Day 750: Why Are People So Calm About Money?

Bernard Poolman was an extraordinary individual. He would shoot past intellectual arguments to the vital importance of a subject. He would speak as if he saw through you, embraced it, and remind you that you have a better version of yourself yet to be born. It strikes me to this day how he could have written in a way that speaks as relevantly to the present times as it did years past. Creation’s Journey To Life blog was his writing project, as well as countless quotes from forum posts and audio interviews. His written work reads like Lao Tzu; always brushing on what is important beyond my present definition of importance. But as long as you do not investigate, my words will seem like lofty praise alone.

People live as if peace exists. People give to their careers until they have luxury, then rejoice in the luxury meanwhile having crises of meaning, sickness, chronic pain, and a fervent belief in the system. Regarding this, people balance their inputs of fiction and reality. Living in a dream while living in reality. The beauty industry is using paltry details of reality to refer to a dream carefully woven by the rest of the world. The psychological and blinding effect of beauty is neither considered or thought of to obstruct the painful truth. It’s reality that females dolly themselves up because they on some level know, the ugly realities that play out in reality and present an unsolvable problem, one they cannot handle. It’s the same for music, art, TV, fiction, non fiction books, stories. What is the reality when a professional commits to words to protect his/her self interests protected by the system, meaning when a professional resorts to verbal violence to protect the system that supports him: he supports poverty in this world through the same tool that allows him his riches. What is the dream but the vague feeling the world works. What’s the dream but the belief there are right and good professions and jobs when every job is suffused with unequal money?

It’s unbelievable the extent big corporations have bought all the ad space in TV, bought off all entertainment to not say anything about the truth of this world, control news, control aspects of the stories told through TV series from discussing the state of capitalism and democracy. There must be some good in the bad. It’s that same hope that there is something good that ultimately blinds one from seeing the truth. There is equal weight to good and bad acts, and some project farther than others because of the level of implementation. We’re in the worst form of control this world has ever seen, it’s unbelievable. In money, we trust to have a few winners intoxicated with themselves and the rest losers falling into hell. War has evolved into a war within a language, in spoken and written format, filtering what can or can’t be said, what appeals and what digusts. The truth digusts one for awhile before you realize the merits of truth.

It’s hardly benevolent to glamorize the resources and withhold it from the majority, using force in the name of wealth when pushed. In Hong Kong we see it very clearly: the glamor of luxury being promoted and bought by parent’s children, while not for an instant does anyone realize they are perusing this luxury at a real cost of life crippling inequality in money by upholding an unequal system called capitalism and the present incarnation of democracy. The luxury brands and restaurants lull people to sleep and be satisfied with unequal money, grateful and fearful of what money can do. Where is love, care, and respect for the physical flesh that exists on every single human transcending countries and economic laws? This love for wealth alludes to a disease stemming from a faith and trust in capitalism to do good to society ultimately.

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Day 749: The Newly Employed Will Be Why The World Is Getting More Schizophrenic

Perhaps I’m venting. Maybe there isn’t something sinister and sick about what propels each person to turn a blind eye to their own freedom. Maybe this society is working to a conclusion with or without my input. Maybe media and entertainment don’t have things they cannot say in public because of private interests, or the interest in unbridled capitalism. Maybe there isn’t a contradiction between capitalism and democracy, capitalism and education.

I visited a trendier area filled with young people. I look at their gazes. Filled with hope for a career, relationship, status, the good life of entertainment and travel. Is this freedom to work for the people that believe in power in the hands of a few, this freedom to amass wealth to live the good life, is this freedom real? The rules implying stuff to be done to be approved by education institutions with a degree, the rules implying responsibilities to be contractually agreed upon and demand pressing attention in work, why isn’t there a rule that demands pressing attention on a personal basis towards systemic faults like poverty and war? For a society with its voice muted and its freedoms restricted to only the freedoms that will continue to turn the capitalism wheel round, I see us younger adults preoccupied with making money, looking beautiful, whatever it is it’s separate from the part of reality that reveals a really crippling and dark contrast to human life on Earth. It’s too easy to be embroiled in personal day-to-day routines divorced from the realities we’re imposing onto reality through lobbying except for our own personal reality. We’re hypnotized to think we have power and influence over our worldly vicinity. What happens when a natural disaster like the wrong law is enforced through the legal means, but producing devastating externalities and results? It must be realized when a bureaucracy managed by the banking system decides the laws and what money is, personal power and influence sort of never touches that area that requires everyone’s attention. Young and old alike genuinely believe they can live the rest of their days in peace. For people with some sense of responsibility towards society, we people-please and fawn over our employers alot unable to ask where all that money comes from.

