Day 761: Beauty Manipulates in a Way Ugliness Cannot

Sarcastically, my older sisters will contest every single remark I make in a way to demean, devalue, and “cut me down to size” type reply. In highschool, that never happened with me personally, but it probably happens amongst females. Girls don’t show how they deal with other girls being socially nasty towards everything that represents them. It’s said that a woman’s rejection has been a primary motivation for men to clean up their act. What if you’ve never known that woman except for her outer appearance, meaning you know nothing at all, as human is it important enough to change because of a stranger’s rejection and mocking?

Females gather into groups and brainstorm together to make decisions about men, how to attract them and manage their expectations. Most of the time, males cannot show affection to a female because it’s one male under the judging eyes of five, maybe more female’s scrutiny and harsh judgment. Going into relationship with that female means having lunch with her friends as family walking a very narrow line.

I’m probably not a typical male in the sense I’m socially integrated into the social fabric. I don’t adopt a trend for no reason, I refuse to attract females by modifying my outward appearance with trendy haircuts or fashion, I believe the business of trends is exacerbating the problem, but there is no choice = I’m attracted to females. No wonder female beauty is embedded in myth. It’s no question female beauty has been abused to powerfully attract us to only see a limited spectrum of opinion and vigorously talk within what is acceptable. It’s also completely unseen how much brooding and mild suffering females zealously participate in to maintain a beautiful body, a beautiful face with makeup.

It’s probably impossible to lead a successful career without extroverted willingness to debate and challenge people. It’s probably impossible to know how to be beautiful inside and out without harsh judgment of people close. Isn’t it interesting that our normal everyday behaviours have been modified to support small tyrannies, an unreported aspect of evil as things and events that everyone agrees no one wins? Honest psychology and psychiatry would admit the money system is fueling both good and evil enterprises and personality traits and that as long as that’s fact, good does not triumph over evil; it justifies evil’s invisible power. The definition of wealth and success supports abuse and is a limited vision. What is more valuable to you, millions upon millions of people’s mental health allieviated from the dead weight of profit-seeking enterprise and a world where no one is more free than another, or powerful countries with powerful armies wielding gigantic economies of just profit, a severely backward definition of profit? What is just about valuing resource and withholding it from some people?

A women’s attractiveness and rejection is significant enough for me to register something, but making the choice to reject humanity’s potential and common biological existence and subsequent consequences presents a Pandora’s Box of consequences that are several magnitudes more severe, serious, ferocious than Venus herself.

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Day 760: Extreme Cynicism and Optimism Belong Together

My two older sisters came to HK for a brief family reunion and I’m here to write about the changes and think about them. Immediately, I experience more stress like how instead of experiencing and directing one person, there’s three. A chat with a sister reminded me to be careful about the attractiveness of a book cover or appearance or impression, and that judging whether someone is a positive influence or not requires experiencing circumstances together for awhile to be accurate.

I was asked what I would like to do with the time I have. Partly I’m starting to enjoy the pace I’m currently at and relishing ordinary events in general. But today a person is his life and his career, and honestly, I have not done anything about any career. Having divorced from school, trends disappear and what remains is memories of trends and an old appearance. What trends are is the frequency I see people wearing the same thing. I watched one Korean drama series that was popular called Age of Youth, I interpreted it as an attempt to photograph most university student’s main interests and preoccupations.

The illusion is powerful. Generations are running as fast as they can while remaining in the same place, entranced and captivated by their own success producing stuff in alignment with some company’s goals, but the feeling of security comes from storytelling. Money is the energy or resource forming the foundation of countless tiny Heavens, each with their rulers or Gods choosing certain rules you have to follow to stay. Drilling deep into the material world to find stuff we can own and make companies out of, to survive. It makes sense that we’re united by a sense of urgent survival, while disorganized at best at our effort to stop poverty.

