Day 543: An Ode To The Rich and Wealthy

My predispensation is what you would call a poor man’s ethics. Rich people, classified as people with more money than is necessary for their physical requirements, are in deep. Deep in their personal obsessions with money, in all of its manifestations like international relations, geopolitics, money itself as the monthly income, family, weddings. But the one thing they do not consider that is their blind spot, is the decision that every man and woman makes for him/herself in this life. They may talk a big game about how you can make more money, how everything is playing according to their calculations, but they miss themselves within it all. What is the decision that one has made when we value money – in all of its permutations – over life? What is the sentence that one sentence oneself to when we forget we live in a system of inequality? Implying that the money I own, I do not own by my own hard work, I either got lucky and played the game, or I was born into money in the first place. The same money placed into a wedding is the same money that will feed a family for a year. What happens when I place my money where my mouth is, and spend lavishly on a wedding, when the same amount could have been placed into creating a world that’s best for all? Needless to say, a rich man’s thinking thinks poor men are uneducated and therefore there’s no hope in this world changing to be what is best for all. So speaking as a rich man, I would rather prefer spending it on the people I like/love, to gain some illusion of happiness, and spend the rest of my days with my money, than considering a system change. The fear of losing money perhaps is as great as the love for money.

What will influence humanity to go off the road of self destruction, and humanity’s propensity to love harm and abuse? This is a question that has been asked through the ages, with no answer. I have found the answer that caused me to go off this road to self destruction, so it is possible for each human to find the answer, so it is possible technically that humanity can change. But as soon as we talk about right and wrong, morality, rich people have so many preconceptions and assumptions about what the answer is that they miss the answer completely. They are the real negative human being that has no trust in any human being. They are the real shut in that hide behind money. The moment you mix reality with your ideas about reality, things get tricky. With money you can do anything, and that includes harming yourself and your future. These great businessmen, they are so great at doing business, but what causes them to fail to recognize, the world they are leaving behind is more ferocious and an unsafer place for their children to deal with? Sure you can leave your children a great inheritance of money, which means you sincerely believe the money God will keep your children safe.

But what causes these great businessmen to fail to see that if a majority of the world is living in unacceptable conditions, no amount of personal savings is going to cushion this backlash in the making? The inheritance you leave is basically irrelevant, you’re the one causing many to not have, so many will get angry! I would suggest investing some money into political movements that you think will bring this world back to being a safe place. Because simply put, politics is the only peaceful means we have left to enact a system change that can stop all calamity.

An Equal Money System will replace your specialness with equality. But given the circumstances, and the opportunity that you had that others did not have, I think it’s fair, don’t you? Give as you would like to receive, and place your money where your mouth is, give money as you would like to receive money, and the primary fears that are driving real humans to insane decisions will largely stop. If that’s not a good enough explanation of the world circumstance, you have a problem that’s larger than money itself. You win, but I would not like to be in a winner’s position like you. Because you have things to hide. Obviously desires that have not been disclosed. Personal desires that are bigger than your own family!  Jokes aside, what can replace everyone’s agreement for things to be the way they are?  Nothing, isn’t it?  This world system begs each human to instill a few memories of itself into them.  Do you know how stable a memory is?  That’s why you should have a little faith in the average human being, to overcome these memories to see a blindingly obvious truth.  Everyone needs money to live, so let everyone live with money.

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Day 543: We Cast The Lot From Birth

Do we individually realize that the world system views each one of us as expendable and replacable, and consumes physicality to turn into money for its own face? Consumes the physicality of our awarenesses, our understandings and perspectives about this world, the actual physical lives of human beings, animals, nature.

What lives on to haunt our children is this world system exactly the way it is. For no other reason than memories, “it’s always been this way”.