Our personal drama plays out and we’re so focused on the drama searching within it for some kind of peace and respite that we forget: money makes the world go round. Money is what capitalism primarily uses to enforce its message through media and deciding school curriculums and history in education systems. The rational hope for earning money are the contracts made with everyone to make everyone work for society and tow the profit loving narrative everywhere. Money in its present predicament allows the possibility for an employer to rule over you, it allows the banking system to rule over presidents to force them to make war. Money allows deep dark life-threatening contrast in the appearance of a human life on Earth, within the same vicinity. Money allows a farming village in China to go out of business and force them to run a phone scamming business. The prospect of money held by your potential employers present a limited and world crippling scope of what you can do not for the world, for pre-existing businesses and promoting the business format, forcing neglect on real world issues caused by the same money you’re earning. We don’t like being controlled, yet money fully supports control and bullying and allows methods of control far worse than what Hitler did to Germany. Money can’t be the problem, it’s feeding me fuck others elsewhere in the world. It’s the difference between family and friends isn’t it.

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Day 748: A Filthy Rich Minority and Coveting It is Not Right Or Good

It’s like a survival mechanism. After prolonged awareness of the impossible I default to a neutral position about it. What? How this world is getting worse and worse socially, economically, politically, to giving everyone a dignified life in spite of more people stepping out of poverty; yet poverty exists because of capitalistic philosophy, why as a system aren’t we bringing together all our resources to eradicate systemic problems like poverty? Why must it be delegated to charities that help some yet not much yet it’s something at the very least? People are free to live as if global problems don’t exist and their responsibility ultimately leads to us individually, that can be ignored for a lifetime. People are free to have their predecessors fight for increased privilege as money as professionals and live freely in their hard fought status and wealth against the majority who aren’t professionals. People are free to think because someone came up with the idea, profit should be proportionally siphoned to the head person and allow the rest to a relatively meagre lifestyle, there are businesses that went bankrupt because their operating principles did not mesh with capitalism and brutal competition, other companies saw them as a threat to their way of accruing power and squished them.

When is there ever a clear verbatim line drawn towards competition? Killing is one of the sides of competition. It’s literally not fathomed how much control, i.e. censorship, the internet and media in general is being subject to. It’s becoming difficult to connect with a single person who speaks the truth regardless of capitalism’s vested hidden interests. And who’s responsible? Not the people throwing money around like a weapon of control. Not the corporations spinning this wheel. The public, believing in a delusion that a corporation is a person with morals they promise to upkeep or rather, deluding themselves that they cannot be the one tempted by profit to skew world events in their favour.

Money right now allows power games amongst minorities to exist. Money allows the separation of people into economic classes and professions. Money allows the Internet to be legally morphed into the puppet voice of unabashed capitalism. What’s the difference between a person like Stalin controlling the media and a corporation controlling media? We act, measure, and judge things based on the information flowing into us through media. It’s a pain in the ass to be shown nothing but ultimately meaningless trifles of the perfect lifestyle and the perfect me with no substance, no profound meaning to it. It’s a pain in the ass that no outcry is made for what money is promoting and supporting, a form of psychological corruption and greed because only the worst examples of us humans get to stay at the top of this money ruckus. Those of us that will lie, cheat, steal, do everything and pull every stop to protect their self interest. Should money be allowed to invite these possibilities into mainstream consciousness? Why the fuck does money support cruelty and brutality in some strange way, how organized crime is supported by the same money that a farmer earns?

It’s bloody obvious. Money encourages most to have little, and few to have everything else, including a voice to influence important decisions aside from the material goods, services, and experiences. Capitalism is a form of inequality with its heart being the money system with which it throws its weight around and brings police at our front door with weapons to threaten to kill us. How is it acceptable that policies can be changed to profit for a few at a level the rest of us know to be untouchable by us? How is it acceptable that government listens to a level of society that is disconnected with us because of how much money they own? On whose agreement does all this power fall into your lap? And what do you do with the interpersonal trust we vested into you?

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Day 747: Push For Equal Money

How is it people play down the effects of siphoning fortunes to media corporations and believe all news that reaches their eyes and ears is fair, good, and true? What part of government serves corporations doesn’t young people understand? We’ve accepted and allowed a crystal clear disconnect between government and populace for a long time, how is it we play down profit’s influence when we make big cosmetic, pharmaceutical, banking, food, extremely wealthy and assume they will not use financial might channeled into lawyers and accountants to skew media itself because it’s wrong to? No one talks about how it’s impossible to have a meal without money coming from one source to another, subsidized and grown under the lust for profit by farmers? What happens when money is given more importance and reality than food itself and its existential demand?

Crimes against life exist. Obscuring perspectives on the economic and political landscape is denying free speech and makes the entire world poorer for it. Offering your labor itself for a price is wage slavery and job stability. We’re living in a society where there’s an organized crime society using the same money we praise fervently for its powers everyone gives it. You know Hollywood is how organized crime societies wash their money clean. How does no one know where every cent of profit from Hollywood comes from? It’s as if people paying to watch is how we convince ourselves that Hollywood’s creations are made rich by our votes in money purely. What is the reason for allowing amassed money to give access to important decisions affecting the populace? How come is it accepted and allowed that rich people get to make important decisions about policies and laws and regulations?