The way people are interested in being beautiful and successful is extreme, but it’s become normal. Fear of no money is extreme, but is normally used to control others. What are people so busy with that obstructs them from making the decision to change the distribution of money? What is so good and righteous of only rewarding intelligent people with a dignified life? What is good and right about owning resources and withholding it, making an exclusive club/economic class around it?

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Day 759: The Seen and the Unseen

Because of the undervalued impact of nurture onward through adulthood, each of us are blind while we see. We like to think of ourselves as incorruptible to the core because when we’re born, we’re born with dominant preferences which actively motivate us to behave in individual ways. Addiction has no limits. General knowledge says men are primarily shaped by women’s rejection which extends to men’s rejection. Women are subject to harsh social nurturing by fellow women, and on the surface, lead every women to highly value their personal beauty to act ahead of currency as a tool for self interest. How many women marry to be stable? Everyone including me is blind to what needs to be learnt to outsmart power systems to present ideas that call on everyone’s responsibility to reveal and project their empathy and humanity.

When wage slavery is seen as tyranny, no one is intelligent enough to offer a solution to corporate and government power systems. In a way, every protest in history is a complaint about money, a complaint and criticism about what money is letting possible; classes of people contrasted with our biological similarity, lives completely dependent on public sentiment about what to consume, everything that makes profit is justified by profit, like war, contrasted with what would benefit all. While it is profusely suggested that protest is the only way to voice our concerns and government is the problem and corporations are the problem. The basic problem is everyone willing to step on human dignity to be competitive, disguised behind various professions everywhere you look.

So what if I offend? Aren’t all of us united by the good potentially available in every person, all secretly motivated to lead the most noble, charismatic process? Money divided, isolated, allowed us to become assholes, what a world if money genuinely rewarded good work not prostituted to the cult of profit? There are real, complex human relationships to maintain and improve that are most meaningful, actually separate from the modern business religion that says it must be profitable to succeed. Keep in mind the people judging whether something is profitable or not are judging based on their single opinion mixed with threats. Every individual is blind somehow, because knowledge in one person has been eternally incomplete. When the same place have different meanings for each person, that shows our lack of empathy and compassion. Laws are a human invention subject to human blindness, basically opinions are passed off as laws. Every few years, some people are dissatisfied with the dominant opinion. And laws today is not about protecting all citizens, it’s about protecting huge government and corporate interests.

Since I’m the only one that blogs about truth, I am a loner. You may have your perspectives about my blogs, but you’re too intelligent to publish what you really think. The most intelligent people are often the most calculating and ruthless bunch. Intelligence has the danger of vanity with intelligence. Mephistopholes is portrayed as the most intelligent.

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Day 758: Who Will Continue George Orwell’s Work?

Every blog, I’m trying to understand what is in front of me. What understanding of the obvious is necessary that will unite different people to agree on one decision, putting aside personal interests and likings for something that will include us except all of us? A collection of novels scratch the surface of what humanity is doing to itself, in spite of authors like George Orwell spending his adult life wrestling between the good and evil in every single one, like me.

When you encounter a stranger, his/her face went through a strict process of selection to present the most generally attractive impression. Book cover aside a stranger is a human stranger, subject to an imperfect childhood with unseen difficulties and disease and pains are invisible to the naked eye. Eyes that see aside, our knowledge personally is eternally incomplete, and most perspectives will be suggested subject to other people’s biases, and we default to the safest worldview for the sake of our individual sanity. I see, but what do I see without any communication or dialogue? How much more vast and telling is the unseen, the contents of the book? How much of the unseen can be revealed in an hour’s conversation compared to how much I require to hear before seeing a person, not just the book cover? There is paranoia about the stranger that motivates us to treat them as less than human.

It’s impossible to discern honesty from dishonesty at the first decision. The illusion that comforts an adult from birth to death avoiding how to unite differences, to making the world better, is powerful: people throughout the ages transition from teen to adult saying I don’t want to be them, only to end up in the illusion that with enough money, we can lead our lives unaffected by everyone else. Part of the powerful illusion is everyone’s artificially enhanced faces which give off the smell of peace and great progress. It’s the hair raising storytelling disguising itself as dramas, TV, movies, and news. It’s the existential vacuum of American literature in the 1950s when the baton of realism has been dropped and forgotten. Another Malcolm X is impossible if publishing everything requires agreement. What is making the famous so wary of what they say if violence is assisted through money?