What’s absolutely exciting when delving into my very own mind is the ease of simplicity processing events and people become. Long story short, operating from your mind has a lot of nasty side effects and consequences for you personally, while the option always exists to live here in physical reality and be here with/as what is here. But let me explain the exciting part of investigating your own mind. You are basically already given access to a key in existence that is your very own mind, that functions as an example of how humanity’s mind functions. So the very moment you begin to understand the workings of your own mind, through writing out the sentences and phrases and dissecting them in physical media, you begin to actually understand how and why the world ‘works’. We are currently united in greed, this greed is the one point that, you can say accepts and allows the rest to flow, or the one point that propels and motivates each individually to make the system more effective at deceiving you. So there’s the point of ‘you don’t know until you know (you’ve been duped)’.

Investing in your self development as a written, specific, applied forms of writing, you simplify living day-to-day for yourself exponentially. Because from the written you, you obviously write to become a better you, and from living lies you shift to living words, so that your within is equal and one with your without. Talk about much more self trust, a lot less fear, a lot more simplicity.

The whole idea of closing all back doors of backup plans, excuses, blame, spite, justifications, to live this one life fully dedicated to yourself, applies here. To me it’s common sense to write out my mind because why would I want to have wants, that were forced onto me through a mind that functions on memory and those gone before me, when I can discover what I really want out of this life, according to my physical body, and my actual beingness, that isn’t a function of those gone before me, but is right here; I just need to let go of the past.

Find an experience, call it that, that really scratches that itch/emptiness/insecurity whatever. Because one of the lessons I learned from participating with/as my mind is the fulfillment of personal wants is never enough. You go deeper and deeper until it’s the point of no return, in the sense that consequences have been manifested. So selfishly, why settle for pansy desires that give pansy one-off momentary fulfillment, when I can let go of my past, to find what I really desire, to fulfill that desire and be fulfilled all the time?

Because let’s face it, our mind is an obvious product of the past, meaning we don’t know why we want the things we want. Fast forward to 30, 40 years old and you will find, if you continue, you’re ending up just like your parents. And my god, who wants to be their parents with all of their weaknesses? I would like to find what’s best for all in my parents, keep that, and throw away the junk that we know is junk. But that kind of sensibility is not a given when you’re purely satisfying your mind. The mind is good at distorting facts, and it does the same to you as it does to others. You don’t know when you’re fucked until you’re fucked.

But what if I said you can know? Write, let go of the past, and your breath becomes yours. Your breath implies what, your common sense, your intimate connection with this physical reality, that allows you to calculate what is best. At the moment it’s a situation of rolling the dice and gambling on your life, isn’t it? You don’t know what got you here, wanting, and you hope what you know will be recognized by money.

I would screw gambling, and place all of myself into developing the one point that is going to serve me in this life, that’s my ability to discern reality from deception. But you can imagine, you’re going to have to sort your deception first.

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Day 542: Process Update

While I’m reading Heaven’s Journey to Life, I’m reading about things that concern our very existence. Why have we, throughout time, never worked out a solution for EVERYONE in equality and oneness? So, very disheartening stuff.

But fortunately or unfortunately, it’s what’s needs to be said/done/acted upon, so I’m taking it all in stride. I’m beginning to see the scope of the problem we face as any one human being, why they aren’t willing to consider a solution for everyone. But as we see in the beginning, so we see our end: so I see my own past decision to worship emotions/feelings, and the consequences that manifested, and how all of it could have been avoided if I did not make that one choice in blind faith. So it is for every single human being that’s on Earth, how one choice made in blind faith is dooming our existence as Earth at the moment. So the end was placed at the beginning: our devout religious upbringing into our own religions of Self will manifest the pinnacle of that self interest, meanwhile at the full compromise of this physical existence and human being’s lives, and this world is in the process of collapse. I don’t want everything to collapse, but it’s not my decision alone; it’s everyone’s decisions together.

I’m really having to dig deep in myself to remain sane while I’m being processed by the system. The simple truth of money and therefore limitation is here yet not here, in the sense that not one single person ever said to me, “Your life will be according to the money you possess”, but the silent unspoken agreement exists. I have the opportunity of a lifetime to be here now in a human physical body, with a mind exactly the way I am. I’m fortunate to be supported by family, yet it’s staring me down: the responsibility of an existence in self interest. Tough times, but I’ll bear with it for now. That’s my process update.