But if you ask any rich person, they attribute their power to the rest of us embracing money as a religion for the personal dream. The absolute control over media by corporations is so extreme we would rather not believe, and us abusing free resources is paramount and key to keeping it this way, we’re responsible. The people that end up with the important slices of money making the decisions are always the people that lie, cheat, steal, have inhumanity, and for that reason alone we should have disagreed with the money system and make it that no one can have all the power for whatever excuse like money. It’s a perverted way to tell people to make a name for themselves through the system before seeing clearly what capitalism is used for more importantly. For control and hoarding resources, for protecting self interest.

The rest is charged with the responsibility to bring the system alive and scare each other from speaking the truth while playing the game. The rest has all the know-how to iron out and make work this system, so no. Rich people have no power so they’re invisible. The rest knows more than all rich people combined and still, we accept and allow rich people to dictate media and news to us. The rest is much more useful than all rich people. But still. We’ve accepted and allowed visions of cheaper products and free goods and services to seduce us, divert us, and divide us. The way we don’t care about other people is in a way quite ruthless and brutal in our own way, and we’ve actively made this decision. The procedures to deliver and receive goods/services and money reeks of distrust and cynicism, requiring signatures everywhere. There are less malevolent people out for destruction than you think, and than it seems on the Internet. Obviously people with some morals outnumber malevolent people otherwise our greatest resource of interpersonal trust would not exist, but it exists in abundance. Greed would not be allowed to compromise another if an Equal Money System existed. Takes the wind out of being rich and no longer powerful in a personal sense.

Work is only work that helps the corporations actively or by getting out of their way and only work that helps the rich people become richer. Work is work when it is paid and who controls the flow of money but rich people. The most abundant mine for money is big corporations with no morals. And we are miners greedy for personal survival forgetting our interpersonal trust and agreements, hoping to win the jackpot in this lottery system of a money system of businesses. So no wonder everyone is corrupted. No wonder everyone’s self interest complicates collective agreements and clear and beneficial for all policies and rules.

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Day 746: Greed’s Responsibility to the World

I believe self interest is an instinct of self preservation in the face of confused stories describing how any one citizen should act and consider. When all your life you’ve been taught to play silent in big corporations for security and happiness, and explore only what big corporations think is necessary for you to learn to be good at your job alone – rather than what would make you a morally complete and satisfied person – life becomes a struggle. And that’s why no one says a thing when Jordan Peterson says life is suffering. How much of that is simulated and coerced by profit obsessed persons and how much of it is inevitable, fate?

If I were given a complete explanation of what is happening in the world, I would see the problem with the solution hand in hand, and there wouldn’t be questions about my role in the system and what I’m bringing to life. Jordan Peterson, Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, they help to uplift and bring back profound meaning and purpose to living in the day to day, but for the previous reason they are not the complete story in crystal clarity.

It’s understood that people in power behind the household names of media conglomerates and other parts of the economy are pulling every stop they can to interfere with everyday people’s tendency to explain The Situation in clarity and reach agreement, because for whatever reason, these few people are totally petrified of the mass. I predict it will eventually be understood that not a single human being can be controlled, be it through an excuse like media, entertainment, music, TV, news, for the same reason that no matter how strict a corporation’s laws are, people assert their will and battle for their right to be on the negotiation or meeting table. YouTube and Google is censoring views they decide are inappropriate while big media is tempting Google with profit to violate free speech and molest people of their responsibility to state the truth.

Yet another example that profit in its most important moments is a cruel, brutal, greedy, inhumane spirit passed around the elite people in positions to make these important decisions. Short circuit the obsession for profit with a guaranteed basic income or more completely, an Equal Money System and profit can exist as a force for good really. Not here for good like Standard Chartered bank when they are fully supporting the atrocities motivated by money like organized crime and war.

Lately I’m debating in myself whether the self protectionist attitude to personal success is something good or bad. In the context of a morally starved human existence, it’s something to preoccupy the mind from thinking about the important things that is made difficult to answer once and for all. So in a sense the self interest is saving populations by replacing profound citizenship with personal skill and prowess implied with success. Simultaneously, self interest is why the world will never change. Change is fearful, it shifts what should be valued and strips people of their success in exchange for other kinds of people having success. The model person to strive to not be like is the people stuck in in their jobs and meaningless daily grind “working” for corporations that give security to them and stripping it entirely from the competition and externalities. Made to believe they found their position in society through their hard work, they become in some way little corporations scheming to protect their “hard earned” status while it was allowed for them to have it, at a cost tainting every dollar earned by anybody with the blood of many. It’s also rather evil to be a person that trades his physical creations living the life of people’s dreams not realizing it’s something wanted by all but impossible for most artificially impossible because of the competition held by profit, and he is equally responsible for it because he is letting the status quo flourish along with his artisan business.

