition of which brings consistently questionable results. Has it never occured to the average human being that we can work out solutions together? But perhaps I’m referring to the personalities that we religiously abide by. Everything about us that pursue their own version of happiness, oozes of the past and tradition and this is the way things must be. What has caused us to fail to consider that the very eyes we look at things can be biased from birth? Why does everyone say “I know” when we say “Be the change you want to be in the world”? How does the art of self deception work?

I have a great fear of deceiving myself. That’s why I daily check where I’m at, what consequences I’m accumulating in the storybook that is my life. That’s why I religiously abide by the physical feedback that I receive from physical reality, that’s seldom pleasant but always lead to some solution.

If there’s one trick that the system is devilishly good at, it’s the trick of making you and I believe we know everything. We say we don’t know everything, but the way we act betrays our words. Talking to get a glimpse of ‘god’s’ creation. The way everything’s playing out, with people gaining knowledge of politics, religions, spiritualities, economics, philosophies, why is it that we’re satisfied with only knowing? Wasn’t our motivation from the beginning to gain insight into humanity’s movements or lack of, to lead a life that is aligned with supporting all of humanity? It just occured to me that there’s such a thing as self interest: maybe the elite of this world, of which I am one, only want to know humanity to the extent of manipulating it to get what I want/need/desire. We have never been interested in a solution for all of humanity, somewhere between being raised by parents and becoming a parent, one give up and give into something. At Desteni we define that something to be Energy as emotions/feelings of self interest. I define it as giving up and giving into the way things are. There are some things that if we settle for less, we become less. Settling for the current world system in all its philosophies, characters, money, makes us less than human, because we inadvertently become the direct cause of the majority of humanity not living a life I would like to live. Is it obvious that the world system is consuming physicality to turn into money? We all know the statement, “money is the root of all evil”, I would change that to “the money system is the root of all evil”. Because all of us understand the pressing need to please a world system, that in its character gives a minority everything, and some nothing. We all fear being that nothing, but it’s not enough fear to cause us to want to understand the fear, to creating solutions to the fear, to removing the fear.

This relationship to fear of loss and love of gain has bedazzled us since the beginning. In my life at least, this love of gain has been repeated in the variations of the message from various people throughout my entire life. That doesn’t mean it’s real, look at what it does to the majority. Our ability to add 1 + 1 got lost. Throughout my life, I’ve seen the products of this system as people transfixed on self interest, fear, money, it has a lot of names, but I personally never asked the pivotal question, “Where are these people coming from?” They come from the world system, and in the product as people, you see the fruits of the world system’s education. We get more and more stubborn elderly people, we get 2/3 of the world without flushing toilets, such a thing as poverty to exist, and a majority of those with stable income having justifications for these things to exist. I’m not impressed by our general ability to coordinate as a group, at the moment we’re leaving that responsibility to the world system and money and profit to guide that crucial point. It all makes sense if you told me, hey I forgot about all the rest of the people in the world. What this ‘rest of the people’ is ending up becoming is just a thought attached with an emotion/feeling. Meanwhile our pursuits of happiness are given money. Look at how much that has grown with money. That’s why at some point, we need to make a decision to water the plant of equality.

That’s why you should investigate before you invest into the Desteni message, the Equal Money System, the Equal Life Foundation. The first of many sales pitches that doesn’t play on your fears. Can you do the math?

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