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Day 542: An Ode to The Optimum Evolutionary Positive Experience

How much of the human experience can be explained by sex and orgasm? Sex and orgasm representing the ‘optimum evolutionary positive experience’, where from a superiority-inferiority mindset of judgment towards other human beings and ourselves, manifested the nature and action of desire, attraction, and ‘love’/sex. So it’s specific that sex and money are close friends, and fuel the flame that consume other human being’s lives, the animal kingdom, and this physical existence, seeing this desire as more important than life itself.

The solution to a desire-ridden humanity is simply self introspection, where this self introspection is specific and to-the-point of every single desire you ever had in this life. The interplay between superiority and inferiority, how you judged yourself as inferior in some ways, and others superior in those ways, creating desire as the motivating force/’reason to live’ meanwhile completely accepting the world system as it is, the money system, the mind system that everyone is installed with.

Blinding oneself to the very life that is in front of you every single breath you take.

The human is devolving while the system is evolving.

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Day 541: A Long Journey Ahead

This Journey to Life is turning out to be a long journey. I’ve basically documented my convictions. Everyone’s still stuck on the point of self interested gain. Where should I place myself within a system that does not honour Life? It implies that only views that do not honour Life will be accepted by money, at least more readily than speaking of what seems like a utopian dream. That’s another strange thing about us humans, we don’t bat an eyelid when people talk about their self interest, we feel that it’s normal in such an unequal society, but Bernard Poolman tested the point out quite thoroughly. The moment a person speaks out for the interest of the majority, the majority of which don’t have flushing toilets, it’s labeled as heathen’s talk, impossible, that person is just as greedy that’s why he’s saying such things.

Growing up, I was always rather fearful of my upbringing, in the sense that my upbringing can very easily place my mind into a box where I honestly cannot see anything outside of that box of assumptions, beliefs. I remember thinking to myself as a child in the world, “Man, if I get smooth talked into becoming greedy myself, I have a big problem on my hands”, where this problem is an existential problem. In a sense I walked through the path of greed and deception in my own way, but I keep coming back to the point of myself.

Witnessing and actually hearing real people’s explanations for their world views, their perspectives on societal problems, it just makes me more fearful. Not fearful in an emotional sense, but “Gosh, I could have been that guy”. People don’t think about how their actions in the small, accumulate in ripple effects to define the great. People only think about “Will I like this long term? Will I hate it?”, and that’s a wrap. I’m pretty confident in my position as one of the few human beings that think of their thoughts, words, and deeds, philosophically in the sense that what we think and do, creates the world. I see none of my neighbours blogging like I do about how I view Life, and what I define as value in this life. I personally think it’s important because we’re essentially leaving the most important messages to be communicated by media and not everyone grasps how controlled media actually is. Don’t you think about how what we’re leaving on Facebook, as a Live Feed for all, is consumerism and flat out greed? We’re leaving all the moments where people can accept suggestions, to people and systems that don’t have our best interests at heart. Looking at my life, if it wasn’t for Bernard Poolman and Desteni simply speaking about such a thing as best for all, I would probebly still be lost. So how important is it to leave an inheritance that is best for all Life? All our literature and movies and television and news are purely suggesting the route of self interest. Do you personally understand how difficult it is as you are, to do the mathematics really alone, to figure out the idea of what is best for all, when all you’ve grown up with this life is only self interest? It’s fucking difficult.

We understand the concept of a mind but we don’t understand the practical implications of this mind. It’s extremely difficult to conceptualize anything else when all your life you’ve been taught to only do what you like. That’s why I think Desteni presents an important message, we’re exploring the depths and specificity of what being a responsible human being means. Bernard Poolman was just an example of a really good talker directly explaining the common sense of self responsibility. You know what, he never asked for anything in return, nor did he ever revealed – placed on a silver platter – how my mind works, all he says in his interviews is to investigate for yourself. And that’s what I did, and you know what, I received a gift that will stay with me in this life. And that’s saying a lot in a world of consumerism and momentary happiness. How many things can you identify, that you will not forget for the rest of your life, that support you through thick and thin, that you are a measurably better person because of that thing? And the evidence that you’re a better person is directly reflected in the life path that you’ve walked, and are still walking?