So is self interest good or bad? At skim of course it’s bad, it’s the drive in people that’s putting economics politics and war in gridlock. It’s a historical fact that people attempt to immortalize themselves through doing something outstanding, stating outstanding truths or wisdom, amassing money. Family, parents demanding their children to work for people that will give you a stable income ignoring what that group of people are doing to the world, perhaps making world problems worse yet that fails to register, is a pretty logical reason for why the world is in its predicament today, right now, exactly here. Bad people get to hoard all the resources when good people do nothing. Demanding their children to go through higher education for higher amounts of money in their account, while the education system and history, for that matter, is foul with the funding and influence of aggressive large corporations. It’s as if people default to greed when they can’t find the moral answer that brings clarity to all this. What’s with modern survival when the rule that money can only come from big corporations is but an assumption forced down our throats to be a godly law sanctioned by our government? Who is slowing down the implementation of a guaranteed basic income? Money contains within its spirit a religious element that seems inappropriate in modern times so is swept under the rug, but nonetheless money has become a sort of religion in the pursuit of itself. Because of a single story about an abnormally moral individual, religion has forged its space to thrive in transcending wars and conflicts and disease and even transcending money and the business model and profit itself. So everything with the potential to become a religious habit is quite potent and should be partaked in with a healthy amount of caution and skepticism.

It’s said people with money form a single religion transcending religions. How is this not investigated and analyzed down to the truth? Any change in law is feared and resisted to the tooth because everyone fears losing what they have, so it’s a good general guideline that any change in The Situation does not displace people with money and power with other shitheads appointed to the job. We must forgive offenders and focus on facilitating solutions through free speech and open forum, which is what Equal Money brutally and directly does to everyone. When no one can be in power with money anymore who or what is in power?

So self interest and the personal drive for personal success is not all bad, there’s stages in this process that ultimately precipitates the good.

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Day 745: The World With Tech Is A Profitable Mess

In my mind society is separated into two factions: the decision making group in the top 1%, and the rest of working people’s common lifestyle. Within both factions there exist a phenomenon I call a money umbrella: when a person cares for you and pays your bills and offers a working environment imbuing visions of the dream. Basically when an authority that controls what money you will have decides to protect you and finds you worth using to make money with, that’s the money umbrella which includes parents, bosses, professors, politicians, the people one level upward in the management of the worldly chaos affording a little slice of paradise for you personally suiting your self interest.

Basically you have politicians and heads of corporations and people already with most of the money, playing a political game with the aim of profit ignoring externalities. You have most of the world working a job for a big company because of its job stability – funny stability in the face of crude instabilities big corporations enforce onto populations of people through antics like the status quo – most of the world doing shit they don’t like as a job with responsibility, balancing misery with comforts suggested to them by the media. You have famous entertainment people – actors and musicians – all seeing problems in the world and fixing them personally in the format most acceptable to the status quo so their attempts are not thwarted by rich private corporations, i.e. charities and personally funding people’s lives, and at the same time, moving to protect their self interest and gain notoriety and competing amongst themselves in their line of work. You have people creating physical goods through their skill which includes making tools and parts for machinery and stuff, farmers using their skill to grow large crops of delicious vegetables, people harvesting natural superfoods for the health foods industry, fisherman, potters, knife makers, people that actually produce the physical objects of technology like phones and gadgets, coffee equipment, people that with their skill offer the following value proposition. A satisfying experience related to the physical senses as with anything that is crafted to a high level like your hifi speaker manufacturers and IEM headphone manufacturers.

It can be boiled down to several areas where people chase for the perfect experience through objects: hifi speakers headphones IEMs and their equipment, eating delicious food, all the objects that promote a good night’s sleep, smartphones, making coffee, jewellry, fashion. The modern company’s usual aim is to create this kind of illusion where if you purchase their more premium items, you’re afforded an objectively better experience according to their literature and advertising/suggestion. Cooking equipment and knives you can see this clearly, speakers, smartphones, keyboards and mice, computer equipment, musical instruments, glasses, all the electronics in the home such as fans and electrical appliances, the proper equipment is labelled premium, and objectively inferior products offering objectively inferior experiences meet price points for all budgets for the poor fucks that don’t have enough money in their general budget to pay the price for the proper equipment.

One big smokescreen is the background misery and how that fuels this impulse to be attracted to shiny things. A big part of anyone’s life whether you belong to either faction is driving the desires for proper experiences and experiences that induce a short lived high note. Not exactly happiness, but surprisingly good comfort that is temporarily satisfying. The biggest richest industry in the world is the food and restaurant industry. The profit is proportionate to the time most people allocate to these activities where we search constantly for an objectively better food, or experience in general.

Another big smokescreen is government, politicians, and the corporations that guide government policy and education policy and war policy. This is a thing that will tell its story and speak a narrative regardless of our work or input or lack of. It’s being moulded by other people’s self interests at a level where we cannot see or hear them; they are invisible because of how few they number but they have so much money and so much power in their positions in society that they are like mythical creatures that guide our country’s laws. From the protest recently in Hong Kong it’s certainly clear that government’s interests are divided between people and corporations, so they make these statements that are ambiguous to give themselves room to ruminate to one action that will float both faction’s boats. Government in Hong Kong has to conform somewhat to governments around the world because of the economic and political ties to other countries. So of course government in Hong Kong will not sit down and listen to university student’s suggestions; government has its own interests that are limited by the world and by their budget from whatever source of income that no single person can represent fully. Which is why no single person in government would agree to sit down and talk to protestors.