We’ve carefully evolved our violent ambitions to the verbal sphere and geographically isolated lands, in other words, we’ve hidden plain violence to the point of disbelief if we see it.

We know there are bad operations happening hidden around us. No one has cracked the nut as to how to stop assisting these bad ops with the misused trust we’ve placed into money. The worst of us probably hide the best behind beautiful faces and clean suits.

In this world of fiction and facts, both equally real if we look, with people needing imagination as fiction and facts to support his/her lifestyle story, are we living in a dream?

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Day 757: Open Letter

A list of good things are true for humanity. We are in the “safest” richest world ever. I ask good questions. What happened even after a single individual human being’s assessment of the world in general? All focus on work to get that pay raise. Too preoccupied with buying groceries, organizing home cooked meals, taking care of the kids, taking care of myself, taking care of the partner. Life has been made difficult through money. When I ask who’s responsible for how money is distributed across every tiny vein of the world body, a range of answers. A good portion of the peace we’re enjoying is because we have been suggested to believe we are playing a fair game with good rules that benefit the majority. I suggest it’s made fair depending on the circumstances and how much is at stake. What does the majority believe that makes them think they can spend as much time as they like on their beauty and looks while behaving as if paralyzed by some Medusa to do anything about their country’s politics? Because politics is the peaceful way to agree to something and change anything. What happened to the confidence and decisiveness that comes part in parcel with being young? How come your confident beauty isn’t showing as beautiful in terms of what you are doing to change corrupt politics to a fair and beneficial one?

Laws and crowd management has evolved; proactive empathy and courage to state the truth has diminished. We appreciate the gentleman when we meet one but fail to see the unseen. The older generation that nurtures and rewards gentlemanly behaviour, and punishes greedy thoughts. How the distribution of money wasn’t as strictly guarded and controlled before WWI. Isn’t it clear that through money we’re trapping present children to a lifetime of educational verification of their ineptness to report the failings of the education and work systems in vogue, to a lifetime of personal achievement in the form of a career while the world is decaying.

Corruption today spreads from top to bottom and recruitment is made simpler; just don’t see how money enables countries to hold nuclear weapons and protect its organized crime gangs. If money runs the world, surely it runs both good and evil enterprises?

Politics is the obvious only peaceful route we have to change the laws. You don’t have to be the politician living a glamourous life. Everyone has a choice to accept the bare minimum for living a dignified life. It’s not that we’re getting our hands dirty, we’ve been blind and dirtied over centuries since the invention of money to represent all resources on Earth. We’re clinging onto a desperate fiction that we live in a fair game with rules enforcing fairness. We think just because there’s less fighting more peace existed than ever before: wrong, it has mutated into an economic infighting with the loser losing his business and everything. More of us has lost than we admit.

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Day 756: Mainstream Is Fake

Partly when I’m writing my blog, I’m searching for the kind of prose that will leave people with no ethical choice but to take action; i.e. do something definitively differently under the correct assumptions about the world. The reason there has been a long silence about the realist picture of the majority is because of how out of hand profit has hypnotized a few people unwilling to let their control go hiding behind corporation names. There is no such thing as an ethical journalist that tells the truth that will force a country to change; any truth like that is silenced by killing every single one. The rest are frightened into submission by the decisions of these few people through money, a salary. You wouldn’t think the truths that people in Hollywood keep their lips shut about to save their own lives would be true in mainstream media of all categories.