To answer this question myself, my life did not start until I first heard the Desteni message. Before then I was really quite robotic, and believed in the highest good already existing on some vague level in human consciousness. I did not see this higher good in people, but I hoped. And I acted on that hope. In spite of my overwhelming sense of doom as I was processed by the system, I hoped and batted my personal judgments aside for this hope. In spite of my growing rage towards myself, I placed it aside to uphold this higher good that I felt existed. But that’s something you should not do, you should actively address your obvious concerns and move coherently in full understanding.

How many messages can you identify that actually talks about poverty and abuse in the world, that doesn’t come off as having no direction, as having a vested interest in manipulating your fears? And is actually coherent in that every point about poverty and abuse is traced through words, your self responsibility? How many organisations can you name that focus on a solution that is only alleviating the effects of globalization? How many organisations actually talk about the system as it is, and the change on a system level that clearly require each to take self responsibility? Equal Money is like having equal arms, it shifts everyone from blaming the minority to actually having to take responsibility for decisions.

So by many measures, Desteni is a mature, thought out, fearless message. It’s not a quick fix that everyone hopes for. It’s the existential solution because it specifically deal with your existence. Do you remember the existential responsibility you have for breathing on planet Earth?

We’re not floating egos in a bubble. We breathe the same air, requiring the same flesh to function, we’re already equal but you see everywhere around you, there is no equality lived. There is a vast hierarchy that everyone submits to. When will you grow up and see, your flesh is more important than your ideas about there being a hierarchy? Really, the hierarchy depends on a few ideas being drilled into your flesh.

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Day 540: Read Heaven’s Journey to Life

Been reading up on Heaven’s Journey to Life walking the story of Adam and Eve, God and the Garden of Eden. I can’t help but draw parallels to the way my life unfolded before me with the very long story that is told as an explanation of this story. To give a teaser, Man and Woman are actually both responsible for the creation of the mind, and the world system, with the Man more focused on the direct action/conflict/friction with Substance as what is physically manifested here, and with the Woman more focused on the balancing of the energies between negative, neutral, and positive energy awareness. What unites our responsibility is that both aspects exist within us individually, that the masculine and feminine are words that are mirrors to our functioning within us as minds. And what unites both man and woman is that both are dealing with Energy, as the positive/high/love/happiness experience, which is a profusely abused experience that solidifies our responsibility to Substance as what is physically here. That we have been, since the beginning, working towards an illusion of Energy that has no choice but to implode and return itself back to Substance.

So my question is why bother chasing and working towards the happiness experience when all happiness is is an EXPERIENCE? Not a REALITY where EVERYONE can EQUALLY detect this happiness as the food in their belly and whatnot. My questions as to why humanity has since my birth, get stuck in changing the world to a better place are being answered as/while I read Heaven’s Journey to Life.

So I kind of get it why you aren’t changing the world, but each of us designed, manifested, and promote the misunderstanding within us to stay trapped in the trap. Blame as spite, excuses, justifications only prolong this nonsense existence of each of us guarding our mind’s sanctity, being our own ‘gods’ within, and being our own Adam and Eve and Devil/Snake within us.

Nothing else but direct responsibility will sort out the mess that is every individual’s mind.

But I’m still convinced that one does not need to understand our origins as a humanity, to see the common sense of an Equal Money System.

All this support through the mess that is consumerism, for free on the Internet and people don’t read. Just prove the lack of will people have. Go on, roam free in your happiness experience, until it’s too late and consequences are manifested and time runs out. We are, after all, manifesting our lives in our own way, that’s the implication. I’m stumped.


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Day 539: Rant About How Nobody is Changing the World

Getting over work to a world that’s best for all. I’ve only worked three days straight as a part time sales, and my energy’s down. I’ve started the investigative routes of blaming the system for my position in the world system, the lack of visible change in the population, the fragility of a single idea in terms of making everyone understand this idea of Equal Money. But none of these self introspective perspectives are giving me the answer to my down state of mind, so I will categorize this downer as an unconscious mind pattern. A physically integrated emotion.