Essentially the people that write the laws like government are their own complex web of assurances of moral decisions that benefit everyone, corporation’s voice within the government changing policies that don’t really affect most people but bring alot of profit to them. Politicians don’t become politicians because they represent the people today, they become politicians because they listen to corporations, other governments, and heads of large corporations representing different parts of the economy. We’ve accepted this disconnect between government and most people. The corrective action to raise death to this structure and build an even more moral government would be to fund and root for our own politicians speaking for common policies that would be best for all.

The world is strange because depending where you look there’s opposing and opposite attitudes that conflict with each other if it were a single person. Mainstream media is bought out by companies only out to make profit. Music and entertainment is another complex web of power and people dedicated to music and entertainment. What is the real story about the world? You won’t find it in your country’s news. You won’t find it in the Internet’s news. On one hand you have people dedicating their lives to creating superior products and goods and foods but in this context of power, greed, and what capitalism has let flourish as a small rich ruling class. You have people saying goodbye to the cities and fucking off to a corner of the world to find their own lifestyle. You have famous musicians and actors and writers and directors working at a high level but used to comfort and quiet the masses.

Is it because of this story that our parents demand us to believe that we’re powerless so we should focus all our actions to fighting for our own benefit and achieving a position and place in society that’s stable? So we have people perfecting their art and perfecting the merchandise of capitalism, in a way hiding behind their money that they’ve profited from their work, that’s fuelling the illusion of a society that works in spite of its systemic problems like the atrocities motivated by money. We have rich famous actors and musicians worsening the problem by choosing a small problem and solving it officially through creating a company or charity. We have a society that believes we do good when we donate to one of the well known charities. Charities are band aids to gaping holes that are abused to justify the current system and the current scarcity of money, while money is one of the big motivations for the atrocities motivated by money.

The biggest criminal in the world is the most common criminal: the good person that does everything for himself but nothing to deter and ward off outgoing bad people from making compromising decisions. It’s most people that make the world function and make the laws and the government come alive. Real people decide to participate in war and in the army. What makes me differ from a doctor that helps the people closest to him making a fortune but living in his own luxurious hole in the world?

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Day 744: What is So Attractive About Born In Sin That Seems Intuitively True?

I’ve discovered something that’s true: from the day I was born, I am personally responsible for the poverty, war, murder, and rape in this world. The way I am responsible is because I am a good kid that has done and said nothing in the face of these dichotomies which demand an explanation, but none are offered in this civilized world where atrocities motivated by money are accepted and allowed. In my incarceration and deliberately dogmatic curriculum as a student, I was the part of the population that was most protected and inside a walled garden, in which the reasoning was implied that adults knew how to solve their own problems and all I needed and all that was called on for me was to engross myself in my academic studies and incorporate myself into bigger and bigger samples of society. And it is implied that I will get through the bigger and bigger and more malevolent society through sheer luck and masks called job titles and learning would give me the luxury of not explaining all of everything that I do.

When I look at students in general, they are a consuming force to be reckoned with and entire industries cater to this demographic. The most active and optimistic are among the young. It was said by the governing authorities in the education industry that HK students should not protest the laws by skipping class for the reason that it cripples their future. What future is this that education has become an arm of the corporations to produce obedient quiet workers and citizens that become obsessed with the news and petrified at real change. It’s a future deigned absolute by the rest of the adults, including those that quietly fulfil their jobs and comprise of an appearance of a working functional society with problems that do not cripple its utility.

In my mind the real perpetrators of capitalism are not the tiny few wielding power or money, it’s everyone else that acts in a way that they hope society is all and well and there’s merit to society that needs to be celebrated that use money that horrifies many to how immobile one becomes without it, that motivates the organized crime because money is agreed to have to be scarce, money that places a price to our lives and living that we’re charged to justify our existence by falling into one of the professions and wielding knowledge as weapons of self defence, money that conjures the assumption that everyone, because of their lifespan, is born into debt because only money can be realistically exchanged for food, money that protects the bad and is what sustains the good people and the good in people as well as the bad. What if this society is transfixed on the next venture towards profit called technology and AI because our families and our parents taught us that profit from any source becomes good and money washes away our darker tendencies to form a polish of success, and taught us to lay low and accept the bribes and accept that we are used by a big system to continue it and advertise a way of life and saying it’s good and right. It seems short sighted to place our collective hope in AI to feed us from the profits it will conjure when what is good and right persists in the modern greater context to be grey and complex and almost impossible to articulate into what any person should do and what boxes they should tick when deciding on their lifestyle. When business can call upon an entire society to build ridiculous buildings and flood into the mainstream consciousness as our TV series hold evidence to, selling a dream of climbing the social and economic ladder to an ideal lifestyle, why is the best society can do to address problems of society is to create charities and non profit organizations funded by God knows who only alleviating part of the suffering?