Publishers, writers, all the people behind the scenes of your favourite TV show or movie are bound to an unspoken rule to reveal only the kind of truths that shock most people but crucially, do not disillusion them from their own country’s industries and government and politics. We’re all equally responsible for silencing the future Hemingway before he has even become popular. We agreed to let capitalism alone and ignore all the stories of foul play and asshole moves undermining all trust between winners and losers, we believe the winner’s version of the story of their success. Storytelling keeps disguising itself and shifting between industries like literature, video games, TV series, movies, animation, and there are fewer possibilities allowed by the people in control after each move. Meaning a smaller range of stories are allowed to be published at all. Meaning we’ve gloated wearing rose-coloured glasses only seeing the winner’s side of all the stories ever told. In the sense that we need a living story that guarantees a basic level of trust and fair play, we as a world are extremely fragile.

How stupid is Hong Kong believing education can be neutral? An education that teaches people the most important value is to survive through money upholding the law abandoning all ethical query when someone profits the most is akin to a form of mental enslavement. Slightly more advanced than enslavement after education, since you’re born into these greed-allowing narratives you don’t notice. In poorer cases you defend the greediest people trusting their promise to take care of you. Yes, they will take care of you. Your children too. And generation after generation after that they will do everything to prolong their control. Especially the heinous and evil options, everything they possibly can.

Still, like an abnormality to neutral education, you have people that grow up idealistic fuckers that want to help the world. So they invent a technology that will benefit everyone and make it a profit-making business. Sort of a dichotomy; the pursuit of profit or greed is the distillation of centuries of evil, and these well meaning fuckers know their ingenuity will be buried six feet under unless they make it a business. Profit is first priority for entire countries; let’s ignore that countries wage war on each other.

You have people trying to infuse empathy from all angles of the ubiquitous greed or corruption global hazard. Becoming lawyers, doctors, government officials, presidents. They all keep their mouths shut at some point in their ambition. The ones that keep talking get assassinated or we see them vanish. Yet it’s not powerful people’s fault. We’re responsible for accepting and allowing the people most vocal about the equality we all like to die. We’re responsible for accepting and allowing the system to give us headaches about how we’re going to live our lives and turn a blind eye to what we actually give to the billionaire when we siphon our money to them. The majority has the most convenience because without registering the event at all, it’s automatically solved and the dirty work is for the billionaire. It’s done for our burning wish to keep our lifestyles the same without any loss.

How do fair people and cheaters co-exist? How does trust and total distrust exist simultaneously? Live today and it’s clear. It’s clear they aren’t supposed to exist together, and it’s more straightforward to only have one, but what better excuse to not do anything than to let both co-exist and say it’s complicated. Leave it to my children and their education; they’ll figure it out.

All this economic warfare disguised as technology race would have an opposite undertone if one day, at an allotted time, we formally agree to default everyone to be a billionaire FOR THE PURPOSE OF cleaning profit of its blood on its proverbial hands.

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Day 755: Money’s Influence on History, Human Psychology, The General Attitude

I’ve noticed that while I dislike being in groups, I enjoy talking to individual people, to the point where I would purposely stay just to have a few more minutes of conversation. It seems when we are in groups, our most basic instincts to organize and highlight key individuals gets triggered, and I see more of how within every human is a divide separating good and evil. It’s as if the worst in us dominates when we are in groups. People’s ambitions are ignited when we are in groups. Our unique individuality becomes invisible when people are in groups, and usually a common theme ties the group together, like an interest.

The more powerful you are, the less you have to do everything. You have concepts like teams and people working for you to delegate almost everything except time for vacation. What is so valuable about experience that just having that justifies everyone else working for you? How does the eternal inequality in experience promote human dignity and show how responsible experienced people show themselves to be? Isn’t everyone looking for that point that will place them in the decision making class and give them time for vacation and leisure? Is time for leisure over a year and over a week part of human dignity? Are people addicted to work 24/7 the pinnacle of human beauty? Or are workaholics the pinnacle of making profit for someone else and the height of survival? It’s a real nightmare to be kicked out of the money system by having your business fail or being fired. A passive source of income has to have someone working like a dog to pay your bills. Isn’t passive sources of income announcing ownership of anything and charging people bills for using it?