Everyone’s met the point of not wanting to go to work. I see and understand my work as a transitory phase to creating a world that’s best for all. Though that being said, the actual walking of this process makes a world that’s best for all seem very very very far away. I see nothing but opinions attempted to be created into reality, in the work that I do, in all the shops with merchandise, realty estate agents, every job you can think of insert it here and I see it as an opinion attempted to be made real. The extent to which I observe people go to to make themselves happy only confirms my notion that the human experience is very very very fragile, and loneliness and depression and isolation is experienced a bit too painfully by most people. The more shit they buy, and the more they dress to impress, you can be certain the greater the negative emotions that propel and drive them to go to such great lengths. If only a fraction of what we spend on entertainment were to go to a message that’s best for all, this world would have already changed.

But I got to get real. The reality is no one is willing to give up their entertainment for a world that’s best for all. Everyone’s rooting for each other to chase after their self interest. But nothing is ever spoken about how to create a world that’s best for all. So I see passersby pass me, through transport and stuff, everyone is acting like they’re satisfied with the way things are. The way things are for them individually, most made peace with their routine lifestyle and chronic isolation emotions that drive them to seek happy illusions of living. Then there are the folk that know more about how the system actually functions, but refuse to give up their wealth and therefore support the system to stay exactly the same. But most people I interact with these days fall into the former category. I’m not impressed by the teamwork we demonstrate as a country to make lives better for each other.

In the meantime I have personal hurdles to leap over. But I know full well that this world can be a better place regardless of whether I jump these hurdles or not. Economic hurdles are most common. We don’t understand what needs to be done to coordinate us as a population in a country to make our own lives actually better. Because who would oppose our constant state of debt to this physical existence to be absolved through money? Everyone, from rich to poor all have debt on their physical lives. Everyone has to pay to get fed. Who would oppose their actual physical lives being valued, instead of the money they possess being value and the human being worth nothing? People don’t 1 + 1 to see that how we form agreements on our culture oozing from the way advertising is portrayed, to how shops sell their goods, generally come from our own pockets. We made all the companies like Apple, Microsoft, UNIQLO, rich, not the elite. And so most people that read this blog know these companies, but don’t know their money is feeding a cycle of advertising to form agreements between people and everyone chips in financially. That’s essentially how a message like Equal Money will proliferate, until we agree on the political action to be taken and implemented on a system scale. How do things like coconut water get noticed by us? By people that throw a ton of money at it and advertise until people get it. So the common way to do this, to form agreements within a country, is not unknown or mysterious. But traditionally it took a rich man or a few rich men to start the snowball.

Why can’t this be done on a global scale? Why do we leave global messages of greed and happiness and love to be shared, why do we add oil to the fire that is the pursuit of happiness? And why is it so difficult to understand the common sense of an Equal Money System? Why are we so uptight about our political views, but not our consumerism views? Needless to say, a lot of people are talking shit when they say they want a better world. Your responsibility is to yourself, to make sure you’re not one of these fuckers. It’s not a great future to be a deceiver and a cheater in this life.

Needless to say, everyone is participant therefore equally responsible for the lack of collective will to a better world in fact. Not one of us is wholly responsible for the mess that is capitalism. What have you done today to talk about how great capitalism, greed, personal happiness/love is? That’s exactly the point where everyone falls. Then we resort to blame blaming the system for not working to our standards, meanwhile we’re digging a hole that’s deeper for us alone talking about how great capitalism is. We’ll feel powerless, victimized, rage against the system, but we’re not looking at ourselves. We are individually together the problem, so how about we change the daily gossip into the daily will to do good?

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Day 538: Wasted Time

I look at my life, and look at the money system, and look at my life again, to come to the conclusion that I have not been using my time well. From the perspective of dedicating myself to one direction, be that the direction of chasing after the next high, or living what’s best for all. I don’t have the guts to truly full on manipulate what is here for my self interested gain, nor the will to do what’s best for all in spite of temptation. I don’t like this, but I have been surviving as an ego for a long time. Doing what I think is good, while genuinely feeling tempted to find the next high. Instead of bringing all to practicality. Because I had moments where I could have chosen differently, but instead chose the postponement route.