Why doesn’t society organize itself like how business organizes society to confront directly the society’s problems with all of its physical resource and using all of its resources of interpersonal trust in all contracts as one globalized society confronting the world’s poverty, prostitution rings, war, and any other atrocities motivated by money? Why does money in the form of budget often limits governments and individuals from solving a big problem with an all encompassing solution? Why does the allure of being given money from God knows who or where control and distort our news, our media, our entertainment, and the Internet to give off the stench that everything is fine, in spite of all problems, because we can’t see these problems in front of us we can act as if they do not exist and let them fester in a life of its own.

What is so honorable and righteous about a person that only does what he is interested in and puts in blood, sweat, and tears becoming good at his profession uplifting only his own ass, justifying his own worth by raising his price for his services, when meanwhile, when placing these actions and commmitments in the consideration of a greater context, and what a citizen should do to fulfil a society’s needs and solve society’s problems, it’s realized to be dripping water into a bathtub with a gaping hole? Why do we unequivocally look up to people with much more money than us, rather than asking what is the list of activities implying actions that everyone regardless of their money ought to do to create a really good society because everyone has a divine spark that is priceless and to be viewed with the highest religious reverence and it’s not money that makes a person shine? Why is it easier to set a heuristic that rich people are good people so we buy their advice in books meanwhile the situation on the ground is much more sinister, brutal, and there are more casualties than we think? How can it be difficult to imagine what every citizen of the world’s responsibilities are and to act on those responsibilities to let a corrupt society die and let a good one to be born?

Money is obviously a high priority in the stories news tell, higher than life itself. With a guaranteed basic income the blind religious zealous attitude towards a new frontier of profit like AI and tech would subside and something more fundamental to our existence than AI is stressed which is everyone’s lives and what everyone’s lives should be worth and how that is supposed to be implemented practically in the laws and in the economy and what should be stressed in the political debate and news. Not of the misgivings and greed surrounding profit and trade going back and forth between US and China. This world is one society with many areas of differing opinions on governing with world scale problems and diseases some of which can be traced to how money is distributed in the world. It’s a big problem that most everyone are signing contracts to jobs doing things they are not interested in, embroiled in social conflict, promoting apathy and frustration. Isn’t Japan’s society and social situation a premonition of the problems the rest of society in the world faces in the future?

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Day 743: The World That Works While Being Dysfunctional and Malevolent

How is this world right and good? That is what a doctor has argued for in front of me for 2 hours. But governments have a budget that’s partly from the people and from big corporations which limits their capacity to meet the needs of the population in social welfare for example. The big question is why are people justified in their thinking that a limited budget is reason enough to help solve only a portion of the population’s needs? The big question is why is this society justified in saying to itself that it apparently “cannot” fund and produce the services to meet the needs of a population? What are people doing that is so important that it is priority over maintaining a society’s own health and well being?

What most people are investing blood, sweat, and tears into is an idea called profit. The hope is instilled that with being the reason for all this profit, he/she will accept a portion of that profit to live the life of their dreams. But at what cost? What are the externalities? What are the social costs? What about the people that simply didn’t make it to the table to play a profit game with these other few selfish human beings? What about the rest of the human beings given jobs extremely different in lifestyle and demands to the job you accepted? Can everyone work a job that affords them a dignified lifestyle and workload? Why is there such inequality with the sorts of jobs offered to all of us?

That doctor really confused me with his upfront attacks on what I value, claiming there’s something more than money and that this something is more powerful than money. Sure there’s other value hierarchies which we participate in that are separate from heeding the highest bidder, but money’s influence in the entertainment we digest, to the look we promote to ourselves and others, to what jobs are available cannot be stressed enough how powerful money is. It alone allowed the Bible to be preserved up until now, it shaped and broke countries in the far past and even in the present, it’s the only thing we’ll accept in exchange for the food that’s governed and withheld by money.

I reason to myself that this view of the doctor’s that puts human goodness on the powerful position and claims money is irrelevant when in the face of it, this view is from someone that’s argued intelligently to himself to justify his own conduct over decades. It’s his one line of reasoning very logical, that’s keeping his irrational tendencies in control and allows him to stand up with his shoulders back daily. Without a replacement in sight, it’s probable that he would vigorously defend his position.

There’s power in the traditional sense of the word attributing it to one person, then there’s the power of everyone stuck in sustaining their own lives but in the process making this world work in spite of its atrocities, and giving off the illusion that this world is working fine in spite of its problems. I don’t want to find myself decades from now putting blood sweat and tears into personal survival, and found out I had done nothing and even gave off the illusion that our education and work systems are great, and have death knocking at my door soon. What’s more powerful than a powerful person is when everyone changes their actions and behaviour to no longer support a certain policy or law from being passed.