It’s tough living through war. How about living in a fantasy of perfection when everything’s imperfect? Speaking for myself, I would have taken everything much easier if I was given accurate description of the terrain; that we have an imperfect complicated world because every human’s heart is good and evil depending on the circumstances. To Greta Thunberg’s eyes, we have this nameless blob of an organization governing organizations of adults as far as the eye can see fighting over money, only helping people if it is justified by money/profitable, only lifting people out of poverty if they abide by the rules of money and chant its praises, speechless at how money drives organized crime, lawful crimes against life, allows the possibilities for classes of people in spite of people being the same biologically, and has been managed to bring out the greed in every one of us. How about managing money to bring the best in every one of us? Everyone is moving and making decisions and acting but it’s in every direction. War, illness, famine, profit, beauty that exploits youth, puts a fire under us that makes us damn focused.

We have people afraid of losing what they have and people prepared to lose everything they have to own some resources and make loads of profit out of it. What will unite these two mythological constantly existing groups of people? What already unites them is piety to the money game/profit. Every game has rules, they can be changed through agreement. More peace would be invented if everyone was rich by default, and then the measure of somebody’s value would be how greatly they innovate to support all of humanity, not just their own country. Profit is how people manipulate people to sell a warped definition of responsibility that promotes master slave relationships and the most basic form of abuse. The profit number has no value if it doesn’t help anyone.

Money is equally damning as it is beautiful. Because the money game in which money is being used to measure value, allows everyone the freedom to do absolutely good and absolutely evil atrocious things and design absolutely good and absolutely evil systems of managing people’s lives and lifestyles. The money game allows war and peace to exist simultaneously depending on the area. The money game allows people to manifest their empathy and their psychopathy to the nth scale. The money game should be designed to force evil people to become good and good people to manifest their empathy and be good neighbours. Capitalism is also making the people really psychologically unstable, rates of mental illness is higher than ever recorded in history. 1 in 4 people will have a mental illness. The few people that are pulling the strings in politics are invisible because they aren’t powerful otherwise. If most people are good, why aren’t we changing the deeply flawed money game rules to rules that drive people to do good by virtue of the design of the money game? If money is of high priority to everyone why aren’t we giving enough to everyone to have dignity in their lifestyles, in the way they are living? We’ve invented the Philosopher’s stone metaphorically and withheld it from most everyone like you and me. Are we going to accept and allow a few humans to basically control all of us humans? Are we going to fear the power a few humans have ignoring how we have agreed to make doing good difficult for everyone to actually do? Military men are humans too, the CEOs of the world don’t have any power in their minds to make them be violent against the majority. Weapons don’t fire themselves.

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Day 754: Money’s Power

For some reason, when I remember my childhood in Canada, I get angry. The questions that come up in my mind are “What is the meaning of living if my world is totally peaceful?” “What shall I do in response to how children like me are dying of man-simulated causes?” “What is the connection between my education – which is taking up all of my time – to the betterment of the world?”

I remember putting my faith in “these adults” thinking they have everything planned out for people like me, it’ll all make sense later. Now, as a child of the past, I read between the lines to see adults like me telling me, the only thing they really see and care about is money. In the 1930s onwards, fiction literature was busy chronicling the repercussions of the corporation format affecting individual’s lives, and authors were observing and expressing their art through realism. Some time after WWII, America was guilt ridden and obsessed with the repercussions of war and its racism and anti semitism problem. And simultaneously, the movie format and sensationalist magazines and TV and the paperback invention and capitalism made authors forget about their realism and wrote along the lines of sexuality – the curiosity around sexuality – and materialism and lots of variations of love.

It’s curious because the 1950s, the lack of talent and education bearing nothing like Hemingway or anything that will last of American literature, is the same time when Hong Kong began its makeover. And post 1950s is when we had HK singers like Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui trying to do something with their art. Now, 2019, is the depression of Cantonese pop music, with a mix of too much overbearing parenting of the HK music industry and millenials too conscious of upsetting their parent employer bosses.