But maybe I’m not giving credit to myself where credit is due. Because I had the privilege of walking with a person that decided what she wanted, and did everything she could to get what she wanted. The cost of that dedication of ‘no matter what I will get there’ is the depth of her relationships and a general disregard for anything that isn’t aligned to her interest. And fulfilling interests that I see were linked to her childhood, very religious beliefs in certain experiences which I see she places her money in. And not being able to be content alone. But in the eyes of money, you, she is an independent woman in business and I’m a charlatan.

But looking beyond just the money, I dare say I’m more content than this money maker. For no other reason than deconstructing my own beliefs, which as you well know capitalism does not support and I think it’s seen as a sign of weakness. Yet perspectives aside, I finally understand what my purpose in this life will need to be, while she is busy with her personal interests. I’m one vote for world equality and she is one vote for capitalism simply because it’s giving her what she wants.

Comparisons aside, I have a vision for humanity that fear will come to an end, and we will be forced to equal understanding of each other’s fears. I sincerely believe that the future of humanity is a future of equality where this equality is expressed in the one thing that defines our entire life: money. We conveniently forget that many things are not about money. We feverishly pray to the money God that our lives will be secure with money, we leave money for our children, but not a better world.

If my sources are correct, there is a large population that are stably placed in the money system as our bankers, lawyers, doctors, that will agree 100% that this money system is unequal. But they fail to understand that the money system is created in our image and likeness, implying that to change the money system, we need to change ourselves to the extent where we are fine with investing money into a message that will bring economic change. They are truly obsessed with their personal interests, so much so that they are paranoid when anything or anyone presenting a message asks for money. And they are still oblivious to the root of their fear. They will only pay lip service to change and providing an equal system for all life. But in their heart, they in a way have given up and believe it’s impossible for them to do anything about it. When I see them in their position, having the money to do what others can only dream of, I see it as queer. They are in a most favorable position in the system and they know it, yet they still subscribe to a philosophy of powerlessness. Maybe it’s the age old action and nature of blame, spite, excuses, and justifications. Maybe they actually really don’t want anything to change because it would hurt their pockets. There is a distinct separation between the words they speak and the actions they dedicate themselves to.

NGOs, charities, social service organisations are all acceptable, but a message that demonstrate the necessity for hierarchy to no longer exist in the way it does, that actually give neighbours what you would like to receive, that hurts their pocket, is labeled as heathen’s talk. Is it because NGOs, charities, and social service organisations give them a credibility that Desteni does not give? I have no idea. But self interest is the most wild it has been since the beginning of time. The religious worshipping of “my wants” cannot be described in words.

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Day 537: Why Change Myself?

Why change myself? Why change my money spending habits? Why change the interactions I have with people? Because you exist, you have an existential responsibility to this Earth, that haunts you at death. If you self honestly look at the interactions, aspects of blame, justification, excuses arise because self honestly, you know that’s not best for all, it’s only best for you. Between a person living life to the fullest, to a person that’s starving, who’s experience is more real when both exist on the same Earth? Take the illusion of living, and you will be taken. Taken away from the person that’s starving, that do not have flushing toilets, no basic sanitation. What can you do about it? You’ve been doing it all along, without even realizing. The impact your money has had.

But I will pay my respects to them when I have enough money! Meanwhile you pay for entertainment that your life sadly pivots on. “If I don’t have this experience, I won’t have anything to live for!” And when is enough money ever enough? When is positivity enough positivity? You’ve been duped. Your Consciousness is not the authority here on Earth. Every breath you take for granted, that’s quite an authority. You breathe in, you’re born. Breathe out, you die.

You have an existential responsibility to this physical existence that haunts you when you die. Why change myself? Do I have a vision of a future for humanity? When have I given that up?

Now what if I told you there is a way to unbalance this equation. Not to underestimate the temptation for entertainment, yet make this standing up as painless and easy as possible. It’s writing to get to the real story, then forgiving yourself.