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Day 742: If You’re So Dissatisfied With Hong Kong Politics Fund and Root For Your Own Politician

Commenting on the ruckus about Hong Kong’s potential change in legislation for China to be able to abduct HK people into the mainland to be tried in Beijing. It seems people are idealistic and hopeful and leave it as a feeling towards their own country forgetting what they are doing when they accept and uphold a job in a big corporation. What the majority has been doing wishing and fulfilling themselves in the capitalist dream that has been sold to us: that if you work hard enough, you will be in a position to reap all the comforts and security money can buy by selling out your people’s security and comfort, knowing full well that any money we earn validates and solidifies the system that is trapping everyone into a narrow pathway to survival. I think it’s common knowledge that politics and politicians have been bought off by big and powerful corporations but it’s not common to also note we the people are giving politicians no choice but to cater to big money. The wheel is turning because people are still believing that it’s possible to live a quiet comfortable life fucked off from politics and government in spite of globalization connecting us. We outright lie to our young people telling a narrative that it’s good and right to sit down in the education system for 20 odd years to worship and work for a big corporation that offers your own security at the cost of other people’s quality of life.

It’s a question I ruminate on frequently: what is to be done that is good and right in the context of the organized chaos where at the top people are changing laws for more money and personal power, and I and most everyone have no choice but to subscribe and preach for some money hoarding company where the top management is so disconnected and absentminded to notice everyone else that capitalism and competition has developed a modern form of slavery involving executive and associate.

Not to mention that money has connected everyone’s lives to each other regardless of country or government. The money that pays our bills and excuses us from the stress of not having electricity and water is the same money that is misused to harass people and wage war. Trump as an example of a well known politician, he’s appealing to a disillusioned laid off population that are frustrated by how technology has replaced their jobs while changing policies to give lavish gifts to the real buyers into politics. The people don’t buy into politics, the commonfolk don’t buy into politics in a sense politics will happen and the story will unfold regardless of what economic position or present situations people find themselves in. It’s like the economy will rise and fall and people that successfully predict it will earn their hoard and live comfortable automatically. Housing prices will tell their story and change automatically disconnected from the common person’s life. Politics has evolved into an arena where only the richest will talk to the politicians and have a say into the policies that will be implemented. People care about politics without understanding what it means to care about politics.

Since politics is a rich man’s game when it’s supposed to involve the participation of everyone’s decision making, such an extreme position that feels so normal nowadays calls for markedly different and against-the-norm action requiring everyone to do the same. It’s simply unheard of nowadays that a politician’s main backing and support comes from you and me and everyone else struggling relative to the flippant attitude of the richest and most powerful. We all have to agree on some guidelines and policies and understand why we are agreeing and impose it on some poor bastard that will be our spokesperson, our person in the politics as a politician. And even in a country like Hong Kong where politicians are voted in by a select group of other politicians, it’s pretty obvious when a policy that is best for all is refused entry into the laws by bought off people, and it ideally would be known exactly why what is best for all is rejected. It would be rejected because of the self interest of a minority of bloody rich people that number as a tiny few. Protests appeal emotionally but practically inconvenience ourselves. It would be pretty awesome if we pinpointed exactly which company’s CEO selling what product is against a policy that’s best for all, and then protesting by not buying or involving that product in our lives as a protest that speaks to the heart of any big corporation. Anything other than the majority funding their own politician separates the majority from its power to have any say or decision making in the political arena. If the politicians goes bad and sides with the corporations then we have the power to retract not only our financial support, but our ideological support and the prestige and utility of speaking for the majority’s voice. Losing money is one thing, losing credibility and reputation is everything for a politician.

The most corrupt thing is not a person but a way of doing things and the bottom line rules of conduct and involvement in the system; the most corrupt thing is the way money has been used to justify an attitude towards everyone and an ideology and a philosophy we’re familiar with by now from the TV series about rich selfish people that are our CEOs. Do not blame any single person for what has happened in the economy and politics because we’re all responsible for being good men that kept their silence for too long while bad men planned and organized the world into this. The idea that the person with the idea is the most valuable and should reap most of the profits, the idea that a doctor is more valuable than a sewage worker, we tacitly understand many ideas that are the fabric and the psychological roots of the current money system capitalism.

Equally dangerous and unhindered is the dream that money promises to everyone from spokespeople of money such as the education system and the job system, the form and structure of the big corporation, beautiful adults, beautiful entertainment spokespeople as actors and musicians and idols, people that are successful in the general sense of the term, people in high positions in big corporations, your parents. Ill family teaching is the root cause of why this world is in a mess and why generation after generation, people remain silent in the midst of power games and selfish actions.

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Day 741: Framing The World Problem Differently

What determines a profession to be stand up and honest? Every job is brought forth into life by the money it tells a story to convince that the job has value to society and should be able to rightly command an abundant price for the people living as that job for their private living expenses. It’s the same money which compels the bad to act into organized crime, and it’s the same money which protects them from public discrimination and gives them a dignified life. Must we produce something material or concrete like a sound plumbing job or a knife by ourselves and sell our product and service individually to be stand up and honest? Must we be selling a product that is proven to let society be off better with it than without it, on the shoulders of engineering practicalities inventing some new material adapted to some sort of usage? What about jobs offering services rather than goods? Is it stand up to be doing back office work for a company whose only aim is to profit at the cost of all externalities under the direction of a CEO who is compelled by the gods to value profit over their employee’s quality of life?