That HK has protests indicates everyone young feels there’s a big problem with how money is being distributed by big corporations and the death of small to middle sized businesses. It’s a lie that violence erupted. Violent tension has been building up and people’s patience has been tested while we have been announcing peace in HK. There’s two sides to money, one that rewards and one that lays down the rules, and the older half of HK people are being rewarded for keeping everything the same, the younger half of HK people are being ordered by money to follow too many rules. The older half were lucky for living in an era of bosses with more kindness and understanding than them, too bad for millenials right?

Money is an old invention. Since the invention of money there has been an invisible ruling class that sets up a public ruling class and the invisible’s job is to bask in the greatness of human innovation and the best the world has to offer, and once in a while keep the world in order I guess. The genius of today is how people in the younger half have been recruited and given stuff they fear losing if anything changes. 1920s, there’s racism but people have guts to publicly announce the state of the common person’s psyche and public relations hasn’t been invented yet.

Big tech is an extension of the problem of privatized big media corporations. Media includes TV, TV series, news, TV shows, book publishers fiction and non fiction, newspapers, magazines, internet news of all categories. When one word from someone high enough can shut down all means of getting your message heard, like paying professional internet trolls and shrills to distort your public image, posting fake negative and positive reviews for your product, isolating you from the public eyes and ears, that danger is familiar because that’s the danger of communism, fascism, Hitler, and the dangerous side of capitalism. Everyone knows only a few will amass the most resources, and the rest make due with much less in capitalism. The problem with humans is they are unequally ingenious, but everyone is biologically identical and called human and has equal human dignity and responsibility to maintain this world, it’s been the oldest crime to make money the measure of all value and withhold it from most everyone. That’s like making money the Philosopher’s Stone which turns all matter into this pure brilliance and usefulness, and not giving back to the community that agreed to it. That’s like defining all the natural resources on Earth which are given to all humanity for free as exclusive to only those with money, and making this capitalism club that frees you from poverty if you’re complicit in the crime towards life money is making possible.

Money is an ancient tool. It should be part of myths. The free resources, the intelligence that we don’t know where it comes from, the creative and destructive possibilities that money opens up to both, why are there people that think they know what the public will like and dislike and reward and punish others accordingly? Why in this land of equal human dignity, do we see classes of people, and see ourselves born into one of these classes? What’s holding back our tongues from telling the truth is money’s power. What’s stopping us from revamping the education system is money’s power. What’s making politics the way it is instead of the ideal way is money’s power, talk about economic warfare. What’s fueling our anxiety about the strangers all around us is money’s power. What’s forcing us to settle for beauty instead of equality is money’s power. What weighs on my conscience as a member of this bloody humanity’s history and its consequences is money’s power.

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Day 753: The Worries That Plague The Elderly: A Legacy

As resilient as I am, I’m pretty fragile too. I need a safe narrative to base my world on. I need a working city. It’s extremely engaging and ultimately beneficial to have a family. I’m a byproduct of the dominating capitalism work ethic and education. I need to trust the news is true. I need people I can trust to do things for me that I can’t do for myself alone. As much as I would like it, I don’t know everything or enough, my knowledge base will be infinitely not enough to take responsibility for the world I am in.

There’s knowledge and information, and there are facts that are blasted from mainstream sources to obfuscate other facts. Compiling a fiction using facts, implying what your world is, suggesting what kind of world you are living in using factual stories. In light of the corruption of business and all media, I don’t think the news is telling the truth that requires to be heard for the world to change. It’s telling the truth that will keep everything in place for the longest time. How long am I going to be enamoured with gadgets and stories of heroes without enacting the role myself in some analogous way in my life? How long am I going to be hypnotized by the female form until I ask myself, what do I have to do to make everyone driven to change capitalism, the fashionable work ethic, the fashionable scientific education, into an incarnation that cares for the human being even more? Because for all the love and likes social media encourages us to express, the means with which to earn a living in this world is no longer innocent and sort of requires that we turn a blind eye to part of our job. The only jobs available are the jobs perpetuating competition where killing is one of the sides of competition in capitalism. What is a job to change the world?