We have the solutions at Desteni. You just need to apply them. How can I not get it: Energy as emotions and feelings have baffled humanity since the beginning. But how can a solution exist without self responsibility? The degree of self intimacy that you are able to direct your space within immediately.

It’s the difference between consuming, or living. Are your sights set so low that all you can imagine yourself becoming is a consumer? Are you so blind that you do not realize that governments, NGOs, United Nations, are the products of abuse that were established to only serve the various interests of various groups of people, and not what is best for all? By their very design, they cannot consider solutions that are best for all because their hands are tied. That’s why Desteni was established by one man, Bernard Poolman, and has become a group that walk in equal understanding. No fear. Would you like an existence without fear?

Desteni is funded by people for the people. Anyone familiar with business will realize the billions upon billions of euros that will be necessary to spread a message understood by the masses.

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Day 536: Proving Once and For All World Change Exists, But In The Most Unlikely Of Places

Self change and world change. Are we aware that the system we interact with is a reflection of the systems of knowledge within? That my mind is externalized as ‘the system’ in all of its gory functioning detail? Let me put it this way, we as human beings are only as good as our weakest link, how we treat the most poor in our immediate reality. Most poor meaning not poor people, but as winners in various competitions we uphold, how we treat the majority losers in those competitions. We all know that there can only be a few winners at most, which common sensically means most lose.

Do we treat trash like trash, then complain when we are being treated like trash? Common sense dictates what we do unto others, we are giving permission for others to do to us.

You know people older than you had a childhood, and obviously, how they interacted with this reality then, in the small, was preparation for how they now interact with you as a representative of the system. What I’m getting at is if we are willing to give up on living integrity in the small moments, they will add up into a habit of how we will treat others as representative of the system, and that habit becomes an acceptance and allowance for others to treat you the same way. We cannot dismiss how we are the system, how can the world become good when I am not good, and there exist no good people?

So a pattern that’s blaringly obvious is how people in general when they talk about world change, they place focus on everyone else. They focus on other’s planning, other’s funding, other’s resolve, other’s commitment. Instead of taking responsibility for myself as one part of the system. We all periodically act and speak towards others as the system, so technically if we change how we act and speak towards others, we are already changing ‘the system’. We are changing the part of the system that we are directly responsible for, that system responsibility that hangs on our every word and deed.

Another pattern is the secrecy around money. It’s the direct reflection of how we in secret compete for positive experiences and feelings that we individually personally define for ourselves. The ‘game changer’ is because our conditions for our positive experiences is trained from birth, we can untrain ourselves. We defined our addictions, so we can release ourselves from our addictions. Our addictions being made as if real the most by spending money on our addictions, I’m saying walk the process to stop your addictions, so you can actually direct your money effectively and practically. The reason why simplistically is because your future depends on the well being of everyone, and money defines that. Give money to everyone as a living right, and catastrophe is avoided. The only reason why people claim the world cannot change is because they cannot see themselves changing their addictions.

Change starts in the really small insignificant moments. The sooner you uncover the history of each of your addictions, the sooner you will be free from them. Because the system is a reflection of my mind, changing my mind will change the system.

So I worked out that world system change necessitates self change. Because what’s determining the system is everyone’s minds. That iron grip on media isn’t just for show, it’s specific. I argue the iron grip on the money system is even more specific, because that’s what is forcing everyone’s minds to compete and survive. It should be obvious that everyone’s mindset is defining for you personally, what the system is. Change their minds, and the system you come to know changes. Or replace certain specific people with other specific people, and the system you know changes. So the definition of ‘the system’ as I have proven is quite a moving target. I failed to mention if you change your own mind, the world you come to know changes.

What’s all this fuss about political movements and economic movements when you’ve decided in yourself that you will not change. If you are honest about that, realize your convictions and ideals are meaningless. You’ve decided to become an existential distraction, speaking about how the world cannot change. And how many people do you know, that if you talk to them about world change, they will say it’s impossible?

Self change is world change. It’s difficult, but possible.

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