What determines any service to be good and right and honest? Any good, right, or honesty in the services offered are easily interpreted as an excuse and a justification that capitalism should continue existing. When have you met a good parent whose will is to force you to conform and put your head low in the administration and to carefully weigh positions of authority because they are dangerous in how power intoxicates? Any good done in the services offered without proposing a political direction other than the imminent one or that doesn’t speak about politics is good exemplifying how capitalism works so well and how education is working well and how the markets are right and good in their aim while their only aim is profit. Entrepreneurs that invented services that people discover they would like to demand are akin to people winning the lottery given that their environmental sociological input and upbringing pulled them by the hand to an answer, and that answer happened to press the jackpot and this entrepreneur inherits a degree of fortune and again, without political views the default is the capitalist view and capitalism has another agent and advertiser for its alleged usefulness and pressing importance to everyone.

The pressing importance of capitalism is the voice in each’s head that asks what you will decide to do to prove your worth and usefulness to the system in an all or nothing competition of the fittest in a deathmatch of intelligence and secret planning and organizing, all under the guise of benevolence and doing what is best for all for society in the service of society, in the illusion that you are a very good person. Defeating and annihilating the competition until there is no one left to challenge your position and blind faith is established in your vision to attract money to the important people making the vital decisions, that is competition. I loathed myself each time I won a prize or got distinction in the education game because it implied how idiotic and of lesser worth everyone else was, without myself believing everyone else was worth less than me. I was put on parade as a bright example of how successful the education system is to induce a human being to that degree of excellence and perfection when the actual story behind it was not the case at all. I couldn’t see an end to the endless competitions often at the cost of people’s futures, people that I interacted with as friends.

With being a student and in rebellion of the well known fact that schoolwork – all of it – becomes useless at graduation, comes an arrogance and a form of authority a student wields about his self importance because he is “educating himself to become an adult that is critically thinking and stands up for what is good and right”. From birth our default is accept and embrace the system because older people know better apparently. For supporting a vital pillar that makes capitalism work which is its education of the young and vulnerable, as a group the students of the world are equally responsible as the adults that fund education for keeping their heads too low and accepting all the curriculum, in rebellion of how education is useless for all its critical thinking and case studies of the world. Students accept their parents paying real money towards their path towards a stable job, while jumping enthusiastically as their status in society allows them to go on all sorts of adventures and mischief with forgiveness waiting for them on a system level, where everything done during our education is forgiven and assumed to be for our education. Students use the money given to them by their parents to buy goods and services and are a vital part of this consumer economy. It’s as if the parents are bribing their children to embrace their status of student and follow the rules quietly without critically thinking about their position at this time.

All in all young and old the whole lot is responsible for the petrified slowly decaying corpse that is capitalism, eating its populace away with job flexibility and death threats if anyone fails to comply. So I am embarassed at my conduct as a student, I trusted the wrong parent and family. And the adults that gone through the horror of education and come out whole and put their memories and the education system itself behind them, that’s kind of criminal too. Turning a blind eye keeping one eye closed and another open while teaching the future generation, sketching a little piece of paradise within the schools as a teacher accepting the bribe of consent and silence as they get paid their wages. Back to the question: What makes any productions of goods, or offering of services stand up, reasonable, and honest? What is the scope of jobs that I can say are safe bets towards being an actually good person? What are the jobs that actively harm society and make this world a more dangerous place?

Speaking of making this a more dangerous place, doing anything that supports the mainstream drive for fashion and novelty is quite toxic. So that would include movie stars, singers, dancers, advertising, music industry, TV industry, TV series industry, anime industry, it depends on what books you’re writing, and the elderly pastimes that drive the mainstream obsession for profit like the housing industry, stock market industry, political diplomacy industry, entertainment industry. For lulling the populace into a brief lasting space of comfort the restaurant industry, the coffee industry, the drinks industry like the big corporations that produce canned drinks and the Taiwanese bubble tea places, the food industry, the travel industry for subverting the burning question into tasty eats and soaking up the atmosphere, tourism industry. And for perfecting your art in the current social and economic climate, the pro audio industry is guilty for producing an excellent product charging a high price to fuck off in some local paradise spending their retirement in a hole somewhere, headphone and earphone industry, art industry, industrial and artsy art industries. For diverting the public attention to gadgets instead of the looming crisis of politics and war and crime and war on drugs and war on organized crime, the electronics industry, the smartphone industry, the television industry for facilitating the advertising and suggestion TV does. Politics has been quarrelling since forever when the big problem staring us in the face is a money problem, it’s a distribution of money/power problem, it’s an exchange rates problem, it’s a society thinking like merchants problem.

For me it’s difficult to identify any industry that from all angles is bulletproof honest best for all trade. Public transportation industry is pretty good, construction industry for building functional homes for people to live in and streets we can use, plumbing industry the problem and solution is presented quite plainly, waste disposal industry is quite practical and necessary, cleaning industry, car maintenance industry so people have working cars to use forever, sewage and water distribution industry, power industry so everyone has electricity, phone service providers for providing 4G, furniture industry, bed industry. The goods and services that we share are the things that when produced or maintained are best for all.

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