All this talk and stories about love and life, but we all see how brutal money lays down its rules if we don’t do what it implies that we have to read between the lines. Today’s world is a harsh world with grey zones. There is no love between strangers. There is a severely limiting definition of love between families. There’s a way we can be more caring than we admit, love for profit is violently protesting against the voice that wishes the best for every single one of us motherfuckers.

In a way, capitalism and the people that stand as the love for profit have been protesting – violently, ruthlessly, with utmost passion and love – against economic equality since its conception. An unignorable portion of problems stem from economic inequality. Social problems. Crime. Organized crime. A disfigurement of people’s attitudes towards each other because some people are richer and some are poorer. The forceful introduction of the modern master slave relationship as most jobs available are; exchange for your time and labour, doing things benefitting companies (not benefitting the world overall), for a wage disproportionately a trifle compared to its founder’s salary. The invention of a second hand body of knowledge under the label of tech designed to prevent people from seeing how intelligent you are, and to prevent others from seeing how small a company’s vision actually is. We’re all looking for that point that will place us at the top and become a master and not a slave, not realizing the overarching system is a casino with unfavorable odds.

Heck, the reason why countries are fighting over money is because of capitalism. What economic system will diffuse that pressuring conflict and shift our attentions towards benefitting humanity as a whole group? Globalization should have that as its goal. What’s this talk about economic warfare? We can’t start a war so we’re suscepting to economic warfare? What will happen to what is best for all in the process of selfishly claiming intellectual ownership?

So you can imagine I’m pretty paranoid. Every story the news tells is a lie fabricated by little truths. Every topic shared by a local lifestyle TV show I believe is published with the intent of easing the public conscience and hiding damage we’re responsible for to the world. The Facebook feed is consisting of individuals trying to convince their happiness towards others, otherwise another way to buy your attention by businesses everywhere. Instagram feed preys on the instinctual drive for beauty, taking advantage of the eternal magnetism of beautiful people magnifying a deep seated problem of lack of profound meaning in young people’s lives; young people’s obsession for beauty is founded on a profound lack of meaning in their lives, a lack of a responsibility that ultimately traces back to the betterment of the world and all other people. Philosophy is about the best tries of dead people sharing the same struggle with life that is eternal and constant.

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Day 752: A Deliberated Response to Violent Hong Kong Protests

With renewed purpose, I’m going to keep writing. In the middle of writing, the protests in Hong Kong are attracting world attention. I see frustrated, angry people, angry at the immediate surroundings and conditions government, world, and economy have placed them, and having been promised something from their government, disappointed at them. Violent protests consisting of young citizens have affected everyone within a country. To me, Hong Kong is the forerunner of countries yet to boil up to this point. But globalization and standardization of work, jobs, and education is alluding to a greater manmade disaster lurking beneath the carpet.

We’re talking about young people who haven’t met and personally spoken with people at the top percentile of power and wealth. They can’t say what exactly is at the top of their demands without being embarassed. But it’s sure thing that they face it every day in analogies. They instinctively feel there’s something wrong with the bureaucracy and the way things are organized. In the ancient myth the hero is the one constantly disrupting order because of realizing its stagnant side effect.

If people really want change that is best for all, they feel things can be better, they feel their future outlook is getting worse, what are the implications of simply wanting a beneficial change? It’s you, young people, against the very way the world functions, however disruptively. I doubt the protestors who are getting violent know what they are fighting against. I somewhat know, it’s the way money has organized people of all ages to cooperate and compete with each other. In one way, to change a country’s work culture is to change a country’s economic structure. Once people become richer, the politeness follows. When it boils down to the essence, when you are frustrated about an aspect of your lifestyle dictated to you by work, you’re against the way money has organized your life as an authority.
I don’t know how it will go down, but good luck protestors in making a change.

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